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Clash Of Desire – Episode 14

Clash Of Desire
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All the new elected functionaries began to do their work perfectly. The head student was Pascal so he controls all the students in that school. He makes sure that there is no noise in the entire school.

Anastasia makes sure that everything pertaining to morning Assembly was perfectly taken care of.

The both of them also punishes noise makers in all the classes except SS3. There was a day that the school became so boisterous and uncontrollable.

 The teachers quickly sent for Pascal and Anastasia. “So both of you are in this school and this kind of noise is been heard? what were both of you doing? or are you hard of hearing?” their form teacher queried.

“We are having lesson so we couldn’t come out” “you are having lesson this break time?” “yes the mathematics teacher is using this period to teach us”Pascal said.” But at least you should have sent someone from another class to control the noise for you since the both of you were having class.

Now both of you should go and stop the noise before returning to your class. “Yes teacher” they chorused and left together.
Among all the set of students in that school, their set happened to be the best.

Their set were very intelligent even more than their SS3 students. Their principal never ceased to sing praises of them especially the SP and DSP. They were just a perfect match.


The SP was a Science student and the DSP was an Art student so the equation became balanced unlike the previous functionaries where the SP and DSP would come from science or Art.
One day, the principal sent for the SP and the DSP. After giving them some word of advice,he asked them to go. Anastasia was the first to exit the principal’s office making Pascal to be behind her.

As he was following her, the noticed something! A stain! something stained the back of her skirt. He called after her and asked her to stop. She immediately stopped and turned to face him “what’s that?” she asked him as he comes closer to her. “There is a stain at the back of your skirt” “a stain?” she surprisingly asked as she turned to look at the back of her skirt.



“Yes a stain but it’s not that much” “oh my God!” she exclaimed as she became ashamed of herself. It was her period! she even forgot that it was the day it would come out. What an embarrassment! what would she do now?and she she didn’t come to school with any sanitary pad. Nothing disgraces and embarrasses a woman like the sudden appearance of her period.
Pascal regretted ever making her to feel so embarrassed.

Of course he knew what the stain meant and he quickly thought of what to do. “can you Wash it off?” he asked out of concern. “Even if I wash it off it will still appear again, it’s my…….” “I know” Pascal quickly cut in.

She became more embarrassed. She brought her eyes to meet with his wondering what he might be thinking. “You know what? just wait for me here, I will be right back” Pascal said to her. “What do you want to do?” ” let me get something for you, just wait here, okay? ” “okay” she said as she smiled at his gentle manner.

Pascal quickly rushed to their class, opened his school bag and brought out his clean,spotless White Cardigan. The manner by which he entered and exited the classroom made the people in the class to wonder why he was such in a hurry.

He quickly ran to Anastasia “put this on” he said giving her the Cardigan “it’s long enough to cover the stain” he said. “but this is a white Cardigan, it might get stained as well” she tries to object. “But I believe it will take so long before it stains and besides today is half day and we would dismiss on time” Pascal said. “Thank you” She said as she puts on the Cardigan and they both went upstairs.

As soon as they entered into the class, all the students looked at them as if they were weariness the back of their clothes. Is that not Pascal’s Cardigan that Anastasia is wearing? what does that suppose to mean?

They both left the class together,after some time, Pascal came and took his Cardigan. Now both of them returned together with Anastasia wearing Pascal’s Cardigan. Is there something going on between them? the students thought.

It was break time, Anastasia was going out of the class when Jerry held her by the hand “this one you’re wearing Cardigan this hot afternoon are you sick or something?” he curiously asked .”I’m fine “she replied.” “then why are you putting this on?” “nothing”

“nothing? just go ahead and tell me, I know it’s not nothing” Jerry pressed. “Jerry just let me go our teacher needs my attention” she said as she forced her hand out from his hand and left. Jerry watched her as she left feeling disappointed.

He was compelled to stare away when a laughter came behind him. Perhaps the laughter was meant for him so he turned to see Emmanuel laughing at him. “Jerry Jerry”Emmanuel playfully called.”

What’s it? “Jerry asked.” Better leave that girl alone else you would have Pascal to contend with ” “what do you mean?” Jerry asked. “You’re asking me what I mean?” “Yes” “okay, now listen, Pascal and Anastasia have come a long way and he doesn’t joke with her. As you can see, she is even wearing his Cardigan so don’t even think of putting asunder.

Now, let me ask this question: if you are asked to describe Pascal what would you say?” Emmanuel asked Jerry. “Pascal is a gentle, cool,and calmly looking guy” Jerry replied. “Thank God you said that by yourself, but let me warn you, Pascal would be none of these things you just mentioned if you tamper with Anastasia.

So if you don’t want to see the beast and bad side of Pascal then you should be very careful on how you relate with Anastasia” “is that so?” Jerry asked. “Me I don talk my own finish” Emmanuel said.

Jane was returning from the canteen when she overheard Angel, Jenifer and pokuti Gloria gossiping about Anastasia.
“The one that pains me most is that she is not even beautiful” Jennifer said. “I think she is the one running after Pascal” Angel said.

“Before nko, don’t you know before? she is the one that is following him up and down” Jennifer said. “Can you imagine? she was even parading the whole school with his Cardigan” pokuti Gloria said. “Why won’t she parade? can she afford a Cardigan? that’s why she was doing guy with the one she was able to lay her filthy hands on” Jennifer said. “I don’t even know what Pascal saw in that nonsense girl” pokuti Gloria wondered.

“Gossipers, Amebo,do you want to know what he saw in her?” Jane suddenly cuts in. They were so startled to see Jane, had she been listening to them for so long? why didn’t they notice her presence on time and now she had heard all they discussed.

“He saw in her many things that cannot be seen in three of you even if you’re put together. There of you are nothing when compared to Anastasia. And you Jennifer” Jane called as she faced Jennifer .”

you said that Anastasia can’t afford a Cardigan and that’s why she was parading with Pascal’s own. What about you? Do you have anyone? haven’t you been longing and dying to wear that Cardigan?anyway,I don’t blame you, its because of your desperate desire to have Pascal that is making you to go crazy. Better take it easy before it gets out of hand”Jane said.

“Where is this 6 inches coming from? in fact I can’t even see anyone that is speaking. Abeg Gloria do you see or notice anyone talking here” Jennifer asked OLUCHI. “My dear I no see anybody ooo” Gloria said. “It seems a dog is barking” Jennifer said.

“A respectable dog is even better than you. At least a dog still has a dignity but you, where is your dignity? you’re not even ashamed of yourself” Jane thundered.

“Wetin even concern you for this matter? we did not mention your name and you’re here disturbing us. Abeg come let’s start going” Angel said as she walked out.

Anastasia came out of the staffroom and saw Jane fuming in anger. “Jane what is it?” Anastasia asked showing concern. “Is it not Jennifer, Angel and that lesbian of a girl” Jane answered. “Lesbian of a girl?

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