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Clash Of Desire – Episode 17

Clash Of Desire
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Seeing her with the way she majestically walked on her way,one would not believe that she was still a secondary school student. She entered into the school compound and met pokuti Gloria who was answering call.

“Jenny the Jenny” Gloria said as she quickly ended the call.
“Jenny the beauty itself, babe you too fine. I di sharp,nne you dey hot,you package well my dear” Gloria admired her.

“My dear nah slaying things ooo”
“You be slay queen nah”
“You nko, my own no reach your own, you slay pass me nah. You be big girl and your level don pass my own”

“Who talk am?” Gloria asked
“Me of course”
“Forget that thing joor,but on a serious note this top really fits you”
“I no dey carry last nah”

“I like it,it’s beautiful”
“But my mother asked me not to wear it”
” she said it’s indecent, that I should not wear it ”
“Which kind indecent?abeg don’t mind her, the top is very good.

I don’t even know what’s wrong with all these old women. They always try to interfere in their children’s private life”
“After living their own life they would not

allow their children to live and enjoy theirs”
“They should go and sit down since they were now old and allow us to enjoy our liberty.

I mean, this is computer age and we suppose to look smart. Or do they expect us to be dressing and behaving like local mgbeke girls?”

“Me Jennifer? Over my dead body”
“The other day, my mum was like ‘eh Gloria go and remove that skirt you’re wearing it’s too short’.

I did not even do as if I was the one she was talking to. Trust me nah, I just ignored her and left.

I don’t know what they take us for”
“My dear that’s exactly what I did to my mum this morning. She was telling me to go and remove this top but I left as she shouted and ranted behind me”

“That’s serves them right. My dear, let’s do something more important than letting the opinions of old people to deprive us of our joy. Do you come with your phone?”

“How can you ask me such question when you already know the answer. What would I be thinking to the extent of forgetting my phone at home?

abeg ask better question” Jennifer said as she brought out her Hot4 infinix phone. “Let’s take selfie ” Jennifer suggested.
“That’s exactly what I’m thinking” Gloria supported.

They came on time, other students have not arrived so they started taking photos in order to pass time.

Jennifer came early with the hope of meeting Pascal who was always punctual in everything but she was disappointed to find only Gloria in school.

They were still taking photos when Pascal finally arrived. He didn’t come with anybody. He was alone without Kingsley or Anastasia! What a good time! Jennifer thought.

Anastasia had to run an errand for her mother before coming to lesson so she urged Pascal to go ahead of her. Pascal offered to accompany her but she declined.
Jennifer quickly smiled as she saw Pascal who walked up to them.


“Hi girls”
“Hi ” the two girls said in unison.
“How are you girls doing?”
“We are fine” they both said.
“Are you just coming?”

“It has not been long since we came” Jennifer replied.
“What about Kingsley? Isn’t he yet in school?”
“We’ve not seen him” Gloria replied.
“And what about others?”

“It’s only the two of us that came” Jennifer replied.
“It’s so boring” Pascal lamented
“It’s not boring because we are already passing time” Jennifer said.

“Passing time with what?” Pascal anxiously asked.
“Taking photos”
“That’s good”
“Won’t you join us?” Jennifer suggested.
“No thanks” Pascal declined.



“Come on Pascal, let’s just take pictures and nothing more.” Jennifer said as she puts her arm around Pascal’s neck. She gave her phone to Gloria so that she would snap the two of them. She positioned herself very close to Pascal that their body came in contact,their body touched.

With every of her single poses, she tries to be more close to him. I don’t know if she wanted to join her body with his. She wrapped herself around him all in the name of taking photos.

At a point, Pascal uncomfortable, for crying out loud this girl was placing her boobs on him and it was seriously torturing him.

He was tempted to look down on her chest and almost lost his balance. His head seemed not to be working again. He never knew that Jennifer could be this attracting and tempting.

He did not know what to feel about what she was presently doing to him. She slowly moved her body around him as she poses. He wanted to break away from her but he had lost his willpower.

What’s wrong with him? Why had he suddenly become so weak?

It felt so good but he was not comfortable with it because its something that he should not feel good about.

He kept quiet and played along as he thought that maybe Jennifer did not have any bad intention and he was already losing his sense of reasoning.

When it became unbearable for him that he could no longer bear the whole thing, he decided to end the whole thing.

Besides what would Anastasia and Kingsley say if they happens to find them in this condition.
“What’s the time now” he asked as he deliberately broke away from her.

