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Best Friend’s Lust – Episode 1

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💦🍆Best Friend’s Lust🍆💦

🤰💔(Her best friend raped her)💔🤰

Written by Uche Lawrence✍️

💔 Episode 1💔


Kira’s pov

I cleaned my hands with a napkin and ran to my phone that had been ringing for some seconds now.

I smiled as I saw Daniel on the screen. My best friend. He’s just the only friend I have since college.

I clicked the green button and placed the phone on my left ear.

“Dani, what’s up?” I beamed with a smile.

“The sky is up.” He replied sharply.

Oh oh! I ain’t expecting that.

“Anyways, what’s this early morning call all about?” I asked him while I walked away from the kitchen to the sitting room.

“Well, am sure you must have forgotten about the birthday party I told you about. Which is going to happen this night. You forgot right?”
He let out a chuckle.

“Oops! Damn it! Don’t mind me okay? I already forgot about it. You know I don’t really like partying.” I answered.

“Well, you must come. Just this one and I won’t invite you to any again. Please.” I could picture his pouting lips and puppy face.

I sighed and replied, “Fine! Am coming okay. And we are gonna come back early. No alcohol.” I stated.

“Sure, no alcohol. Yessssss!! Finally!” I heard him say and I was wondering why he sounded so happy cause I accepted.

“I know you’re gonna f*ck some low life bitches. Don’t get anyone pregnant!” I laughed.

“Okay mommy. Am not! I promise to be a good boy. I need to go now.” He rushed his words and hung up before I could even talk.

I dropped the phone on the couch and went back to the kitchen to do my chores.


Soon, I was through with the chores. I went upstairs to take my bath and get ready for work.

Am a receptionist in a hotel.

I had my bath and wore a white shirt and black skirt with a black suit then white shoes.

I primped my hair in front of the mirror. I packed my hair into a pony tail. Put on some light makeup, grabbed my bag and walked downstairs.

I took some slices of bread in the refrigerator and added jam to it then ate it.
I checked my time, it was 7:45am and I need to get to work before 8:00am.
I hurriedly finished the bread and stood up from the chair. I took my phone from the couch.

As soon as I got outside, I locked the door with the key in my hand.

I boarded a Cab to the hotel I work at. I paid the fare and walked into the hotel.

“Good morning, Emily.” I greeted my partner.
We are the receptionist of the hotel.

“Good morning, beauty. You look so happy.” She winked at me.

“Oh! I should look happy always. Have always learnt to be happy.” I replied.

“Hey miss, can you show me the way to room 105?” A girl, more like a slut cause of the slutty dress she wore.

The dress that barely cover her b*obs and her thighs.

“I’d take you there.” I said.
She trailed behind me as I walk till we got to the particular room we are looking for.

“Here it is.” I pointed to the door amd turned back to leave.

“You’re here Angela. Have been waiting for you.” A deep man’s voice spoke and the girl’s voice followed too.


“I wish am just gonna take a day off. I have headache. But that stupid man won’t even want to hear an excuse. Just do his job.”
Emily groaned as she rubbed her forehead hard.

“You just have to wait for one hour more before going home. Am sure Candice and Anne are getting ready.” I told her as I yawned and placed my head on the table.

Today has been hell. Can’t wait to get home and have a good nap before thinking of going to the birthday party.


Finally, I closed for today. Candice and Anne had come before I and Emily left.
They are to work over night. A night shift.

I got home so quickly and dropped my bag on the floor. I rushed to my room to take cold bath that sent shivers down my spine.

I changed my wears and jumped on the bed to take a nap.

Hours later, my phone rang again. I lazily opened my eyes and picked the phone.
Daniel again?
“What’s it?” I rolled my eyes.
Why did he have to wake me up from sleep?

“Don’t tell me you forgot about the birthday party again!!” He yelled over the phone.

“Wow! Daniel, you are sounding strange today. I didn’t forget about the party. I just had a little nap. What time is it?” I responded.

“9:00pm! I told everyone you’re coming. So, don’t disappoint me. Do not!” He snapped.

“Daniel, are you alright? Or is it still the same Daniel I know?” I asked trying to be sure.

The Daniel I know won’t yell at me.

“It’s still the same Daniel you know. But attitudes are changing. I wanna get what I want today.” His voice cold.

