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Clash Of Desire – Episode 15

Clash Of Desire
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which lesbian of a girl?” “have you forgotten her so soon?” “forgotten who?”
“Pokuti Gloria of course” “okay I now understand but what do they do to you?”
“never mind, let’s just go. I will surely treat their fuck up one day”.

Anastasia told her three friends about her encounter with pokuti Gloria in their JSS1 and that’s why Jane referred to her as a lesbian.

Pokuti Gloria was an exact replica of a spoilt child.
At her age, she had started sleeping around with men and would not even care what anybody would say or do about it.

Before the school dismissed that day, Jerry went to Anastasia.
” why are you avoiding me?”Jerry asked Anastasia.
“I’m not avoiding you”
“Of course you are and I know it.

Is it because of Pascal?
” what do you mean? “Anastasia asked.
” never mind since you don’t know what I mean.

But honestly speaking, I never had any bad intention of coming between you and Pascal.
But there is one thing I need from you”
“What’s that?”

“Can we become good friends?” Jerry requested.
“Aren’t we already friends?”
“Anastasia I mean good friends”
“Why not?”

“promise?”Jerry smilingly asked.
“And one more thing” Jerry continued
“what thing again?”

“kindly inform Pascal about this, so that he would stop being angry with me whenever he sees me with you”
“how do you know that he gets angry at you whenever he sees you with me?”

“Because I’m a man and I know when another man is trying to be protective of his woman”.

” a man indeed ” Anastasia teased.
“The first day I stepped my feet into this class, I knew there was something going on between you and Pascal.

Anastasia he really likes you and nothing can change that. Well, I’m so happy for you guys but I’m regretting why I never met you before Pascal. Maybe that’s how God wanted it to be.”

“You’re so funny” Anastasia said to him.
“It’s not funny my dear because I’m only saying the truth.”

When Anastasia got home, she washed the Cardigan and after that she ironed it before taking it to Pascal.

“You even ironed it?”
“yes,are my not supposed to iron it?don’t you use to iron it?”
“It’s none of that, but you shouldn’t have bothered yourself doing the ironing.”

“Why shouldn’t I? this Cardigan really saved me today and you’re telling me not to bother myself in ironing it. My dear, if there was any thing that could be done to it after ironing I would have done it”.

“why don’t you keep it?”Pascal offered.
“No thank you”
“You know that we are in rainy season and we normally encounter cold so why
don’t you wear it to school for now. You can still return it if you choose to”

“Pascal I said no,you’ve done enough for me and besides I know how much you love this Cardigan. So keep it!”
One morning, Jennifer came to school and started forming that she was sick. She quietly sat on her seat, folded her arms and bent over her locker.

Everyone noticed her quietness and wondered what was wrong with her. Soon pokuti Gloria and Angel came to her.
“Jennifer what is it?” they both asked at the same time.

” I’m sick “Jennifer answered.
” you’re sick? “Angel asked.
” yes and I’m also feeling cold”Jennifer said as she started shivering.

“This is very serious” pokuti Gloria said.
“Why don’t you go and take permission so that you can go home?” Angel suggested.
“I don’t want to go home” Jennifer said.
“Then what do you want to do?” Pokuti Gloria asked her.

“I don’t know”
“Are you even sure you’re sick?” Gloria asked with suspicious voice.
“What does that suppose to mean?” Jennifer harshly said to her.

“If you’re really sick then you should go home ”Angel said.
” I don’t want to stay alone at home, I hate it. I think I will be fine here if only I could get something to cover myself”.

“Something like what?” Gloria curiously asked.
“Something like Cardigan or sweater”
“Where do you expect to get that from?” Angel asked.

“From Pascal” Jennifer said.
“You mean, Pascal’s White Cardigan?” Angel surprisingly asked.
“Yes,please can you help me collect it from him?”

