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Cinderella – episode 8

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Episode 8

By : Diamond’s Writes ✍️

Sarah’s POV

I sat on the bed weakly.

It’s been Two days now, I haven’t eaten anything and I’m d*mn hungry.

I haven’t seen Ayden since the last time he came here..

I know he’s damn angry with me.

I betrayed him..

I left him the times he needed me the most.

I left him for king Mike because I wanted to bear the title ” QUEEN “.

I left with his pregnancy even after he begged me not to.

Wondering how I was able to get pregnant for someone who has allergies to women.

Actually , I and Ayden were boyfriend and girlfriend.
Though I didn’t know he was having allergies that time.

He does not touch me nor make any physical contact with me.

So I was getting tired of everything, I decided to drug him and sleep with him.

One faithful night , I drugged him and made him make love to me. Though in the process of making love , he was developing some rashes but I didn’t care, all I wanted was to feel him inside of me.

After the night we had together, Ayden became really sick that I was afraid he was gonna die. At the same time he was angry with me.

So I later found out I was pregnant. I told him and he promised to take care of the child no matter what.

After some days I left him and went for king Mike even after he begged me.

I sighed and laid on the bed tiredly.

I’m d*mn sure I’m going to die here.

Suddenly , the door burst open revealing a man on black. I guess he’s Ayden’s bodyguard. He was holding a tray of food.

He walked towards me and placed the plate on the bed.

” sir Ayden asked me…… ” I didn’t even let him finish his statement when I sat up properly on the bed, opened the food and started eating like a beggar who hasn’t eaten for decades.

” Hmmm gently ma’am ” the guy said and I nodded.

He sighed before exiting the room.

Cinderella’s POV

The first ray of the sun reflected into my eyes. I opened my bleary eyes and saw Prince Jayden standing in front of a mirror all dressed in black.

I looked around and noticed I was lying on the bed but how come.

I can vividly remember I laid on the cold floor last night or did prince Jayden carried me on top his bed.

I wonder why he did that.

” Get your stupid a*s off my bed and go take your bath we are traveling today by noon ” he said. His cold voice.

” Ok si.. Master ” I quickly correct.

I groaned as I climbed down the bed with my eyes closed.

” Why are you closing your eyes ? ” He asked.

” Umm master I’m having a severe body pain ” i said with my head bowed. I dare not look at him in his eyes.

” I’ll go get some drugs just go take your bath ” he said and exited the room.

One minute he’s calm , the other minutes he’s something else.

Kayden’s pov

I woke up having some severe pain all over my body.

I glanced at the wall clock and noticed it was noon already, meaning I slept long.

What the hell is wrong with me.

Why am I feeling strange this day’s , I hope all is well with me.

Just then a knock came on the door.

” Who’s there ? ” I asked tiredly.

” Prince Kayden your father asked me to call you ” whoever was at the door said and left.

I ruffled my and stood up from the bed walking inside the bathroom.


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