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Best Friend’s Lust – Synopsis

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💦🍆Best Friend’s Lust🍆💦

🤰💔(Her best friend raped her)💔🤰

Written by Uche Lawrence✍️



How do you feel when you got deceived by your friend. Just to get you raped. Your male best friend.

You got deceived, your best friend whom you trust so much tricked to a birthday party.

Suddenly, he started acting cold and you’re wondering why he’s like that.

Everyone gathered around you, smiling like devils. Your best friend pushed you to the floor, tore your dress and had his way.

Not listening to your cries, your pleas. How wicked he is.
Everyone watched. Every f*cking one.

You felt ashamed right? When they say bad things to you. Your best friend called you a whore, saying he never loved you as a friend but was just lusting after your body.

He laughed at you, everyone mocked you. Even for being raped. What a pity!

You can’t do anything other than to stand up shamefully, embarrassedly and painfully walked out of the party.

It gonna take long before overcoming that trauma. You tried to forget it.

Traveled out of the country to begin a new life. Filled with hope.
You don’t wanna trust anyone again. Especially men.

You became happy at last but the happiness didn’t last when you finally found out that you’re pregnant for the bastard.

You never wished for that right? No one do too.
But you got no choice dear.

Abortion is risky.

Nine months later, it’s like heaven didn’t smile on you when you gave birth to a set of twins.
You laboured hard to take good care of them.

And also, you’re always shouting here amd there because of your troublesome kids.

Five years later, you saw the bastard again. That day, with yor kids. Surprisingly, he told you, he never had peace since day he raped you.

He wants your forgiveness. Haha! The question is, are you? Are gonna forgive him?
Think about what you went through. Will you?

It’s hard for some and easy for some. It’s your choice. He’s also trying to take responsibilities.
He’s trying to gain your trust again.

Okay, let me stop here. Am Kira Michael. This is my story. It begins, right here.


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