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CHIQUITITA — Episode 9

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Written by Nathaniel Anuma

Darkness had taken the best part of the atmosphere at that particular geographical area of the world.
There was no moon but twinkle stars. It was by this time that notorious beings like Juel and Joan
operate, looking for who to castrate. Of course, they were at it again that night, driving to Delber for the
living goddess. Nobody could explain how they got the car driven so fast as if used for bank robbery. Its
headlight only illuminated at a close range.
On the other hand, Isabella and Chiquitita laid on the bed given to them by Nina. Already Fernando had
explained to his granny why the twins came but never mentioned to her about his quest to make money
through Chiquitita, neither did he tell her that he had less than five days to live on earth.
Nevertheless, Isabella called on her sister who laid beside her, thinking about her conversation with
Fernando early that day. She was really happy to finally see a man that loves her, but Isabella didn’t give
a damn about men. Surprisingly, she saw Chiquitita smiling alone through the flame of a horican lamp.
“Why are you smiling?”
“Was I?” Chiquitita returned the question.
“Whatever..” Isabella turned from her, but suddenly turned to her again. “Fernando said he saw you
talking to nobody beside the pool at the hospital? Is it true?”
“I can’t remember doing that” Chiquitita rubbed her forehead.
“We need to know what we’re into. The woman who died in our house said that it gonna be disastrous
for us if we don’t return to the marine kingdom”
“We? No, only Chiquitita is chosen to come serve as was agreed by your late mother” a female voice
came from the sitting room which startled the girls.

“Who said that?” Chiquitita looked at her sister whose heart has began to beat faster. She had to hold
Tita by the hand due to how scared she could be to horror situations like that. Their eyes never departed
from the opened door which was demarcated by a curtain. The curtain kept flipping thro and fro due to
wind generated from nearby trees and the river. Yet, they never saw anybody.
“Who is there?” Chiquitita stepped down from the bed. “Nina, is that you?” she added. By then, the roof
of the building had started making noise. Hearing it, Isabella hurried to the back of her sister in a way
she held her gown. Both looked up then directed their eyes back to the flipping curtain, gradually
moving towards it until they finally passed through it into the sitting room where the voice came. They
saw nothing but shadows of furniture. Suddenly, a woman appeared from behind. Seeing her, the twins
adjusted backward.
“Tita, you shall not have peace until you fulfil your mother’s covenant. You must come to assume your
duty” the woman said.
“Lies, my sister is going nowhere” Isabella disagreed from her hiding place; behind her sister.
“Something more than the car explosion will happen again. Your parents won’t get lucky this time
“Wait..” Chiquitita placed a hand on her head. “Now I can remember. You caused the explosion. You
were among the person who came to me by the swimming pool”
“Come with me, Tita, to your world where..” the unknown woman became interrupted by Nina who
came out with crucifix in her hand.
“She’s going no where with you”
“Stay out of this old woman” she pointed a finger at her. Just then, Nina fell down and the candle lights
from her small alter fell on her cloth to eventually burn her up. When Isabella wanted to go help her,
she found herself pinned at a spot.

“Tita, I can’t move!” She shouted.
Chiquitita looked at both of them without knowing what to do. She wanted to move too but found
herself pinned at a spot also. At such situations, she could easily feel a power within her, but nothing
happen. Therefore, she shouted at the woman saying, “Release them!!”
Strong wind began to blow into the house to the extent Chiquitita’s hair dangled towards its direction.
The woman laughed like a witch. “You don’t have your powers anymore because you have fallen in love”
she disappeared.
Meanwhile, Nina’s cloth had started burning. Just before Chiquitita could go help her because the
absence of the woman freed them, Juel and Joan arrived. They grabbed Chiquitita in a way a
handkerchief full of drugs covered her nose, so immediately she inhaled it, she became unconscious.
They began to carry her out. When Isabella wanted to react, the barrel of a gun restricted her. She did
nothing but to shout for help as the boys carried her twin sister away. She had to first help Nina up, but
before she could finish, the men had driven out. She ran outside with tears in her eyes. “Somebody help
However, Fernando had succeeded In loosing the rope that was used to tie him down. He took the next
available bus to Delber to see the house scattered with Isabella crying outside. The grandmother’s voice
could be heard from outside praying with a rosary in her hand.
“Where is your sister?” Fernando asked Isabella.
“They have taken her away” she replied in tears. “They took this way with a car” she pointed at a
Fernando ran inside, took a torchlight and ran towards a motorcycle parked at one if the
neighbourhoods. Isabella ran after him, but when he noticed, he shouted, “Where the hell do you think
you’re going to?!”

“I’m following you!!” her voice seemed louder than his.
“Get back into the house. It’s dangerous!”
“Damn!” He finally got to the motorcycle, cut and joined two wires then started it. Isabella jumped in
from behind before they blasted into the darkness, following the same direction…

To Be Continue

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