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CHIQUITITA — Episode 5

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Episode 5


The explosion did not only attract people but its ray of light reflected on Fernando’s face in a way he
covered his eyes. It was like a fire on top of the mountain and the its sound like an atomic bomb.
Fernando saw splashes of blood on the floor where Chiquitita fell down, he had to rush her while other
men rushed her parents who rested on another position on the ground. Nobody knew whether they
were dead or alive. What could have caused the explosion? People wondered.

Fernando carried Chiquitita like a groom carrying the bride for a wedding picture. On his way running
into the hospital with her, he looked at her to see the real part of her beauty. Her natural long hair
flipped downward but never touched the ground, yet blood kept dripping from it. Her pointed nose got
him more attracted not to mention the natural eyelashes and brows. Truly, she was a goddess and at
that moment, Fernando didn’t remember that the woman he was trying to save her life is the same
woman he was on a mission to kill. What a life? “Nurse!!” he shouted for the second time that morning
which reminded him of his mother who laid in the same hospital.

Fernando rushed into the emergency ward, placed her on one of the sick bed where doctors and nurses
began to attend to her instantly. He watched from a glass window, admiring her more and more. He
turned back to see his mother in another ward lying sick too, then became confuse because he had no
money to pay her bills and surgery. Secondly, he had to kill Chiquitita to get the money. “Oh my God,
what have I gotten myself into?” he began to think. “I can’t bring myself to hurt this girl of a goddess
again. Is it a charm or love? And.. and.. if i don’t kill her, I won’t only be able to pay for my mother’s
surgery but also die in the next seven days” he rubbed his head and hit his hand on the wall. “God!” Just
as he wallowed in thought, his cell phone rang then he picked immediately.
“Hi bro, where are you?” Joan sounded on the phone.

“At the hospital, my mum is damn sick and requires surgery” Fernando replied.
“Damn! that’s why we need to proceed tonight to kill that bitch of a goddess”
“Uhm…” Fernando swallowed hard with a glace at Chiquitita where the doctors were still working on
her and her parents. “I’ve heard you, man. I’ll be with you guys soon” he hung up the call.



There was a complete traffic on the road due to several civil servants who were rushing to their various
places of work. Some couldn’t even wait for the traffic light to turn green. Horn from vehicles circulated
the road as if all would suddenly develop wing and fly. None had an idea of the problem of another
person especially the one in Mr Clifford’s family and in the life of Fernando.

Nevertheless, the three boys rested in one of their rooms to plan on how to eventually had the head of
Chiquitita down from her neck. They all sat on the bed while Fernando stood restlessly. He kept walking
thro and fro and nodding his head in confusion like an agama lizard. Obviously, his mind wasn’t on their
mission again, but he just had to do it otherwise die.
“Guy,” Joel noticed his restlessness. “Why are you behaving like a lost goat?”
“It’s nothing, let’s proceed” he sat down on a plastic chair and began to tap his foot.
“We shall be moving tonight to their house, kidnap her..”

“She’s in the hospital” Fernando interrupted, while the boys glaced at each other before directing their
eyes to him as if he had committed an abomination. He grabbed it, then began to explain. “I just saw her
in the hospital.. and..” he swallowed hard again. “Something happened, strang things happened”
Joel stood up, brought out his gun. “I don’t bloody care of what happened. We are going in there tonight
and come back either with her body or head” he sounded boldly. Hearing that, Fernando’s heart skipped.


Once again darkness took over the atmosphere. At that point, only the twins had regained
consciousness but in different wards. One could see bandages on Chiquitita’s forehead. Luckily, she
opened her eyes to see a doctor smiling at her.
“How are you doing, Tita?”
“Where am I?” she asked, roaming her eyes around.
“In a hospital. You just survived an explosion”
“What explosion?”
The doctor waited for a while before proceeding. He dropped the board in his hand, opened her eyes
and examined them with a small torchlight. “What is the last thing you can remember you did?” he
asked her.
“Nothing, the only person I can remember is my twin sister, having a pillow fight with me” Chiquitita
responded with a smile.

“That incident happened ten years ago” a voice came from behind. The doctor turned to see Isabella
standing at the door. Therefore, he became confused.
However, the boys had entered into the hospital for their mission…..

To Be Continue…

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