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CHIQUITITA — Episode 21

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(The Living Goddess)

Episode 21

Written by Nathaniel Anuma

Amila proceeded to the door, wondering who would be knocking just at the time she needed to know
her husband’s state of being. After she opened it, a female voice came, greeting her. She looked down
to see her son first before looking up to see a middle aged woman. That was her son’s teacher, so she
exhaled deeply.
“Good day, ma’am” she replied the greeting.
“I brought your son home after waiting for your husband to come pick him as usual” the teacher
“Thank you” Amila smiled. “He must have been very busy at work or stocked on a traffic” she added.
The son had already entered before the mother concluded with the teacher who left the house
immediately. She dialed the husband’s number again then put the phone on one of her ears. Just before
the call connected, she told the son to go inside his room. On his way to the room, the call connected.
“Where are you?” Amila asked on the phone with much enthusiasm.
“Stocked on a hold-up, right on the bridge” Emmanual replied.
“Olika bridge?” her heartbeat increased. Of course the husband felt it from the tone of her voice.
“Yes, any problem? Is Kenneth my son Okay?” he asked.
“Yes, he’s back” she walked around the house then glanced at the wall clock again. “Uhm.. please, drive
carefully. I just had a terrible dream”

“I’ll be fine” the line went off.
Olika bridge has a deep flowing river below it. Its depth range from five hundred meters to the surface
and another five hundred meters to the bridge. Therefore Emmanuel’s car was standing on the height of
one kilometer above the bridge. Other cars could be seen lining up on the bridge too, patiently waiting
for the traffic to minimize. There were metal protectors by the two side of the bridge which can hold
any vehicle that tried to fall off from it. Suddenly, Chiquitita appeared at a distance. Her presence
generated a wind which blew on the bridge continuously as she walked on it to the sight of everybody.
Some got scared and ran out of their cars in order to escape any strange behaviour that might make one
fall from the bridge. Just like Amila’s dream, Emmanuel also came out to see people running as if the
worst was about to happen. He turned to see Chiquitita still coming in her glory; her gown blew
backward, likewise her hair but the crown on her head never moved an inch off from the head. Nobody
could see her face. She was like a bright moving shadow.
“Who is that?” Emmanuel murmured. “An angel?” he added.
“No, you have to run” a voice came just beside him. He turned to the man who said that, running as fast
as his legs could carry him. Before he knew It, Chiquitita got close to him then he found himself falling
down the bridge. Some people exclaimed at the horrible sight while some took a picture of it.
Immediately Emmanuel immerse into the river, the wind stopped, Chiquitita disappeared and Emma
was nowhere to be found again.
Back to the forest where Fernando had already revived the women both the fainted one and the
wounded one, they all stood in the middle of nowhere, staring at the tall canopy trees añd shrubs.
“Bella, did you say you’ve seen this place in your dream?” Fernando repeated.
“Yes, in two occasions” she replied.

“Why did you lose control of car, Nado?” Mrs Rose changed the topic.
“I have no idea” he replied then turned to the direction from which the car came into the forest. He was
surprise of what he noticed. “Look” he pointed at the direction where all directed their eyes to.
“Oh my God!” Isabella exclaimed silently.
“Where are the broken trees and rocks?” Angelina asked.
“Even the tyre print made by our car. Everything look untouched’ Mrs Rose added.
They all turned their eyes back to the position where their car stopped, but never saw it again; the car
“My God!” Mrs Rose shrieked with hands covering her mouth. Nobody reminded them to unit at a spot.
Fernando stood closely to Angelina while Isabella to her step-mother.
“We are doomed” Isabella broke the silence…
Back to the marine Kingdom, Anicet and Chiquitita stood before the supreme goddess and god. Their
presence superseded every other aquatic live found within the arena, even the darkness that clouded
the place.
“How did you go, Anicet?” Merrod asked.

“I drove them into a forest never to find their way out again. The more they’ll walk, the less they’ll go
until all die there” he replied then Chiquitita became a bit confused. She looked at him.
“Who are these people you talk about?” she asked.
Merrod stepped out to answer the question instanly. “I sent him on a different mission. Now, give your
own report” she said, walking around the two of them.
“I made him fall from a high bridge. No doubt he’s dead coz no human would ever survive that”
Chiquitita reported.
“Good” Jerrod smiled then stepped out too. He placed a hand on Anicet’s shoulder then continued, “You
are a man, please, do your duty as one” he glanced at Chiquitita with a smile too then left. Of course the
young god understood what he meant, so he also glanced at Chiquitita, took her by the hand and left
the arena.
Inside the woods of Ehezra, Fernando and co had walked for two hours without hearing the sound of a
vehicle, talk more of seeing the main road. They came to a cliff where the women couldn’t behold the
base due to the height. But they could hear a flowing river down the cliff.
“Who knows where we are now?” Mrs Rose said out of fatigue.
“I’m so tired” Angelina sat on the ground with a hand on her head.
Mrs Rose glared at her. “Tired? Aren’t you the one who subjected us into this impromptu adventure?”

“It’s not time to apportion blames” Isabella looked at the women while Fernando boldly walked to my the
edge of the cliff and looked down. He couldn’t believe what he saw; a man lying on a rock by the river. It
was no other person but Emmanuel whom the river luckily carried from the bridge to that place.
“Hey, Bella, come and see” he called.
When Isabella also approached and saw the man, she was filled with joy, hoping that he might be of
help for them to get out of the forest. “C’mon, we need to meet him. He might be of help!” She began to
run down the cliff through another path. Fernando followed her, likewise the women who didn’t even
know why they were running. Also, how would they know that the man whom they were about to meet
for a direction was the same man whom they were looking for?

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