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CHIQUITITA — Episode 16

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Two weeks later, Fernando’s family visited Mr Clifford’s. Even Nina was there too. All sat in the living
room in a way both families faced each other. Isabella sat closely to her step-mother with a head on her
shoulder. There was a television broadcasting in a low volume. Fernando occasionally glanced at
Isabella. Throughout the weeks they had not really said anything to each other, but Mrs Kate had been
told how Chiquitita left and why she did. She fully understood that her son attempted money ritual.
Though thanks to God he survived.
“We came to apprecirate you for all the efforts you rendard during my stay in the hospital?” Mrs Kate
began. “My son here told me how he fought and protected your daughters..”
“It’s a pity Tita chose to go beyond this world” Nina interrupted bitterly. “She needs prayers! The blood
of our Lord Jesus christ is capable of breaking any ungodly covenant” she paused with an exhalation and
shook her head too.

“And my son is devastated ever since then because of the love he has for her” Mrs Kate added. Just then,
Isabella and Fernando glanced at each other. In the process, she chucked like a person who wanted to
vomit and ran out of their presence into her room where she finally vomited. Everybody directed their
eyes to her right from when she left the cushion to when she entered the room. The sign of the
pregnancy became obvious.
“Excuse me” Mrs Rose left the gathering to Isabella’s toilet to see her breathing hastily and cleaning her
mouth. She looked at her especially on the breast. ” Bella, it’s obvious” she said.
“What’s obvious?” Isabella looked at her.
“You’re pregnant”
“What?” she looked at herself on a mirror opposite her. “Oh my God! Tita gonna hate me the more. She
will never believe me! God, I’m finished!” She began to shed tears.
Nothing the mother could do, but to take her back into the living room. Immediately they entered, Mr
Clifford glared at them saying, she’s pregnant, isn’t she?”
“She is” the wife replied and looked at Fernando who bent down his head.
“Holly Mary!” Nina exclaimed while Mrs Kate became disappointed.
“I didn’t know what came over me” Isabella began to shed tears. “I realised myself in Fernando’s bed
about two weeks ago”
Hearing that, all directed their eyes to Fernando who spoke up immediately. “Like.. I.. I thought she was
Chiquitita. I sent a text message to Tita which she claimed she saw when she came. I never knew…”

“It was all manipulated” Mrs Rose took it from him.
“Nonsense!” Mr Clifford stood up then glared at Fernando. “You came to my house to destroy my
daughters? Listen, you must bear full responsibility. You must marry her, period!” he walked out from
All remained speechless. It was like an unexpected blow on their faces. Who would have thought that
things would turn around? That was another problem facing the family when the one at hand had not
been resolved aready, all because of the sin of one person. No wonder they say that the gift from devil
brings nothing but more problems, and he has come to kill and destroy. This is why one must trust in
God in all things, for his gift brings joy and peace of mind, and he has come to give life in abundance.
Nevertheless, Fernado stood up from the cushion, glanced at Isabella and walked out too. Only the
women remained in the room. Isabella couldn’t behold them, so she wanted to walk into her room but
Mrs Kate’s voice interrupted her saying, “My daughter, you need to do the needful”
“Which is?” she asked.
“The baby isn’t a bastard”
“Hell no! I can’t marry Fernando, knowing fully well that he doesn’t love me but Tita. And have you
thought of how Tita will feel?” she finally walked into the room. Nina exhaled alongside with her
daughter, Mrs Kate. Even Mrs Rose had to collapse on the cushion because they all knew the confusion
and consequences of the new development.
Scratches in the woods of Ehezra stretched from tree to tree, giving out a weary sound that could
destabilize a firmed hunter. Canopy trees danced along to the smooth movement of wind that escalated
in the forest. Withered leaves suddenly joined in the random movement caused by the wind too. It was like a storm in the high mountains, bending trees and swiping the floor. Isabella saw a closed door,
standing all alone in the forest
” Please, open the door!” a voice came from the back of the door. Sooner did a hand began to bang on
it too. Isabella wanted to go open it but a hand held her from behind. When she looked back to see the
owner of the hand, the voice came again in a horrible manner. “Mummy, open the door for me!”
Isabella had to withdrew her hand from whosoever that held it and began to run towards the door with
tears in her eyes. “Mummy, Please!” the door kept shaking as unknown person banged on it
Isabella fell down on her way and felt a force dragging her back from legs. “Let me go!” She cried.
“Mummy! Mummy! Open the door!” the voice kept shouting and banging.
Meanwhile, Isabella had not disengaged from the hand which was drawing her back. She suddenly
turned, flung her legs off from the hand and began to run again. The wind became a resistor to her
movement, yet she kept struggling to move. When she finally got to the door, she opened it to see a
seven year old female child who had her resemblance staring at her.
“Mummy..” the child called again.
“Who are you?” Isabella asked her with tears rolling from her eyes. Before the child could reply, a force
drew Isabella back as if she was falling inside a pit. “Let me go!!” her voice echoed….
Isabella woke up from sleep only to discover that the shouting and everything was a dream. She glanced
at the wall clock in the room, 4:45am. Suddenly, she heard a bang from the door of the sitting room
then jumped out from the bed. When she finally exited to the living room, she saw her parents already
“Who’s banging on the door by this time again?” Mrs Rose asked.
“No doubt Eric is the one again” the husband replied.
“Please, don’t open the door” Isabella said, remembering her dream.
To their surprise, no voice came from the door, only a banging hand which seemed like to break the
door off.
“Who’s there!” Mr Clifford shrieked, yet no reply. He moved forward to the door boldly, clutched the
knob and looked back to see Isabella holding her step-mother tightly in fear.
“Father, Please, don’t open it” she begged.
Mr Clifford didn’t hesitate to open the door, but who he saw made him run back into the house. The
race made his wife and daughter take on their heels too. But he gradually returned to the center of the
living room to take another look at the person. “Angelina?” was the last thing that came out from his

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