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Clash Of Desire – Episode 18

Clash Of Desire
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Jennifer was bent on winning Pascal’s heart so she devised so many means to get him.
The students were always very hungry during their extra lesson and that could tempt them to eat from any of their friends.

Jennifer’s mother sells food so she started bringing food for Pascal.
At first, Pascal refused to accept the food which she always brings for him but as time went on Michael and Collins began to tell him that he should stop rejecting what someone wholeheartedly offers to him.

“Where do you see anyone who would give you food free of charge these days? a damsel like Jennifer always offers you a delicious food and you’re doing nonsense guy.” Collins told Pascal.

“See, if you don’t want to eat the food, just collect it and give to Collins and I. My papa be big man no reach for food ooo” Michael said.

Pascal started accepting the food but he doesn’t eat it. Behind Jennifer, he gives the food to Collins and Michael who would always eat and clear the flask with their tongues.

Jennifer was so determined in getting Pascal as a result she started coming more and more closer to Pascal.

Anastasia was not always there, she is always in the class while Pascal stays in the laboratory. He was not happy about the distance between him and Anastasia.

He wished Anastasia had always been with him even in the laboratory or she would had been the one doing what Jennifer was doing to him.

Jennifer would always sit next to him in the laboratory and try to maintain body contact with him.

The one that scatters his head is that she always removes her blue jacket whenever she sits beside him, exposing her transparent White shirt.

One could clearly see what she was wearing beneath the white shirt without having to look very closely. She wears a push- up bra which brings up her boobs that it almost became the same height with her shoulders

The teaching was going on when she slowly opened the upper button of her white shirt after removing her jacket. She was doing that for Pascal who sat beside her not minding the presence of other students.

After all they were all paying attention to the teacher and they would not notice what she was doing, she thought.

No matter how attentive Pascal tried to be to the teacher, he was quickly distracted as his eyes caught something. They were sitting close so he noticed when she touched her shirt but did not know what she did.

The eyes is one of the sense organ that is very fast and sharp.
His eyes quickly went down her shirt to know why she touched her chest and he saw what he had not expected.

He could almost view the whole of her boobs since she was sitting very close to him. God ! what kind of temptation is this? how can I escape this? why is she doing this?Pascal asked himself.

All the seats in the laboratory has been occupied if not he would have gone to another seat.

No one seemed to know what he was passing through but he strongly endured the torture by trying hard to avoid looking at Jennifer.

Pascal and his friends went to the school Hall which was always quiet. They got there and started discussing. They discussed about themselves and life.

When most of their classmates noticed that they were in the school Hall, they started going there to join them. Of course Jennifer was not left out. Emmanuel who was known for his noisy attitudes was there.

Everyone has the right to come in and stay in the school Hall. Both science and art students were also there so even Jane, small Gloria and precious came.
Before Pascal could know what was happening the hall had been filled with all his classmates except one person. Anastasia!

She was not there even though her three friends were there. He indirectly searched properly for her but he couldn’t find her. If she wasn’t there with them then it means that she must be in the class.

He knew her as someone who doesn’t like a noisy environment so she must be in the class all alone.
He left without being noticed but Jennifer knew when he left.

It would be somehow if she follows him instantly, it will arouse suspicion so she stayed back with her friends and continued their talking.
Pascal quietly entered the classroom and saw Anastasia sitting alone on her seat. She was using the quiet moment to go through a book.

He entered through the last entrance in the class which was behind Anastasia. Knowing that he was not noticed, he tiptoed and went to her.
When he got to Anastasia who was so engrossed in her book, he covered her eyes with his palms.

As soon as her eyes were covered by someone, she smiled because she knew who it was. It was a familiar masculine scent. She had become accustomed with his scent and she held his hands and said “Pascal I already knew it’s you”

“How do you it’s me?”
“Why shouldn’t I know? your smell is enough to tell me it’s you”
“So you know my smell?” he asked as he drew a seat and sat with her.

“Of course I know your scent that I can easily dictate you with it. What were you guys doing in the school hall?” she asked him.

