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Clash Of Desire – Episode 21

Clash Of Desire
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When Jennifer got to the laboratory, the door was locked from inside.
Kingsley normally locks the door from inside whenever they were there to study in oder not to allow any sort of distractions from their female Science students especially Jennifer.

Kingsley does not like seeing their female science students inside that laboratory except if they were there for lesson.
“Who’s that” Pascal asked when he heard a third knock on the laboratory door.

“It’s me” Jennifer answered from outside.
“” who are you? “Pascal asked again.
” it’s Jennifer “she answered.

” Abeg go the door has been locked and nobody will open it for you “Kingsley quickly said as soon as he heard Jennifer.

“Please open it I won’t stay long” Jennifer politely pleaded.
“If you won’t stay long then why are you here?” Kingsley queried.

“I want to tell you guys something”
“Which guys? when did that one start?” Kingsley asked her.

“Please Kingsley open the door it’s very important”
“Don’t even call my name there again” Kingsley warned her.

Kingsley open the door nah let’s hear her out “Pascal said as he wanted to know why Jennifer was pleading like that.

” who knows the kind of bad news she came with “Kingsley said.
” just open the door “Pascal urged him.
The door was opened as Collins left to get something from the class and Jennifer entered.

Kingsley shifted for her to pass so that her body won’t touch his.
She came in and went straight to Pascal who was eager to listen to her.

” Pascal you need to see what Anastasia and her friends wrote about you ” wrote about me? what’s that? ” Pascal curiously asked.

“Gossiper” Kingsley called Jennifer as he heard her talk about Anastasia.
Jennifer ignored Kingsley and continued.
“They wrote that you and your friends are gays”


“Liar” Kingsley shouted at her.
“Kingsley I’m not lying can’t you even believe me for once?” she seriously and calmly asked Kingsley.

”Me believe you?for what? I would rather believe the devil than to believe you, Jennifer”

“But I’m saying the truth, Pascal they said that you and your friends are gays and if you doubt me, you can ask Mike, he was there”
“Do you mean what you just said? Pascal asked.

” yes Pascal, I can’t lie to you”she swore.
“I don’t believe you” Pascal strongly said.
“But Pascal you have to believe me, I was there and I heard them”

They were still saying this when Mike approached them with the piece of paper where he wrote what he copied from the board.

“Thank God, Mike is here to show you what I’m telling you”
Jennifer quickly collects the piece of paper from Mike and gave it to Pascal who took it and went through it.

“But my name is not here and besides the last letters in the last two abbreviations were I and L respectively.

” that’s exactly what I want to explain to you, they made it that way so that no one could understand what they meant “Jennifer said.

” you they deliberately replaced the last letters with I and L instead of H which means Homosexual in order prevent others from knowing what they really meant? “Pascal asked.

” exactly ”
“But my name is not here”
“They were afraid to write the full meaning of that last abbreviation because the P stands for Pascal.

” you don’t mean it”Pascal roared as he started getting angry.
“Are saying that two of us are lying?” Jennifer asked Pascal.

Just then Collins returned from the classroom and met Pascal, Mike and Jennifer arguing about something.

He went closer to know what they were arguing about and saw a piece of paper they were holding.
“What’s happening! this exactly what I saw on our class board right now. What does it mean?” Collins curiously asked.

“You mean you saw something like this?” Pascal asked.
“Yes but what does mean?” Collins asked again.
Jennifer quickly explained the whole abbreviations to him .

“I think this is true because as soon as I entered into the class to collect something from my locker, Anastasia and her friends started laughing but I couldn’t place why they were laughing”

“Jennifer, are you trying to tell me that Anastasia herself said that I Pascal is a gay?” Pascal doubtfully asked.
“Yes and she even said that that’s the main reason why you and your friends normally locks yourselves inside the laboratory all the time and refuses to let any other person in” Jennifer added.


“You mean she also said that?” Pascal painfully asked as he fights to hold back the tears that circled his eyes.

“Yes of course, I was there”Jennifer said.
” alright I’ve heard the both of you,you can now go “Pascal said to Jennifer and Mike who left in no distant time.

Pascal could no longer hold back his tears, he was already shedding tears like a child. Anastasia? Why her?

He never imagined that Anastasia could say such a thing about him. He was a man but he allowed tears to flow freely from his eyes.
How could Anastasia of all people do this to him? It would have been bearable for him if it was only her friends that did this but she was included.

He cried so bitterly that Kingsley became speechless. Of course his name was also included as a gay.
But why could Anastasia make up such thing?

He was so sad and very disappointed in her. He recalled a day that he and Collins came to visit Pascal at home. When Anastasia saw the three of them coming out from Pascal’s house she jokingly said to them”

hmmm,this one three of you are coming out from the house and sweating like this, who knows what you guys were doing inside that house ”

They knew she was only joking and they all laughed.
But little did I know that she meant what she said that day!Kingsley thought. He had known Anastasia as a person who could not be irresponsible but now he had to admit that she did this because there were strong evidence against her.

But how can they even stand to face her?
For Christ sake she was their personal person,a person whom Pascal never played with but how can she stab him in the back? Kingsley thought.

It was time for their extra lesson to commence because the school had dismissed already.
The Art students would be having CRS while the Science students would be having Physics.

Collins and Kingsley were so sad, they thought they were close friends with Anastasia but why did she do this?
They tried consoling Pascal but he refused to be consoled.

When they saw that the situations was useless, they sadly left Pascal in the laboratory and went up stairs.

Pascal tried to gather his shattered being together but it was all to no avail.
The more he tried to control his tears the more it flows out freely.

He couldn’t believe the whole thing, what should he do now?should he carry his bag and go home? He don’t think he would be able to stand the face of the person who made him to cry.

The person he loved but it seems she did not value the love he have for her and that’s why she and her friends were able to say such thing about him.

He continued crying inside the laboratory until his eyes became red and swollen.



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