“Me?” Angel asked.
“Yes” Jennifer replied.
“Please I’m not going to belittle myself all in the name of collecting Pascal’s Cardigan. I’m not going, maybe you should ask Gloria to go”.Angel said.

” Gloria please help me nah”Jennifer pleaded.
“Alright I will go” pokuti Gloria accepted.
“Thank you”.

Kingsley saw Jennifer’s mood and knew that she was up to something. He clearly understood her plan and prank so he took Pascal’s Cardigan and put it on. He was so smart and sharp.

He didn’t want anything that would link Pascal and Jennifer. For crying out, he so much despised this Jennifer of a girl with passion due to her tremendous bad behaviours.


He smiled inwardly when he saw pokuti Gloria coming towards their locker. Of course he was sitting together with Pascal. Pokuti Gloria came and stood between their locker.

” what can I do for you? “Pascal politely asked as he lifted up his face and saw her.
” please can you help me with your Cardigan ?”

“Why?” Pascal surprisingly asked.
“Jennifer needs it”

“She is very sick and she is feeling cold” Gloria explained.
“Feeling cold my foot” Kingsley quickly cut in knowing fully well that Pascal was a kindhearted person and would not waste time in granting their request. But that would be falling for Jennifer’s silly trick.

He was certain it was a trick because he knew what Jennifer was capable of doing.
“Biko go and sit down, nothing is wrong with that girl” he concluded.

“How do you know that? who told you?” Gloria angrily asked.
“I don’t need a prophet to tell me before I know” Kingsley answered.

“For how long had she been sick?” Pascal asked.
“Just this morning” Gloria replied.
“You see what I’m saying? Just this morning and she came to school with it. Why didn’t she stay at home?” Kingsley asked.

“She said that she don’t want to stay at home” Gloria said.
“She don’t want to stay at home but she want to come to school and wear Pascal’s Cardigan.

She should have come with one since she was forming sick” Kingsley said.
“Kingsley please, I don’t even remember talking to you. I’m talking to Pascal and not you”

“But you’re disturbing me by standing here”.
She ignored him and faced Pascal ” Pascal please nah”

“Look at this girl, why are you still disturbing Pascal? are you blind? can’t you see that I’m wearing the Cardigan? or are my not a human being? abeg commot from here joor.

And you Pascal” he turned to Pascal “whether you like it or not, I’m not ready to remove this Cardigan because of someone that is pretending to be sick.

She can go home for all I care” turning to Gloria “are you still here?biko shift from my locker let me see the board”Kingsley said to Gloria. Gloria quietly shifted and positioned herself properly before Pascal’s locker trying to ignore Kingsley.

” Pascal please”
“I would have given it to you but Kingsley is putting it on and I can’t force him to pull it off. Please try to understand. Tell Jennifer that I’m coming to see her”Pascal calmly said.

” Don’t worry, I’ve heard you. It’s not your fault but the fault of this selfish and wicked boy sitting here “Gloria said pointing at Kingsley.

” if you dare point at me again I will send you to your Calabar ancestors,possessed girl ”
“come and try it nah ,you’re fighting over what belongs to someone else.

It’s not even your own” she said as she started walking away.
“You yourself where is your own?do you have? If you have,? why don’t you give it to her”

“Nonsense, I don’t even have your time” she said as she finally left.
“Kingsley why did you do that?” Pascal asked.

“Why did I do what? abeg leave me ooo”
“But what if she is really sick?” Pascal asked out of concern.

“Story for the gods,which kind sick? don’t mind that girl nothing is wrong with her. She only wanted to put that her stinking body into this clean Cardigan”

“But at least you shouldn’t have been rude to Gloria.
” rude? was I rude to her? If I had wanted to be rude to her, she would have cried before leaving this place ”

“But Kingsley, seriously speaking I don’t like what you just did”
“I didn’t see anything wrong with what I just did. I was only trying to put them where they rightfully belong,if not, things might end up getting complicated.

It’s only for your own good because me I don’t even have a watch let alone having time for this empty brains.”




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