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Clash Of Desire – Episode 2

Clash Of Desire
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Pascal what’s wrong with you?” Jennifer worriedly asked “nothing” he said still not wanting to raise his head.

“No don’t tell me it’s nothing because I know something is wrong. For Christ sake you look so disturbed, just go ahead and tell me what’s it” “and I said I’m fine, I just want to be on my own, thank you for your concern”

“alright if you say so but don’t forget that I’m always ready to extend a helping hand to you” she smilingly said as she disappointedly left.

Anastasia was very lucky to be provided with all the requirements needed for her schooling including textbooks and and a dictionary.

Pascal’s test exercise book was torn and his gum had been exhausted. He is not the kind of person that goes around and beg people for something, he hated it with passion and as a result he deliberately passed the book like that, knowing fully well that the teacher will not mark it. When the teacher saw the book, she sent for Pascal who came and collected it.

Where would he see gum? he can’t possibly start moving from seat to seat begging for gum. It would be a kind of belittling himself and he don’t want that.

If only he knew who has it in particular, he would just go directly to that person and not moving from place to place. “George can I have your gum?” ” my own just finished ” “oh God! where can I get a gum right now because if I fail to amend this book and pass it today that woman will never mark this test again” “which woman is that?” George asked.

“It’s the agricultural teacher” ” hmm,that wicked teacher? you’re really in trouble and… ehee! why don’t you go to that nonsense MISS KNOW ALL? I think I saw her with a gum few minutes ago.”you mean Anastasia? “Pascal inquired ” of course who else would I be talking about? ” “and why did you call her nonsense?”

“I don’t like that girl even one bit,she disgust me” “and why if I may ask” Pascal pondered. “Pascal you’re talking as if you don’t know what I mean, this girl thinks she knows better than us” “is that all? I don’t even see anything wrong with her knowing more than us”

“This one you’re talking like this, wait ooo, Pascal I can’t remember knowing you with this cool side of yours which you displayed today, it’s unlike you.

You’ve been acting strange” “and what do you mean by that?” “Pascal for crying out loud this girl really pushed you hard today.

She even had the gut to say to your face that you don’t know what she is capable of doing. I knew you as someone who doesn’t take shit from girls like her but instead of treating her fuck up,you kept quiet and bent over your locker” “then what are you insinuating?” Pascal asked.

“You should know better than me” George retorted “are you sick or something?I will advice you to rest or better still take a nap” Pascal jokingly said “and did you say she has a gum?”

Pascal asked “and how do you expect a sick person to answer your question? why are my even wasting my energy and besides my radio doesn’t speak twice” “silly boy,you’re really sick in the head” Pascal smilingly said and walked away. All he knew was that he was walking but he doesn’t know where his feet were taking him to.

Anastasia was amused by the boy’s braggings “They are are talking of exams as if they had been taking exams for a very long time. This is just second term, they only took exam in this school last term been first term. Just because I was unable to join them in first term and they think they can intimidate me? no way!

She was still in her thought when she noticed someone standing in front of her locker. She slowly raised her head and was surprised to see Pascal standing before her.

As soon he walked towards Anastasia’s locker,all eyes followed him especially that of Jennifer and Angel. What’s he going there to do? they thought. ” please do you have a water gum?

“Pascal awkwardly asked Anastasia who was eager to know his mission. Not wanting to look at him, she nodded. She opened her locker, brought out the gum and gave it to him as she tries to avoid eye contact with him.” Thank you “Pascal said to her as he collected the gum and went to his seat.

After some minutes he returned it back. When the school dismissed, Anastasia left with those twins; Emmanuel and Emmanuela. On their way home they discussed about the things that happened at school that day.

Been her first time in secondary school JSS1 ,Anastasia talked about how hard it was for her to adapt to the system used in secondary school.

At first she could not understand the interval ringing of bell but as time went on she came to understand that it was meant for changing of lesson.

Their discussion was still going on when she heard familiar voices behind her. She turned to see Pascal and George. Are they taking the same path with them? but before she could knew it, the two boys separated.

Pascal took another path that leads to the main road while George continued on the same path with them. As soon as Anastasia got to her place, she bade farewell to her friends who then continued with George.

It’s always good for parents to lay a good and solid moral foundation for their children, so that they would not be easily influenced by bad peers.

Pokuti Gloria and her friend Cynthia were so corrupt that they would always discuss about immoral things,they talked about how to get rid of pregnancy. Whenever they start their discussion, Anastasia would always pay deaf ear to them.

They so much wanted to influence and lure her but she was too smart and experienced though she appears to be gentle.

At puberty most teenagers normally go crazy about the changes in their body. Boys would start forming big boys and girls will be like I’M NOW A BIG CHICK.

One day puberty was treated as a topic under Home economics. Believe me, students are always happy when such topics that has to do with human body are been taught.

As the teaching was going on, there was a competition of shyness among the students who kept smiling at themselves.

After lunch, it was a siesta period as everyone was busy sleeping but pokuti Gloria and Cynthia started discussing about puberty and it’s characteristics. At a point they began touching and pressing their breast.

Anastasia was not sleeping so she was hearing all they were saying. She never wanted to interfere or interrupt their business but she was forced to talk when Gloria touched her breast.

She was quickly overwhelmed by anger “and what do you think you’re doing?” “I want to see the size of your breast” ” why” Anastasia queried. “Nothing I just want to check something” Gloria replied as she wanted to undo the button of Anastasia’s uniform.

Anastasia quickly held her hand and glared at her “Don’t you even think of trying such rubbish with me. Two of you can go on and press yourselves but if you try it again with me, you would leave me with no other option than to expose and report you” Anastasia seriously warned Gloria who became very disappointed.

This was not what she had expected. From that day onwards, it dawned on Gloria that Anastasia would never cooperate with them so they kept their distance from her. Three girls were bearing the name Gloria in that class; the fat Gloria, the small Gloria and the corrupt Gloria(pokuti Gloria).

Not wanting to stay with them any longer, Anastasia started looking for how to stay away from them. Luckily for her, she secured a position at the middle of the class where she sat with small Gloria.

All the teachers learned to like Anastasia because she was a good, intelligent,obedient, humble and respectful child. They indirectly started to prefer her of Pascal.

Pascal has a good handwriting so he copies notes for the teachers on the board. One day, a teacher sent for him.

He was the prefect and he knew why the teacher was calling him, he started sulking and murmuring. He did not want to copy the note on the. It makes him to write his own when others have finished writing theirs and he don’t want that anymore.

He entered into the staffroom putting on a swollen face which indicates that he was not happy. Apart from parents no other person understands a students more than their teachers.

As soon as the teacher saw him, she quickly got the message and she immediately stood up from her seat and said to Pascal “It’s okay, you don’t have to bother yourself anymore, you can go back”.

At times it’s always good to show people who thinks you can’t do without them,that they are nothing. That as soon as they vacate or reject their position that someone else is ever ready to take up that same position.

The teacher entered into the classroom and asked Anastasia to come and copy the note on the board. The students were so surprised at the latest development.

How come the teacher called Anastasia, the new comer instead of Pascal their prefect?

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