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Clash Of Desire – Episode 11

Clash Of Desire
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What are you doing in my locker?” Jerry asked Jennifer who became ashamed of herself. “Nothing I’m just trying to keep something for you” “what’s that?” It’s inside your locker “.

He opened his locker and found a letter inside his locker.” What’s that your name? ” Jennifer “Jennifer why are you doing this?”

“Just to show you that I care about you,and also become your friend” “thanks for your concern but would you just stop putting letter in my locker” “why?” “Because I’m not comfortable with it” “alright but you should always call me if there is any problem” “okay thanks”.

My dear after going to school and you don’t learn how to laugh crazily then you must be a sadist. Anastasia and her friends are serious students but they can’t stop or control their laughter when it comes to funny things.

One thing that is common among the students in their class is laughter. They can laugh so well that a teacher have to give them the name ISAAC which means laughter.

The worst part is that they even do that in the teacher’s presence but in a different way. They make use of their eyes instead of their mouths. To avoid embarrassing a teacher, they would always look at each other to know whether they noticed a particular mistake made by the teacher while teaching.

And they would always come together to discuss about the teacher’s flaws once he/she is out of their class. Due to their sitting position, Anastasia and Pascal became very addicted to eye communication that they now speak less to each other.

All they need to do is to connect their eyes in order to understand what’s on the other’s mind. Pascal also does that with his male friends and that also applies to Anastasia and her friends.

That morning, it was their first lesson, the science students had left to their lab for chemistry lesson while the Art students sat back in the class and waited for their government teacher.

After a long silence, Jane started laughing. “Bia Jane, don’t just start this morning, it’s too early to laugh oo and I don’t want it” Anastasia said to her.

“Do you know why I’m laughing?” “I don’t know but just keep it to yourself because I don’t want to laugh this morning” “well, I won’t force you to laugh but just do one thing for me” “what’s that?” Anastasia asked. “Just turn your back and look at that new boy called Jerry”

Jane said as she continued laughing. “Why would I do that?” “Please just look at him now” Jane pleaded. As soon as Anastasia and small Gloria looked at Jerry they started laughing. “Jesus look at his face” Anastasia exclaimed. “What does this boy usually rub on his face?” Small Gloria asked.

“it seems that thing is pancake and liquid powder. “Liquid powder?” Anastasia asked. “You’re surprised by only this liquid powder don’t you see his eyes” Jane asked.

“Oh he even applied OTANJELE” Anastasia said. “No be small thing ooo” said by small Gloria. “This one na woman wrapper ooo” Jane said. “no be woman wrapper the boy dey do fine boy” small Gloria said.

Jerry noticed that they were laughing at him but he ignored them. Soon their government teacher arrived and they all kept quiet.

After the government lesson, the next lesson was CRS. That means the science students will not come up to the class because they would be having physics.

Pascal forgot to get both his chemistry and physics note at once. He wanted to go to the class to bring his physics note but Jennifer asked him not to worry, that she would bring it for him since she was going to the class to get something.

Anastasia left the class to call their CRS teacher. On the staircase, she met Jerry who was coming back from easing himself. She wanted to pass but he blocked her.

She wanted to pass by his sides but he also blocked her. “What is it?” Anastasia surprisingly asked. This boy doesn’t talk to anyone so why would he block her way? she thought.”are my a caricature?

“Jerry asked Anastasia” excuse me,what does that suppose to mean? “she asked him.” Why were you and your friends laughing at me?” “Oh!is it because of that?” “Yes”. Anastasia looked at his face and started laughing again.”

You see, there you go again “Jerry said.” Okay I will tell you, it’s because of your face ” “my face? what happened to it?” “You rubbed something on it right?” “Is that why you were laughing?” “Yes” “is it not good on my face?”

“It’s not good for a boy like you to rub such things” “but it makes me to look more handsome” “you don’t need to rub it because you’re already handsome”

“so are you saying I should stop rubbing it?” “Exactly” “in that case, you have to help me clean the one on my face” Jerry said.

“What do you mean? you can clean it by yourself” “I know but I want you to clean it yourself” he said as he started moving closer to her.

She began to move back thinking that he would stop. But as she moved back, so he kept on moving towards her until her back touched the wall.

She stopped and starred at him saying “just stop this” “I won’t until you do what I asked you to do” “alright just give me your handkerchief” she said stretching her hand to him.

He put his hand inside his pocket, brought out his handkerchief and gave it to her.”you’re taller than me so just bend a little.

Let me tell you, you must pay me for this job” “how much? “he asked as he bent his neck. Jennifer suddenly appeared as he was trying to bend his head.

She ignored them and passed them. She entered into the classroom, went to Pascal’s locker with authority and took out his physics note and headed back to the laboratory.

” wonders shall never end. I said it,this girl is a pretender “Jennifer said as she entered into the lap. By making this statement, she attracted everybody’s attention.”

Which girl is that “Collins asked.” Is it not this girl called Anastasia “. As soon as she mentioned Anastasia, Pascal became very alert. ” what did she do?

“Kingsley asked.” I caught her with that new boy at the staircase doing what I can’t explain ” “what do you mean by that?” Michael asked. ” you should know what I mean “Jennifer retorted.

“but I don’t, just make me to understand what you saw properly” “okay I saw them facing each other at the staircase and he was about to kiss her when they saw me and stopped” Jennifer explained.

“That’s a big lie” Kingsley said. Kingsley knew that Jennifer wanted Pascal to herself. That she would do anything just to have him. But her desperation is trying to cause a problem between Pascal and Anastasia.

Of course he knew that Pascal liked Anastasia and would not bear the thought of seeing Anastasia with another boy in a way that Jennifer had just described. “Were you there?” Jennifer blurted.

“I’m not there but Anastasia would not do what you just said that she did with that new boy” Kingsley defended.

“How do you know that she would not do such a thing with Jerry?” “Because she already has someone” Kingsley blurted. “And who is that person?”

Jennifer curiously asked. “You know the person but I’m not going to tell you. If you don’t have any good thing to say just go and sit down and stop trying to spoil someone’s name” Kingsley concluded.

Just then their physics teacher who went to get something returned. Pascal had been calm when Jennifer was saying all she said. He did not know what to make of it but he was pleased by the way Kingsley defended Anastasia even though he was not there. But the one that unsettles his mind was what Kingsley said about Anastasia having someone.

Of course he did not tell him that he liked Anastasia so it must not be him but who could that be? Two things bothered his mind; what if what Jennifer said turns out to be true?and what if Anastasia really has someone apart from him?

These thoughts occupied his mind that he could not concentrate on the physics lesson. After the lesson, Pascal asked Kingsley to stay back.

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