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Clash Of Desire – Episode 16

Clash Of Desire
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What happened?” Jennifer curiously asked Gloria who came back empty handed. “Didn’t he want to give you the Cardigan?”

“My dear he wanted to but that stupid boy that calls himself Kingsley was putting on the Cardigan and refused to pull it off. That fool even insulted me,me Gloria for nothing ooo”

“And what did Pascal say?”
“Well, he didn’t say much, what do you expect him to say?it wasn’t his fault and besides you won’t expect him to start fighting Kingsley. But don’t worry,he said that I should tell you that he is coming to see you”

“To see me?”
“Was he that worried about me?”
“Who are you asking that question? please don’t ask me that question again, when he comes you can ask him that. I’m off to my seat, see you later”

“Thank you”
Is he really coming to see me?what a great opportunity! Jennifer thought.
After sometime, Pascal stood up to leave the class and decided to branch at Jennifer’s seat as he earlier promised.

Jennifer had been waiting for him for what seemed like ages but there was no sign of his coming. She started doubting what Gloria told her and thought that maybe she was only trying to pull her legs.

She had begin to wonder whether her second name is disappointment when she finally saw him standing up from his seat. She quickly added more efforts and skills to her acting.

She winced in pain as she tightly held her stomach and acted so weak and pitiful. When he finally got to her seat, he touched her.

“Jennifer I heard you’re sick”
“Very very sick”
“How are you feeling now?”
“I don’t think it’s getting any better. My stomach have even started paining me”she said trying to sound very sick.

“Sorry for that but did you take drug before coming to school?”
“No I didn’t”

“I never knew it would be this serious”
“What if I go buy some drugs for you?”
“No,don’t bother yourself. I will soon get better but it’s just that I’m feeling so cold”
“Are you still feeling cold?”

“Yes and I seriously need something to cover myself with”
“Okay let me see what I can do about that” Pascal said and left.

Jennifer silently smiled to herself, at least her plan and trick seemed to be having affect on Pascal.
Pascal went to Kingsley and started begging him for the Cardigan.

“Guy this girl is seriously sick ooo”Pascal said to Kingsley.
” wetin concern me?you sure say she never get belle?”
“Kingsley how can you say that?”

“It seems you don’t know that girl”
“Do you know her before me?”
“That means you’re blind Pascal but wait ooo, so you later went to see her? Good Samaritan oya clap for yourself.

By the way, why are you telling me that she is seriously sick? what has that gotten to do with me?” Kingsley asked.
“I want you to give me the Cardigan so I can……….”

“Give it to her?” Kingsley quickly cut in.
“Pascal are you sick in the head? what has gotten over you? Hmmm you’re making me to start suspecting you oo”

“Suspecting me for what?”
“Do you like that girl?”
“Please Kingsley I don’t have time for your silly questions and thoughts,Just give me the Cardigan”

Soon it was time for chemistry lesson and all the science students went to the laboratory. As the lesson was going on, the teacher noticed that someone was bending down.

“Who’s that person over there?” the teacher asked.
“It’s Jennifer” pokuti Gloria answered.
“What’s wrong with her?”
“She is sick and she is feeling cold”
“Feeling cold?”
“Yes sir”pokuti Gloria replied.

“If cold is the case, then someone should lend his/her Cardigan or sweater to her” the teacher said. Everywhere became quiet and calm as everyone started looking at around to know if anyone was putting on Cardigan or sweater.

“Sir,Kingsley is putting on one” Gloria said from the back where she was sitting with Jennifer.
“Kingsley why don’t you help a sister?” the teacher asked

“Sir,she is not my sister” Kingsley said as he angrily glared at pokuti Gloria.
“Even at that, can’t you help her?”
“Sir the Cardigan is not mine”

“Whose own is it?”
“Pascal’s own”
“Oga Pascal what do you have to say?” the teacher turned to Pascal.
“Nothing sir” Pascal replied.

“Then are you saying that Jennifer should go ahead and wear the Cardigan?”
“Yes sir”
“Jennifer come and collect the Cardigan from Kingsley” the teacher ordered her.

Jennifer quickly stood up, went and took the Cardigan from Kingsley who frowned his face in annoyance.

When the lesson ended,Kingsley angrily left the laboratory without even waiting for Pascal. Jennifer was so happy that she had gotten what she wanted.

She felt so relaxed in the Cardigan that she would always smile to herself. When the school dismissed, she ran to Pascal.

“Pascal please can I go home with it so I could wash it for you” she gently said.
“You want to wash it for me?”

“Alright you can go ahead and go home with it”
“Thank you so much Pascal”
“You’re welcome. How are you feeling now?”
“I’m now feeling better, all thanks to you”
“I can see that”

“Are you waiting for someone?”
“Yes I’m waiting for Anastasia”
“Alright see you tomorrow” she said as she sadly left. This Anastasia is really a big obstacle to me.

I must definitely think of a way to push her out of my way because Pascal must surely be mine!
In their SS3,they all became very serious with their studies because they were now in exam class.

They even started having extra lesson. After school dismissal, they would stay back for the extra lesson. The duration for the extra lesson is always 2hours or latest 2 and half hours except Saturdays when they take longer time.

On Saturdays, the lesson starts by 10 O’clock and ends by 1or 2 O’clock.
Trust students nah, they no dey carry last when it comes to wearing mufti to school. At times it will be as if they came to school for fashion parade.

You will see a student that is going to school that was within their area but you will think the he or she is traveling out of the country.

“Jennifer where are you going?” Jennifer’s mother asked her daughter.
“I’m going to lesson”Jennifer replied.
” dressing like this?”

“Mum what’s wrong with my dressing?”
“Is that a question or what? just look at what you’re putting on.

Are you a prostitute?”
“Mum I didn’t see anything wrong with what I’m putting on.”
“Can’t you see that you’re almost bare chested? can’t you even adjust that top of yours?”

“No mum it’s the style and it won’t look good if I try to adjust it”
“Then go and remove it”

“You’re still questioning me?I said go and remove that rubbish”
“But mum this is not rubbish, it’s fashion”
“Which fashion? just go inside and remove that dress”

“I’m not going to remove anything after all are you the one wearing it? ” she said as she started leaving the house.

“Jennifer will come back here, I’m talking to you and you’re walking out on me?come back here” her mother shouted.

“Biko rapugodum aka (please leave me alone) all the time you will be disturbing somebody” she said as she continued leaving their compound.

“Jennifer I said come back here, Jennifer! Jennifer!! Jennifer!!!. Okay, no problem, you will still come back and meet me here.” Jennifer’s mother cried.

It was Saturday, Jennifer prepared for lesson. She wore a Jean trouser and a red sleeveless top that exposed her cleavages.

She wore so much make-up that her face looked as if it was painted with a full bucket of yellow paint. The mascara on her eye lids and the red lipstick on her lips could vividly be seen.




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