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Clash Of Desire – Episode 13

Clash Of Desire
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Common will you leave this cane” the teacher shouted on Jennifer. “What did I do to you?” Jennifer asked still holding the teacher’s cane.”I said leave this cane now ” “look at the kind of flogging you flogged me” “and I’m going to slap you if you don’t leave this cane” the teacher assured her.

what are you waiting for, slap me nah “Jennifer blurted. Out of annoyance the teacher slapped her. The students shouted as the slap landed on Jennifer’s face.

She never imagined that that anyone would ever slap her. Releasing the teacher’s cane and placing her Palm on her cheek ” you slapped me?” “I’m still going to slap you if you don’t kneel down this minute” “me? kneel down when you’ve slapped me? impossible!.

Jennifer had taken her for granted and she was not going to let her get away with it. She angrily raised her cane and started flogging Jennifer all over her body. Jennifer harshly grabbed the teacher by the collar of her shirt” do you think I will keep quiet and watch you flog me like this?

“Everywhere became very noisy as all the students began shouting and murmuring in the class. Due to the kind noise that was generating from their class, their form teacher quickly rushed to their class to know what was wrong.

The sight that greeted her as she entered into their class was not what she had expected. She thought that maybe students were fighting but no! Instead a student was fighting a teacher.

She happened to be one of the teachers whose presence was greatly feared by all the students. She was an agile woman so she she dragged Jennifer out of the class ,took her downstairs and asked her to kneel down under the sun.

That was just for the main time because a great punishment still awaits her. Everyone including the teachers rebuked Jennifer’s action. She was to stay under the hot sun of the day for four hours while her mates were busy learning in the class.

After four hours, she was summoned by the teachers in the staffroom,where they administered a proper befitting punishment for her. She was to come the following day with her parents and also wash the school toilets for one month.

Later, she was permitted to go into the class since her punishment will commence the next day. She angrily entered into their class not wanting to talk to anyone and made for her seat.

“Jennifer what you did was absolutely wrong, you shouldn’t have fought the teacher” Jane calmly said to Jennifer as soon as she saw her.

“Just hold it there keep that your useless and stupid advice to yourself. Don’t even provoke me this afternoon” Jennifer shouted at Jane. “See this one ooo,don’t you know that the uselessness and stupidity of my advice is nothing when compared to you?

you are very very useless and stupid” Jane retorted. “Jane or whatever you call yourself don’t push me to unleash my anger on you this afternoon” “unleash which anger on who? my dear, you no fit at all, just try am make I show you pepper.

Do you think I’m all those people you insult anyhow and get away with it. Just dare me this afternoon, I will show you the stuff I’m made of and teach you a lesson you will never forget in a hurry” Jane fired her.

“Where is the person who will teach me, Jennifer a lesson? because I don’t think I’m seeing anyone, in fact I can’t see anyone, who is even talking?” Jennifer asked out of mockery.

“Thank you so much, I know that I’m short and I will rather be short than to be a giraffe like you” “stupid thing” “worthless thing” Jane fired back.

“What’s going on here? what’s wrong with the both of you? why are you cursing yourselves?” Anastasia who just came in asked them.

“Where is this one coming from? so after watching out for expensive vehicles, I will still come and watch out for a common and ordinary wheelbarrow” Jennifer said referring to Anastasia.

“Nonsense” Jennifer finally said and left the class. “You allowed her to go scot free after saying that to you? Jane asked Anastasia.”

My dear I don’t like making troubles with people especially empty vessels because it will be a kind of underestimating myself” “my dear I no dey for that your holy holy,if its me, I would fire her back, trust me nah”

“Jane the lioness easy ooo”
The next day, Jennifer’s parents came and begged for their daughter’s misconduct.
At the end of that term, Pascal took first in science class, Kingsley took second,Collins third and Michael fourth.

In Art class, Anastasia came first, Jerry second, Jane third and small Gloria fourth.
On second term, it became their time to be chosen as the school functionaries.

It was not all that difficult for the teachers to decide whom the S.P and D.S.P would be. The two posts clearly belonged to Pascal and Anastasia respectively. On the day of their interview, they were been called one after the other into the staffroom.

All the students were full of expectations that a post would be handed over to them. They all tried to dress to kill, everyone wanted to be good looking before entering into the staffroom in order to avoid any insulting and embarrassing words from the teachers.

Trust teachers, they never misses a chance to embarrass any student who dressed awkwardly and tattered. Some students went to borrow things like tie, good jacket and other accessories.

Someone like Emmanuel who dresses like a mad person became a beggar (Anaayo). When Anastasia was called, she entered into the staffroom and was shaken by the sitting arrangement of the teachers. As if they were Panel of judges.

“The great Anastasia” one of the teacher said as she entered. She greeted all of them and stood still paying attention to them.”how are you? “one of the teachers asked.”

I’m fine thank you ” “how do you do?” another asked. “how do you do too” Anastasia replied. “So I asked you a question and you return it back to me?” “But sir that’s the correct way to respond to your question” are you sure? “

“yes sir” “alright, now answer this question. For instance, you’re a vice president and the country was attacked by Boko Haram,what will you do? would you stay back and help the president or will you jump through the window and run away?”

“Well, since I’m the vice president, I will stay back because it’s my duty to assist the president” Anastasia answered politely. “Are you sure of what you’re saying?” yes sir” “what if your life happens to be on the line would you still stay back?” “Yes sir” “alright you can now go” “okay sir”.

When it was Jennifer’s turn, she was asked to spell SANITARY PREFECT but she couldn’t. ” assuming you were asked to spell sanitary prefect in your examination, that it carries 100 marks.

Does that mean that you will fail your exam?”the teacher who was conducting the interview asked Jennifer. The teacher was still talking when some people entered into the staffroom.

As the teacher’s attention were drawn to the people that just entered, Jennifer sneaked out. She went and started looking for someone who will spell sanitary prefect for her. When the teachers noticed her absence, they quickly sent for her.

“Where went you?” the teacher asked her. “Nowhere” “you left here and you’re saying nowhere? so this is how you behave?you attended an interview and left without been asked to do so?” “Very disrespectful and mannerless” a teacher said.

“I don’t even think she deserve any post” another teacher suggested. “Just go outside and kneel down” the interviewer finally told her.

Pascal later became the Senior prefect (SP),Anastasia became the DSP(Deputy Senior Prefect), Kingsley, laboratory prefect, Collins, punctuality prefect, Michael, disciplinarian prefect, Jane, social prefect, small Gloria, library prefect and precious, an assistant punctuality prefect.

It was a general knowledge that pokuti Gloria was corrupt but she was still respectful so she was given the assistant labour prefect. It became a shameful thing for Jennifer not to handle any post even though she had been a student of that school since her jss1 but new students were given posts.

All the SS2 students handled a post except Jennifer. Emmanuel succeeded in being the game prefect and Jerry became their class prefect.

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