“Nothing, we were just discussing anything when all our classmates came in and started making noise” Pascal said.
“Seriously the noise is too much”
“That’s why I quietly left them and came here” Pascal explained.

“I believe they all went there because you went and now you abandon them?”
“No nobody went there because of me and besides I did not ask all of them to come there. They came on their own.

“What are you studying?” he asked looking inside the book that was before him.
“This mathematics is giving me headache” she said as she touched her head.

“which topic?”
“Why don’t you tell me? and you’re here cracking your God given brain. Bring it let me help you.” he said as he took the book from her and started teaching her.

After some time, a junior student came and called the two of them telling them that their form teacher needs their attention.

The noise from the school Hall was becoming more louder and louder. Their school was a four story building and the school Hall happened to be the last floor. It generates noise more than the other floors.

Their form teacher could no longer bear the noise from the school Hall so she summoned the SP and the DSP.

They knew why they were being summoned so they quickly went down to the staffroom.
“Where are all these noise coming from?”their form teacher asked the both of them.

” from the school Hall “Pascal replied.
” and who are those making the noise? “their form teacher furthered.

” our classmates “Anastasia replied.

” now two of you should go and tell all of them to come down and kneel under the sun”their form teacher ordered.
“Yes teacher” they said in unison and left.
They went to the school Hall and relayed their form teacher’s order.

“Our form teacher said that I should tell you all to come down stairs and kneel down under the sun” Anastasia informed them.
“Why?” Jennifer hastily asked.

“Because you all were making noise” Anastasia replied.
“Then what about Pascal?” Pokuti Gloria asked.
“He is not among” Anastasia said
“Who said so?he was here with us and he must go with us” pokuti Gloria said.

“He WAS here and not IS here, my dear I’m talking about now. So can you can now go to avoid the teacher waiting.” Anastasia said and left with Pascal who laughed at his friends.

They knew that their form teacher was a no nonsense woman so they went down immediately and knelt under the sun while Anastasia and Pascal went back to the class.

When their form teacher came to the she started.
“So at your age you don’t know what you’re supposed to do? the school functionaries for that matter.

Since you were the ones making noise in the school who then do you expect to control the noise?” She angrily asked them.
“But aunty it’s not only us” pokuti Gloria said.
“Who else is among you that is not here?” their form teacher asked.

“It’s Pascal” she said as she tried to avoid Kingsley’s eyes which was already piercing through her. What had she done to this devil that made him to hate her so much? Gloria thought as she averted her eyes from Kingsley.

“What do you mean? that Pascal was making noise with you?”
“Yes aunty” Gloria replied.

Their form teacher quickly sent for Pascal who came immediately.
“So even an SP like you makes noise?”
“No teacher, I did not make noise” Pascal said.

“But Gloria said made noise with them in the school Hall.”
“I had left before they started making noise”
“You left to where?”

“To the class and joined Anastasia”
“Then go and call Anastasia for me”
Pascal went and called Anastasia.

“It’s only you that can tell me the truth, don’t answer in favor of anybody” their form teacher said to Anastasia who nodded in agreement.

“Did Pascal make noise with these people?”
“No he did not make noise with them,he was initially there with them but left when they started making noise”

“Are you saying the truth or are you trying to cover him up?”
“I’m saying the truth and even the truthful ones here can attest to that” Anastasia politely said.

“Is she right?” The teacher asked the students who were kneeling down.
Some shouted No while some shouted YES.
Their form teacher became confused and said “if you know that Anastasia said the truth, let me see your hands up”.

Almost all the students raised their hands including Jennifer who did not want Pascal to be punished while pokuti Gloria and few students kept down their hands.

” the majority wins the vote so Pascal you and Anastasia should go “their from teacher satisfactorily said. She wouldn’t have been happy if Pascal was among them because she trusted and cherished him and Anastasia.

She had gotten tired of using cane on them and besides their body had become addicted to flogging so she discovered a new method that would be more painful and embarrassing to them.

FROG JUMP!each and everyone of them were to do frog jump ten times covering a long distance.

They became ashamed of themselves as all the junior students came out and watched them as they were jumping like a frog.

The mighty SS3 students, even the pompous Jennifer,the junior students thought.




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