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CHIQUITITA — Episode 3

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It’s quite hard to wake up one morning then find out that you have not been the person you think you
are. The twins, especially Chiquitita were yet to discover their real identity and the secret behind why
they are wanted either dead or alive. Everything was happening within a twinkle of an eye as if the early
hour of that morning had Mr Clifford’s family in mind. How can two strangers bring complicated
messages of their past to them?

Nevertheless, the odd woman who dropped the last impromptu story suddenly became amazed at their
tranquility after mentioning the name ‘Angelina’. She believed that her gesture was correct when she
saw the tears on Chiquitita’s eyes.

Therefore, she said with a few steps to her, “Wait, are you..” She
looked at Isabella too and continued, “Are you the daughters of Angelina Idris?” more inquisition and
revelations could be detected from her voice.
“They are my daughters” Mr Clifford spoke out boldly. “I guess you must be Cynthia whom my late wife
normally talks about…”

“Yes!’ she interrupted and turned to him with eyeballs widely opened.
“Now tell us what you know coz my wife, Angelina, never told me about meeting any marine spirit for
“Oh my God! Finally I’ve found them. I’m free!” the woman became excited. “I’ve gone places in search
of you. Finally I’ll be free!”
“Shut up, woman, and explain yourself or you leave my house!” this statement came like a thunder
because Mr Clifford’s anger had aroused by the secret which his late wife never told him after nine
months till the day she delivered and died. Even his present wife, Mrs Rose, couldn’t utter a word; she
was filled with surprises. Therefore, she gradually walked to her husband and held his hand tightly coz
she hopped to know the cause of her own childlessness from there.

“This happened many years ago in another town” the woman began emotionally as she adjusted her
wrapper, “I was the one who introduced Angelina to the goddess after which I left the country. She had
a covenant with her that the child will serve her if she gives her one” the woman looked at the twins and
continued after shaking her head pitifully. “She even gave her children instead” she turned the man of
the house again. “I couldn’t come back after i heard about Angelina’s death until years later when I was
confronted by the marine goddess herself who told me that Angelina’s children had chosen to serve
another God instead her. Just look at me, she made me a cretin and rendered my life abroad useless
until I make these children realize that they don’t belong in this part of the world. They are of the marine

“You lie! They are of the heavenly kingdom. I brought them up with the fear of God in them” Mrs Rose
rebuked her. By then, Isabella had joined her sister in shedding tears, while Eric kept flipping his thumb
agains the middle finger in order to make an incredible sound.

The woman moved forward to Mrs Rose, “They must go to their kingdom otherwise they’ll come for
them!” she emphasized wholeheartedly.

“They are already here for them” Eric spoke up then continued when all eyes went to him. “The gunmen,
they asked of female twins which one of them is a goddess, and no doubt these are the girls they are
looking for” he pointed at the twins.

“I don’t know about the gunmen” the woman turned to him. “The people that will come for them are
from the marine Kingdom not gunmen” she took another steps to Chiquitita in away she stepped
backward. “My dear, you don’t know the power you have, if you don’t go and fulfil your mother’s
covenant, I won’t be free, they will come for you, and when they do, your life and your entire family will
not remain the same”

“Enough!” Mrs Rose shrieked. “Listen, Eric and Cynthia, whatever you call yourselves, the very day i
came into this family, I came with Christ. Now, both of you should leave my house” she turned to open
the door immediately but another bang came from it, so all looked at the wall clock again, 4:27am. Mr
Clifford dragged his wife away from the door, while Eric hid behind the twins. The room once again
became quiet to the extent only the ticking sound of the second-hand of the wall clock took over the

The whole scenario was gradually becoming more complicated and real, even though it had
the setting of a movie they use to watch. Isabella herself thought she was still dreaming, hence, she kept
closing her eyes and opening them at an interval. It only seemed like a movie in the eyes of Chiquitita,
but that wasn’t the case; it was one hundred percent real. What they will face in the nearest days to
come will eradicate that spirit of doubt in them coz they have no idea of the problem their late mother
put them into.

Nevertheless, the banging door continued with a male voice which shouted, “Open the door or i break
“Go into your rooms now!” Mr Clifford ordered his children.

Isabella first rushed to the door of their room to enter, but when she saw her twin sister boldly walking
to the door of the living room, she stopped. All stared at her like people under a spell. The father
shouted at her never to open the door, even the mother supported but she never listened because she
believed nothing would happen, in as much as she didn’t believe all the cock and bull stories, as she
called it. She gently clutched the doorknob and a rusty sound came from it loud and clear. A man pushed
it open forcefully then Chiquitita stepped backward. Three men entered with guns and mask on their

“They are the one” Eric whispered behind Mr Clifford.
“Finally, we have found them” one of the gunmen said happily. He hurriedly went to Isabella and
dragged her to the front in a way she stood beside her sister. When their father wanted to react, the
head of the man’s gun sent him to the floor. “Which among you is the goddess?” the man asked.
“Nobody is a goddess here?” Chiquitita replied. Meanwhile, Isabella had started quivering, nearly for her to wet herself with urine.
“Guy, let’s kill both and get a fuck out of here!” One of the men suggested. His voice came like an echo
because of the mask on his face. He pulled the trigger at Chiquitita, but surprisingly, the bullet
penetrated through her body and killed Cynthia, the odd woman. Another man shot Isabella. Though
the bullet didn’t penetrate, but she never fell down. Seeing that, the men ran away immediately, while
Eric locked the door again. Everybody became amazed to see what happened. They all rushed the
woman on the floor to see her mouth moving and gushing out blood. Only Isabella didn’t move an inch.

“I don’t know the mission of the gunmen, but they are not the real people that will come after you” the
woman said and took her last breath.
“Tita..” Isabella called when she noticed blood gushing out from one side of her stomach. She held the
bullet wound and began to shed tears.
Chiquitita looked at her. “Bella?” she called on her too.
“Isabella!” The father shrieked when he saw the blood. Before they could get to her, she fell down..

5:05am, the atmosphere gradually began to get brightened when the three men went into one of the
forests. They had uncovered their faces, hurrying like animals pursued by the king of the forest. They got
to their destination where black and red fabric could be found and other scary totems especially caskets
and human skulls. Obviously, it was a shrine of the great Fandom who sat in the middle of the shrine. He
was covered with black garment and his face had both black and red mark too. He had sent the boys to
kill Chiquitita as the only ritual to make money. He stood up when he saw them.

“Why have you come back without the girl’s head?”
“We tried to kill them but our bullets could not do it” Fernando, one of the men answered.
“Uhm..” Juel, another guy began. “They are twins, we couldn’t detect the particular one who is a

“She’s the most powerful, and they belong to the marine Kingdom. You must kill her before they come
for her and eventually return to her kingdom. It will be hazardous for you if she does”

“But how can she be killed?” Joan, they third guy asked.
“She can’t be killed by bullets but sward or knife. You must castrate her with her head and bring it here”
the great Fandom concluded…..

To be continue…

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