“What are you doing with time?” Jennifer asked in return.
“To know why others are taking so long to come”
“Whether they comes or not it’s none of our business. The only thing that counts that we are already here”

“Even the mathematics teacher is not yet here, what’s wrong?”he asked as he looked at his wrist watch trying to ignore what she just said.

“It’s half past ten,I think I will have to call Kingsley” he said as he reached for his phone.
“Why are you calling Kingsley nah, let’s continue what we were doing”
“Continue what?”

“The pictures of course”
“No, the ones we’ve taken are enough”
“But I still want to take more”
“You can continue with Gloria” Pascal said as he points at Gloria who was busy looking at the photos she had snapped.

“I’ve been taking pictures with her long before you came and I don’t want to take with her again but you”

“Please Jennifer, I have some other things to do. Do you want me to spend the rest of my time taking pictures with you?” He asked as he started moving away.

“Is there anything wrong with that?”she asked frowning her painted face.
” of course “he replied as he politely left.

Many things would be wrong if Kingsley or Anastasia sees me with you in that position, Pascal thought as he climbed the stairs.
“Jenny the sharp girl” Gloria raised her head from the phone she was pressing and said as she noticed that Pascal was gone.

“Can I see the pictures?” Jennifer asked.
“Come and take a look now, they are really hot” Gloria said as she hands Jennifer’s phone over to her.

Jennifer looked at the pictures and smiled.
“Jennifer this one you’re smiling don’t tell me you’re falling for Pascal.”

“My dear, falling is an understatement. I’m not only falling for him,Gloria I’m dying for him”
“What? Jennifer for how long?” Gloria surprisingly asked.

“For a very long time and if not for that girl called Anastasia I know I would have gotten him”
“You’re still talking about Anastasia what about that devil called Kingsley? that boy is a wizard, enemy of progress, you need to see his face that day you wore Pascal’s Cardigan, he nearly died.”

Gloria said as she laughed.
“He should go and hit a trailer that failed brake” Jennifer said.
“Na so my sister”

“If he won’t live to see me with Pascal then he should better go and prepare his grave because he will soon die of jealousy.
” don’t mind him, he is only jealous because nobody liked him ”

After few minutes, Kingsley and Anastasia entered. They saw Jennifer and Gloria sitting in the school compound. The two girls threw away their faces to avoid any form of greeting from them.

Anastasia wanted to greet them by waving at them but Kingsley prevented her.
“Don’t even dare to say anything to these two witches.” Kingsley warned.

They went up the stairs and met Pascal sitting in the classroom. He was studying his book. He never intended to start studying his book as soon as he comes to school.

But the encounter he had with Jennifer left him with no other option than to do something that would take his mind away from Jennifer who nearly overpowered him with her beauty.

Can he even call that beauty or what?
“Pascal this one you’re sitting quietly inside the class, is there any problem?” Kingsley asked him.

“Nothing ooo, I’ve been waiting for you since, where you dey nah” Pascal asked.
“Guy I did not finish what I was doing on time. I thought I was already late but then I met Anastasia on my way and my spirit was calmed” Kingsley explained.

“You mean your spirit was calmed as soon as you saw Anastasia? as in? I don’t understand, can you clear me more” Pascal jokingly said as he starred at Anastasia to find out her reaction.

“Stupid boy,e be like say you don dey craze abi?” Kingsley playfully asked.
“I’m not crazy, I’m only trying to understand what really happened between you and Anastasia.

Anastasia is he saying the truth?” he asked looking fully at her. He regretted why he had not persisted on accompanying her, at least that would have prevented him from suffering from this emotional torture from Jennifer.

He loved and treasured Anastasia and would not want to loose her because of Jennifer.

“Pascal better mind yourself ooo” Anastasia playfully warned him.

“Don’t mind him my dear, we would even go home together after today’s lesson” Kingsley said trying to pull Pascal’s legs.

“What?do you want to die? no even try am ooo” Pascal said.
“What will you do? can you beat me?”

“You be James Bond?abeg, commot make I see someone that is more important” Pascal said and turned to Anastasia who was now sitting beside him looking at what he was studying.

“My dear how did it went?” he asked with the aim of keeping Kingsley in the dark.
“It went well, I got there on time that’s why I was able to return by now” she said as she smiled at him.

She always appreciates his kind gestures towards her. He loves her and she was certain about that.

Other students finally arrived and soon their mathematics teacher came. He apologized for been late and told them that he had to rush somewhere before coming.




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