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CHIQUITITA — Episode 14

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(The Living Goddess)

Episode 14

Written by Nathaniel Anuma.

Isabella boarded a cab to Fernando’s house while Chiquitita to the hospital. It was evening time, rush
hour precisely. Therefore traffic restrained Isabella’s movement. She kept looking haphazardly inside
the cap, hoping the traffic disappeared. That was unlike her. She was a girl who didn’t have Men’s time,
but now she’s in a hurry to betray her own twin sister because of a man. Such guilt never came to her
because she didn’t know what she was doing; truly, she had once admired Fernando but not to the extent of going to bed or having any intimacy with him, therefore her sudden love and action towards
him for the past twenty-four hours was influenced by Anicet, the young male marine agent. How would
Isabella know that she wasn’t on her rightful senses?
Nevertheless, she jumped down from the cab then began to trek, hurrying and twisting her butt like a
prostitute who couldn’t afford to miss her client. She wore a short skirt which was above her knees
thereby making her look more like a slot. On her feet were high heel shoes that became an addendum
to her height. Her hair dangled around her back and shoulder, she hastily slid back those that tried to
block her view. Her movement was more like someone whose mental nut had been loosen without
minding the stare from people and the hullabaloo caused by the traffic jam. She sighted a motorcyclist,
then called, “Hey, bike!” She believed it would be better than a cab because a motorcycle requires
narrow road and can easily take an appion way. Just as she believed, the motorcyclist took her straight
to Fernando’s house. The environment got her looking around just like her sister when she brought the
cheque. Isabella had to be careful as she climbed to the door of the house with the ladder on her feet.
Fernando opened the door after she knocked. He looked at her dressing, stared into her eyes then
allowed her to go in.
“You sounded urgent on the text message, what’s the problem?” Isabella asked still standing up.
Fernando didn’t answer her, rather, sat on the edge of the bed, wearing just a boxers and a black singlet.
Isabella sat beside him with a hand across his shoulder and her legs properly close like a woman, but
that didn’t prevent any eyes from seeing her fresh attractive thighs due to the shortness of her skirt.
“What’s bothering you? Hope your mum is fine” she added with a curious but solft voice.
“Can you remember asking me what will happen in five days time?” Fernando asked without looking at
“Uhm..” Isabella slid her hair, hopping not to fumble in order for him not to know who she really was.
“Yes, I can remember. I guess tomorrow makes the five days, right?”
“So what gonna happen?”
Fernando looked into her eyes. “I won’t live to see it” he replied.
Isabella smiled and slid her hair backward again. “You’re joking, right?” she said.
“No one jokes with death. We had only seven days to castrate you, and tomorrow makes the day. I just
want to let you know that after my death, I have nothing to regret because i made sure you live either in
this world or the marine world. I also wish my generation comes forth from you. That’s why I called you”
Isabella grabbed his hand, feeling her eyes wet with tears. Even though she wasn’t in her rightful sense,
she felt sorry for him. “Listen, Nado” she began. “You chose to follow the good part, therefore nothing
will happen to you. Even God himself won’t let that happen”
Fernando knew what he was into, so he didn’t believe Isabella’s statement. He had to proceed to kiss
her which she reciprocated wholeheartedly. As the kiss went on, she took off her shoes and both laid on
the bed in a way Fernando was on top. Isabella felt his erected dick from his boxers then raised one of
her legs in a way her pant became visible. Fernando gradually began to undress her. He was yet to
discover that none of the twins had broken their hymen. Just as the act continued, Anicet, appeard from
the wall with a smile. He nodded in excitement to show that his manipulation was successful….
Chiquitita opened the door of the hospital room where Mrs Kate laid, still unconscious. She sat down
beside her with a smile. Of course such smile never departed from her face added to her kind heart. She
was on jean trouser and a jean jacket too with a white boot on her feet. She parked her hair in a way it
made a bold long straight line down her back like the Olden days Chinese men. White wet-lips glow on
her lips as if had sparkling stars in it. That added to her beauty. Just as she wanted to bring out her
phone to call Fernando, she saw the written note on a stool beside her. She took it up and read thus: BY
Immediately she finished reading the note, Nina, Fernando’s grandmother, entered through the door.
Chiquitita must not allow her see the note to avoid heart attack, so she squeezed it in her hand and
stood up, trying so hard to control her emotions too.
“Hey, uhm.. which one are you?” Nina asked her.
“It’s Tita, ma” Chiquitita forced out a smile.
“Yes, those smiles had answered the question already” she looked around. “Where is Nado, he sent for
me telling me that the surgery was successful”
“Let me go call him” Chiquitita used that opportunity to go out. When she came into the long passage of
the hospital which leads to the exit, she began to hurry towards it. She brought out her phone again to
