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Clash Of Desire – Episode 10

Clash Of Desire
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Pascal entered into the class with the teacher’s physics note. He went straight to the board and started writing. The students began to copy after him as usual.

He turned to pick chalk when he noticed that Anastasia was not writing. He quietly went to her “you’re not writing what is the matter?”

“My physics note is filled so I need a new notebook. Don’t worry I will buy a new one when I get home” “alright but you can’t be idle like this. Why don’t you copy my own, then when you buy the new book I will copy yours at home” “okay, that’s good”

As days passes by so as the students advances in age and they were getting more matured. In SS2 they were asked to choose their course between Science and Art.

Many students were so confused that they don’t know which one to choose. My dear, in school you will get to see many caliber of people. Some are in school just for nothing. Such people are in school simply because their mates are in school.

They don’t even know their academic destination. They come to school for coming sake. Their form teacher came and clarified them on the difference between Science and Art.

She told them the courses that can be found under Science and Art. She also advised them to choose carefully and wisely. It was already a common knowledge that Pascal would go for Science because he had been saying that he want to be a petrochemical engineer.

His interest and seriousness in Science subjects proved this fact. As a result of his decision, many of his classmates jumped into Science just because of Pascal. Even those that can’t write their names all wanted to do Science.

But honestly speaking, I don’t really know why people are always having the mindset that science students are more brighter than Art students.

That it’s always lazy students that normally goes for Art but I doubt that phenomenon because I was an Art student in my secondary school.

Mr Gregory was their principal, their mathematics,physics and chemistry teacher. He was a man with extraordinary teaching skills.

He don’t joke with Anastasia and Pascal because they were his best chosen students. He entered their class and began to ask them the decision they made in terms of choosing a course. Many of the girls including Jennifer and Angel were like I WANT TO BE A DOCTOR.

My dear if wishes were horses even beggars would ride it. Mr Gregory was satisfied with their response except when he got to Anastasia. Everyone was expecting her to choose Science just as Pascal but she chose Art. “Are you serious?” Mr Gregory asked surprisingly. “Yes sir”

“so you mean you will not be attending my classes anymore?” “Yes sir but I will still be there for mathematics”” I know but there is a wide gap between us now.

You were very active in my classes in SS1 and I must surely miss you when you stop coming to physics and chemistry classes”

“sir there is no course for alarm,I’m still a student of this school and you will still be seeing me everyday”

“that’s true dear, so which course would you like to do under Art?” “Law” “that’s great my dear, keep it up and don’t forget to take your studies serious” “okay sir,thank you sir”.

“You really made a nice decision, congregation” Pascal said to Anastasia on their way going home.

“Many of our classmates chose Science without knowing what they really wanted” Pascal said. “I don’t think they know what they are doing. Well, it’s none of my business” Anastasia said.

That term a boy called Jerry got admitted into their class. Jerry was tall, very fair and handsome. He was also intelligent. He was always quiet and calm in the class. He always stays alone without talking to anybody.

Have you ever seen a boy who paints himself like a girl? Jerry is just an example of that. Maybe it’s because of the fact that he was born in the midst of girls that made him that way.

He was the only son and his parents never joked with him. He was an Art student. Both Science and Art students stays in the same classroom.

They stays together when they have a general subject such as English, mathematics, Igbo etc but when it’s not a general subject, the Science students would go to the laboratory for chemistry or physics while the Art students stays back in the class for either CRS,GOVERNMENT,LITERATURE or COMMERCE.

Anastasia,Jane and small Gloria were Art students while precious was a Science student. One day ,after break, Jerry returned to the class and saw a love letter.

After reading it he folded it and threw it away. The next day, the same thing repeated itself again.

He was surprised, he have not make friends with an of them but they have started writing love letter for him.

With the aim of catching the unknown writer, he intentionally left the class the third day. Few minutes after he went out, he returned and found Jennifer closing his locker.

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