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Clash Of Desire – Episode 20

Clash Of Desire
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Does it mean that Collins is a gay? otherwise how can a boy be carrying Pampers? it only means that he practices homosexualism” Jerry said after remembering the seminar and started laughing.

It was so funny that all the students in the class started laughing including Jennifer and her friends.
“Collins the homosexual” Jerry said amid laughter.

“I think that should become his new nickname” small Gloria suggested.
“That’s very correct” Jane supported. “So he is no longer DAN again?” Anastasia asked as she continued laughing.

“Yes,he is no more Dwarf Association of Nigeria (DAN) but CTH(Collins The Homosexual)” Jerry emphasized.
“Wow!the abbreviation make sense oo” Jane said.

“This name is so funny, let me go and write it on the board so that everyone can see it.” Small Gloria said as she went to the board and wrote:CTH (Collins the homosexual).

As soon as she wrote it on the board, the laughter from the students increased. Of course they were in free time, so they decided to pass their time with something funny.

Been satisfied with what she wrote, small Gloria went to her friends “this name is very suitable for Collins, let’s write more, who should I write?” small Gloria asked.

“What about abbreviating Kingsley’s nickname?” Jane suggested.
“You are right” small Gloria stressed. “Kingsley the Indian hemp” small Gloria said as she went to the board and abbreviated it as: KTI(Kingsley The Indian hemp).

After writing about Kingsley, something, someone flashed through her mind. She remembered what Anastasia told them about pokuti Gloria.

She quickly rushed to Anastasia and whispered “I want to write the one of pokuti Gloria”
“As what?” Anastasia asked as she let out a smile.

“As Gloria the lesbian” small Gloria whispered again .
“Hmm my hand no dey ooo” Anastasia warned small Gloria as she held her ear.

Small Gloria rushed to the board to write ‘Gloria the lesbian’ but she remembered that there were three people bearing the name Gloria which included herself.

So she decided to use her surname (pokuti) and she abbreviated it as PTL without writing the full meaning as (Pokuti The Lesbian) because she did not want pokuti Gloria to know that she was the one she was referring to since she was present in the class.

The first two abbreviations;CTH and KTI were known and well understood by the students but the third abbreviation was only known by the four friends, the F4.

Apart from the four of them no one else knows whom they referred to as PTL. Even Jerry did not know the full meaning of PTL so he begged them to tell him but the four girls including Anastasia refused.

They told him that it was something that was only meant for the four of them to know.
The students including Jennifer listened attentively to find out the meaning of PTL from the F4 group but they were bent on keeping it a secret. But why?Jennifer thought.

The students began to wonder why they wrote the meaning of the first two abbreviations and refuses the write the meaning of the last abbreviation.

Who could that be? Are they afraid to mention the person’s name Jennifer wondered.
The tallest boy in their class, Mike was not around when all these things were happening so when he entered and saw what was written on the board, he laughed at the first two abbreviations but he didn’t understand what the third abbreviation meant.

He started asking his classmates what it meant but no one seemed to know the the full meaning of PTL.

He went to Anastasia and her friends (The F4)but they refused to tell him the meaning.
“We won’t tell you because you’re a news broadcaster” Jane said.

“Radio without battery” small Gloria added.
He had disappointedly went to his seat when Jennifer came to him.

“I know the meaning” Jennifer said.
“” what’s the meaning? “Mike asked her
” They think I that I won’t find out the meaning”Jennifer said.

“So what’s the meaning?”
“That abbreviation PTL means Pascal The Homosexual” Jennifer said.
“Pascal the homosexual?” Mike surprisingly asked.

“But the last letter is L and not H” Mike asked.
“Don’t by know that these stupid girls are cunning?they deliberately changed it in order to avoid suspicion. Even the last letter in Kingsley’s own(KTI)was also deliberately changed.

” what are you trying to say? what do you mean?”Mike asked Jennifer.
“It’s not what I mean but what they meant by writing these abbreviations” Jennifer said.
“Now tell me, what did they mean?”

“They are indirectly saying that Pascal, Kingsley and Collins practices homosexualism” Jennifer stated
“What? are you serious?”
“Do I look like I’m lying?” Jennifer asked.
Of course she knew that she was lying but she wanted to use this great opportunity to her own advantage!.

“You mean Anastasia and her friends wrote this meaning what you just explained?”
“Yes,the F4 group wrote it including their so called leader Anastasia.” Jennifer concluded.

Mike wrote down the meaning of the abbreviations in a piece of paper the way it was written on the board having in mind to explain it the way Jennifer explained it.

“Where is Pascal” Jennifer asked Mike.
“I think he must be in the laboratory”
“Alright let me go and tell him what these foolish girls said about him”




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