call Fernando, it fell down from her and broke beyond repair. She stopped, stared at the broken phone,
then looked around, feeling the reoccurance of the predicament. Therefore, she left the phone and
began to run towards the exit. Surprisingly, the more she ran, the more the exit became farther away.
She couldn’t get to it even as she saw people coming into the hospital through the same exit. She stood
at a spot, breathing hastily. “What’s happening? Why does the exit seem like one hundred kilometers
journey?” she murmured. She sighted a man moving towards the exit then followed him right from
behind. To her greatest dismay, the man suddenly vanished, yet the exit looked far away from her
position. “No no no no, please, let me go!!” She shouted with tears rolling out from her eyes. Her voice
attracted people’s attention but none met her except a nurse.
“This is a hospital. Why are you shouting?”
“Please, help me, I can’t get to the exit”
The nurse looked at the exit. “I don’t understand you” she said.
“The more I walk, the less I go. That’s what’s happening to be me!” Chiquitita cried. The nurse had to
hold her by the hand then both began to walk towards the exit as an afterthought. She was beginning to
see her as psychiatric patient…
A large spring bed seemed to be twerking like the buttocks of a voluptuous stripper dacing naked on the
stage. Its continuous cracking sound could get anybody at the door thinking and wondering the cause of
the sound. Of course a bed cannot just move or shake except something or somebody moves it, and no
other act shook the bed except the act of sex between Fernando and Isabella. It was few minutes pass
six in the evening when a pleasurable moan circulated the room. Fernando could be seen covered half
way with a blanket in a way only his neck experienced the small air that came into the room from an
opened window. The movement of his waist under the blanket tells the sexual pleasure he was receiving
from the wet and tight vagina of the very beautiful Isabella who moaned and twisted her waist too. One
could see pant, skirt, boxers, singlet, and bra on the floor. Suddenly, the twerking sound stopped.
Sooner did Isabella came back to her senses. She jumped off from the bed, but after realising she was
naked, she grabbed the blanket from the bed and covered her nakedness.
“What’s it, Tita?” Fernando asked from the bed where he sat naked too.
“What did you call me? God, what am I doing here?” Isabella looked around.
Fernando stood up, dangling his exhausted dick. “Tita..”
“I’m not Tita!” Isabella interrupted with a harsh voice. “I’m Isabella!”
“But..” Fernando pointed at the mark under her breast. “You showed me that mark as a recognition”
Isabella slowly checked it, she rubbed the mark harder with a finger and it began to whipe off. “I.. I.. I
don’t even know how it got there! Oh my God!” She exclaimed.
“You mean you are not Chiquitita? Then why and how did you come here?”
“I don’t know!” Isabella tapped her feet on the floor, while Fernando placed his two hands on the wall.
“Did we actually have sex?” she quaried and gasped at the same time. “My virginity! Aahh” she parked
her cloths, wore them and ran out of the house. Yet, Fernando never turned from the wall. Immediately he turned, he shouted in a loud angry voice and broke down in tears. He tried to call Chiquitita but the
line didn’t go through. He wanted to got out to meet her, but his door refused to open. That was the
handwork of the marine agents.
Chiquitita finally came out from the hospital. The next available bus she entered suddenly broke down
without moving an inch. She had to jump down from the cab, enter another, yet the cab couldn’t start
again. “I must get to Fernando” she said within herself and came down for the second time. She began
to trek without minding the far distance. The day had gone dark, yet she kept walking. She sometime
ran and gallop too. Anybody who saw her would think She was doing an exercise. Different marine faces
appeard to her as she ran, but she neglected them. They made her journey so stressful and none stop in
a way Fernando would die before her arrival.
Chiquitita pushed Fernando’s door opened with all her strength. She had already been soaked with
sweat due to excess running. She saw Fernado lying dead on the floor with a boxers on his waist.
“Nado?” she called then went down on the floor too. One could see her face twisted in a bitter cry and
tears dripping from it like a medical drip. She shook his body vigorously and said, “Nado, please, you are
the only man I know, don’t go where I cannot go. Nado!!” She cried bitterly. Just then, Anicet appeard in
his outermost handsomeness.
“I told you he would not live to be with you. It’s better he dies than to live to die again in this world with
you because as long as he stays with you in this part of the world, he must keep on loving you, and will
eventually die again” he said with cool voice.
“Please, save him and I’ll leave this part of the world to your marine Kingdom” Chiquitita pleaded.
“Is that a deal? Remember, you’ve not recovered from the one your mother had with us”
“Please, I beg you; save him”
“Fine, i will save him from the spirit of Fandom’s gods,, but he will never see you again when he wakes
up, which means you must have followed me to our beautiful kingdom”

“No problem”
“Deal sealed” Anicet concluded…..

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