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Clash Of Desire – Episode 12

Clash Of Desire
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Kingsley you said that Anastasia already have someone what do you mean by that?” Pascal asked Kingsley when all the students left the lab. “What I mean?”

“Yes” “my dear you should know better than me since you are living in the same compound with her” “but I don’t know” “you don’t know?” “Yes I don’t know” “why are you even so concerned about this?”

Kingsley asked. “Because she is my classmate” Pascal replied. “Is that all? or is it because you’re afraid to loose her to someone else?” Kingsley teased.

“What are you saying?” “Pascal abeg spare me that jamb question. Of course you know what I’m saying. You’re the someone that she already have, do you get it?”

“Did she tell you that?” Pascal surprisingly asked. “Do you think I did not see you people that day you were both romancing each other in the class and……”

Pascal quickly placed his palm on Kingsley’s mouth “lower your voice this basket mouth. So you knew all this while and pretended as you know nothing” he said as he freed Kingsley who was now laughing “why won’t I pretend? or should I have announced it?

you’re my guy now” “you’re really a man and I thank you for that. But what if Jennifer is saying the truth?” Pascal doubtfully asked “which truth? I hate that Jennifer of a girl and you’re talking as if you don’t know what she is capable of doing.

She can fabricate and formulate any kind of story. I bet my life on it that she is lying and if you doubt me let’s indirectly ask Anastasia what happened. During break time,

Anastasia was at the corridor when Pascal and Kingsley joined her. They started discussing about Jerry saying that he talks to no one. As soon as they mentioned Jerry, Anastasia cuts in.”

Ehee!,you guys should guess what? ” “what” Pascal said “try and guess now” “you failed your test” “God forbid” “tell us now, we don’t have time for this your guessing game” Kingsley said.

“Okay, have you noticed anything on Jerry’s face?” she asked them.”yea it seems he rubs something on his face “Pascal confirmed.”

Alright my friends and I laughed at him because of what he rubbed on his face without knowing that he saw us laughing at him. He later met me at the staircase and blocked me, asking me why my friends and I laughed at him” “and then what happened?” Pascal curiously asked.

Anastasia explained everything that transpired between her and Jerry. At the end, Kingsley looked at Pascal in a way that says DIDN’T I TELL YOU?

The following day, Jerry came to school and met Anastasia coming out from the class “won’t you laugh at me today?” Jerry asked as he smiled at Anastasia.

“No I won’t” “why?” “Because you did not rub that thing that makes you look like a mortuary attendant” Jesus Christ! mortuary attendant? this girl you get bad mouth ooo ” “don’t mind me joor”.

After their mathematics lesson that day, Mr Gregory called Jerry” Jerry you’re really trying in mathematics but more effort is needed.

If there is anything you don’t understand why studying you can go to Pascal or Anastasia. I believe both of them can help you but Anastasia can easily help you because she is more close to you than Pascal who goes to the laboratory all the time ”

“okay sir” Jerry said as he starred at Anastasia. Pascal was not comfortable with what their teacher said but he was helpless. He was a Science student who usually stays in the laboratory but Jerry and Anastasia were Art students who would always stay in the class together.

Their commerce teacher was not in school so Jerry grabbed the opportunity and went to Anastasia. “Please can you help me with this topic?” “Which topic?”

“Logarithm” he replied as he tries to open the page where he copied the note. “What do you not understand in logarithm?” she asked looking into his book.

“All” “all?” “yes” “are you serious?” “yes” “logarithm is a versatile topic so how much will you pay me? and you’ve not even paid me for the cleaning job I did on your face”

“I know just name the price and I will pay it” “alright let’s get started” she said as she collected his book from him. After sometime, the science students returned from the lab.

Jennifer saw Anastasia and Jerry sitting together and she became very angry. Why would the boys she wanted for herself always go for Anastasia?

I’m more fair, tall, beautiful and shapely than her. Why are they always going for her? Jennifer sadly thought.

“Guy are you alright?” Kingsley asked Pascal. “Why do you ask?” “Because of Jerry sitting with Anastasia” “she is only teaching him and nothing more” Pascal replied.

Jerry was on his way to the canteen when he met Jennifer at the stairs. Jennifer blocked him “Jerry why are you always mean to me? and always laugh with Anastasia, or don’t you like me?” “can you teach me what Anastasia is teaching me?

he asked trying to avoid the other question.” Apart from teaching I can do any other thing for you ” “okay I’ve heard you, so can I pass now? I have a lot of things to do once I come back from the canteen”.

Jerry despised Jennifer due to the kind of things she wrote in the letters she wrote to him. He tried to get more closer to Anastasia and avoid any possible way of coming in contact with Jennifer.

Jennifer was physically beautiful but she suffered pride. She neglects and looks down on her elders. As a result, the teachers always speaks ill of her.

There was a day she was discussing in the class, in the midst of their civic education lesson. Their civic teacher was there teaching but she didn’t mind. Their teacher asked her to stand up when she noticed that she was talking.”

Jennifer, oya tell us the various ways of resolving conflict, we just said it right now “the teacher said to her. She ignored the teacher and continued chewing the gum that she was chewing.”

Are my not talking to someone? ” “I don’t know it” “you don’t know it,how will you know it?when you were busy talking in the class.

I’m talking to you and you’re chewing gum?don’t you have manners? will you come out here and kneel down” the teacher ordered her. Jennifer sluggishly came out and stood in front of the class.

“I said you should kneel down” the teacher ordered the second time but still Jennifer stood where she was. Everyone was surprised at her stubbornness.

On the third time, the teacher’s cane landed on her back. She winced in great pain and sharply held the teacher’s cane.

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