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Clash Of Desire – Episode 1

Clash Of Desire
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She entered into the school premises with her locker,chair, school bag and other basic requirements that were asked of her by the school authorities.

With the help of a teacher, she was shown to her classroom and she went in and kept her belongings.

As soon as she got into the classroom,she was warmly welcomed by the students especially the girls who seemed so much happy to have a new comer in their class.

Though Anastasia was not always at ease to communicate with strangers but she managed to smile at the girls who were fighting over her things in order to help her.

Among all the students in her class, she only knew three people. Two were a male and a female twins, she had known them right from her primary school days and they they also happened to be her childhood friends.

The third person was a boy,she tried to recall where she had seen him before. It was him, she had seen him on several occasions in her primary school.

They schooled at the same primary school, they were both primary 6 pupils but stays in different class. It was a government primary school so the pupils don’t easily recognise their fellow pupil except when they are in the same class.

He normally comes into her own class in search of his friend. What a small world she thought. Though she did not know his name but that was not a problem as she instantly realized that he was a public figure.

Everyone knows him and wants to be close with him. He was smart, sharp, intelligent and very handsome. He was loved by both the teachers and his classmates. His name was Pascal Dennis!

Anastasia Adams who just came into the school was extremely intelligent as well. In her class she noticed that two boys precisely were held in high esteem; Pascal Dennis and his friend George Williams. They were very intelligent and no one ever dares to challenge them in their class.

Pascal was the class prefect while George was his assistant. Anastasia also noticed how the girls in her class pestered around Pascal but it was none of her business so she waved it aside.

There wasn’t much space left in the class so Anastasia end up securing herself a position at the back. She sat with two girls, one was a calabar girl named Pokuti Gloria and the other girl was named Cynthia.

Cynthia did not have a locker or seat so she begged Anastasia to join her own seat with that of Gloria so that the seat could contain the three of them.

Anastasia agreed,she joined her seat with that Gloria and the three of them sat very closely next to each other. Fortunately for Anastasia, that day she came happened to be the first day of their test.

Their form teacher happened to be their English teacher. She was greeted as soon as she entered into the classroom and after that she wrote the test on the board.

Mrs Josephine was a very funny woman and was also very friendly with the students. She was a fair and a short rounded woman that wears an afro hair cut which she always polishes with dye.

When she was marking the test,she marveled. Someone just broke the record. First in history that someone got higher mark than Pascal. The test was over 10 and Pascal got 8 while the other members I the class got below 6 except for George who got 6.

At first Mrs Josephine that Pascal had the highest mark but then she saw an unknown writing which she had not seen before. It was very clear and clean. The writer got all the answers correctly.

Who could this be?she thought. She was forced to look at the back of the book in order to see the owners’ name. “Who is Anastasia Adams? she asked as her wide opened eyes were scanning through the class.

The quiet and gentle Anastasia stood up and faced Mrs Josephine. By now all the students were anxious to know why their form teacher called the new comer. Has she done anything wrong? ” are you Anastasia Adams? “Mrs Josephine asked Anastasia who was not comfortable with the way her classmates were looking at her.” Yes teacher “she answered.”


Hmm you must be very intelligent, you may sit down my dear, you’re welcome “she said and turned to Pascal and his friend” Pascal it seems someone who will give you and your friend tough time has finally arrived “.



Pascal disbelievingly nodded in a manner that shows Who Do She Think She Is?
During their CRS lesson, Mrs Josephine who was also their CRS teacher arrived.

The students seemed so happy whenever she enters into the classroom because she was funny and always tells them a lot of stories. So they enjoyed been with her.

Throughout the lesson, most of her questions were smartly answered by Anastasia and she was so much impressed. It got to a point that said” just sit back, close your mouth and watch someone who came today to overtake all of you “referring to Pascal.

Pascal was slightly angered but his eyes never left Anastasia. He and his friend followed all her movement and they monitored every single thing she does.

The girls in her class became jealous of her because she knows more than them. During break period, Anastasia wanted to leave the class in order to buy something.

Pascal sits at the first position beside the entrance of the class and as a result, anyone that goes out or comes into the class must pass by Pascal.

Pascal and George were discussing when they sighted Anastasia coming towards them,intending to pass by them. Pascal quickly called her. Anastasia stopped by his locker, she raised up her head to see that all the girls in their class were looking at her.”

What’s the matter? “she asked Pascal as she brought down her head.” How many marks did you score? “Pascal asked.” 10″ Anastasia replied. “10?” Pascal queried disbelievingly.“yes”

“Let me tell you, do you think that’s how our exams are? this test is a small thing, it’s very very easy. If you see our exams eeh you will run” George bragged.”me?run? what for? “Anastasia asked.”

Because it will be very hard for you”George said.”since you said that this test was easy, why did end up getting 6? why didn’t you get all of them?” “It was just a mistake” Pascal stepped in. “Just because you got 10 and that’s why your head is swelling” George retorted.

“Well, there is no need of you boasting about yourselves when you don’t know what others are capable of doing” she said to them and left to the canteen.

Pascal could not believe it, this bitch dare walk out on me? who gave her the guts?he was so much angered that he bent his head on his locker and refused to talk to anybody not even his friend George.

In no distant time, Jenifer, a tall,fair and beautiful girl walked towards his locker.

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