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Clash Of Desire – Episode 19

Clash Of Desire
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The of the funniest thing in school is how the students nickname their fellow students. They can derive nickname from so many things.

They name their fellow student based on their size, height, colour, sense, behavior etc.
6 inches was given to Jane by Pascal because she was short.

There was a boy who was nicknamed OOP(out of point). His real name was Paul and he was an art student. Whenever the art students were asked to write anything in literature or CRS,Paul would write so many pages more than others but he would end up hitting no point and writing nonsense.


The most painful part of it is that you will see him seriously reading and cramming his note but at the end, he gets no mark.

There was a time their English teacher asked them to write an essay on the topic “WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY”
It was a take home assignment which they were to submit the next day.

When they submitted it the next day, their teacher decided to read what each and everyone of them wrote. She came into their class and started reading their write-up and also corrects the wrong ones.

When it got to Paul’s turn, the first sentence that began his story made laughter to send other students on the floor. He started with “There is no way,we don’t have any way because all our ways were destroyed by the Government”

Everyone laughed including the teacher who could no longer hold herself.
This sentence was locked in their heads that none of them could forget it. Emmanuel was nicknamed off colour because he always wears like a mad person.

Jane and small Gloria secretly calls Jennifer BB(Big Boobs)and Kingsley nicknamed her MAN-MADE.
Jennifer even smiles at that without even knowing the meaning.

When his friends asked him what he meant by ‘man-made’ he explained that what he meant by man-made was that Jennifer’s boobs were not natural, that it became big as a result of excessive pressing and touching done to it by men.


Jerry nicknamed pokuti Gloria ASHIA(indirectly calling her Ashawo)
The shortest girl in their class named Gift was nicknamed Mkpo malt(the bottle of malt).

Collins was nicknamed DAN(Dwarf Association of Nigeria) because he was the shortest boy in the class.

Pascal would always tease him by telling him that saying that says that “THE YOUNG SHALL GROW” was never and will never be meant for him.

The tallest boy in their class, Michael was nicknamed Electric Pole.
Anastasia was nicknamed SCHOLAR.
Pascal was nicknamed Fine Boy by his classmates while the teachers nicknamed him Hot Cake.

They named him that knowing that girls were running after him.
Kingsley was nicknamed Kingsley the Indian hemp. This bad name was playfully given to him by his friend due to the size of his bag.
He carries a very small bag that could not contain two or three books.


The bag was not fit for a student, it’s the kind of bag that is normally carried by those people who sell Indian hemp.

That’s why he was nicknamed Kingsley the Indian hemp.
One day, it was a free period. Been very serious with their studies and they wouldn’t want any sort of noise,Pascal and his four friends went to the laboratory to study.

Pascal in particular always studies in the laboratory because it’s always quiet.
In the classroom, Anastasia sat with her friends including Jerry.

They all sat together as they discussed a topic on government.
They were still discussing when one of their classmates entered. Her name was Helen and was nicknamed Ebony because she was very dark in complexion.

As soon as she entered, she went straight to Collins’ bag. She was sent by Collins who was in the laboratory to get something for him from his bag.

The class was so busy and noisy that no one noticed her presence.
Anastasia and her friends were discussing on a topic while people like Jennifer and her friend Gloria told stories.

All their attention were drawn by Helen when she suddenly exclaimed as she touched something that was inside Collins’ school bag. Helen knew what she touched, it was a bread which was wrapped in a black nylon but wanted to pull their legs.

“Jesus Christ!” Helen shouted as she presses the nylon.
“So Collins is coming to school with PAMPERS?” she seriously asked the whole class.

“PAMPERS?” the students surprisingly asked as they all started laughing.
“Helen are you serious?”the students asked.
“Yes of course ” Helen answered as she started laughing too.

The students knew that she was only joking but they decided to play along.
Jerry quickly remembered a seminar that was held for them few weeks back.

The speaker in that seminar talked about so many immoral behaviours in which students indulges in. Immoral behaviours like formication, lesbianism, homosexualism ,stealing and so many of them.

He speaker enlightened them about the side effect of these immoral behaviours but the one that amused them was when the speaker said that a man who practices homosexualism always wears Pampers.

It was so funny that the students would always laugh at the thought of it.; whenever it crosses their mind.




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