“Am gonna pick you up. Expect me in thirty minutes time.” His voice turned cooed again and he laughed like he didn’t say anything earlier.

He wanna get what he wants today? What’s that?

I shrugged that off and proceeded to my wardrobe to select a dress and going to wear.
I settled down for a blue dress and white sneakers.

I loosen my pony tail and combed my long hair down. I did no makeup cause I didn’t want to.

I grabbed my phone and my small purse.
I heard a car horn outside and I immediately knew it was Daniel.

I smiled as i walked out of the house to meet him. I entered the car, staring at his cold face.

What’s up with him since morning? He’s been acting strange.
Or he maybe someone offended him and he tried to pour out the anger on me. Just maybe.

Silently, he drove to a particular building. A big house. Music could be heard from outside.

I heaved a sigh seeing Daniel giving me a cunning smile as he held my hand.

“What are you up to? Daniel” I asked him.

“Hmm…me? Of course nothing. Don’t tell me you’re suspecting i might do you bad. No. Don’t you trust me again?” He chuckled and held my hand tighter.

“I trust you Bestie.” I giggled.

We entered the building and sh*t! The noise was just too loud. That’s why i hate parties. Especially like this.
We were asked to drop our phone before entering and I was like ‘what the hell’

The music suddenly stopped and everyone turned to our direction.

“She’s here! Guys!” One of the boys said, grinning at me.
His eyes looked around my body like he was searching for something.

“So, I guess she’s really beautiful just as Daniel said. With sexy body.” Another one said licking his bottom lip.

I looked at Daniel, he wasn’t saying anything instead he was smiling.
Before he would have given the person a dirty slap for flirting with me.

He removed his hand from mine and faced me with the coldest face ever. I haven’t seen him like this before.

My heart began thumping fast.
“Daniel what’s all this? Is this really a birthday party and why’s your face so cold like this? What’s wrong?” I tried not to stammer.

“Kira” He called and turned me to make my back face him.
“Am sorry for what am about to do. The truth is, I never love you as a friend.” He whispered in my ear.

My heart skipped three beats. My body got numb as i stared at the devils watching. Smiling. While some giggled as they gulp their drink.

“What do you mean? Daniel. What are you trying to say?” I shivered as his hand touched my back.

“He’s trying to have his way. While we watch.” A girl yelled and everyone laughed.

No….hope it’s not what am thinking.

“Am trying to have my way like she said. Am only after your body and not friendship. I wanna get what I want today. And we end it here.” He laughed.

I struggled to let go of his grip but he was way too strong for me.
He suddenly tore my dress and I gasped. Tears gathered in my eyes and they threatened to fall. They eventually did.

“Daniel, don’t do this to me. Everyone is watching.” I whispered to his hearing.

“Let them watch Kira.” He held my arm and pushed me to the floor.
I whimpered and tried to get him off me.

He shouldn’t do this to me. His best friend.
I trusted him.

He’s gonna rape me. He never loved me as a friend but he’s after my body.
What’s my offense to have deserve this?

I never wanted to lose my dignity this way.
I could hear laughter echoing in the room.

“It would be better if you cooperate else, I won’t be the only one to sleep with you but every boys in here will have a taste of you too.” He warned as he tore my dress finally.

His body covered me and asked some boys to hold my hands and legs to avoid me from struggling.

His hand went to my pant and he tore it.
“Sweet” He smiled smugly as he rubbed my V roughly.

I closed my eyes. More tears coming down from my eyes. I couldn’t move or do anything just stood there like a log of wood.

If only I knew it gonna turn out to be like this, I wouldn’t have come.
I curse the day I met you. Daniel.

I yelped as I felt his d*ck inside me.
“Daniel!! Please stop! Am begging you. Don’t do this to me.” I cried as he forced his self into me again.

But he was just too deaf to hear my cries. I pleaded with him but he didn’t listen. He groaned in pleasure while I cried in pain.

His thrusts were rough and I couldn’t bear anything other than pain. Sorrow washed through me.

Everyone was watching.

He had his way. He raped me. My bestfriend. Some one i trust so much. I begged him. He still did it.

I felt weak. Soon, he got up from me and asked the boys to leave me alone. He stared at me with no expression.

He suddenly asked laughed and crouched down.
“You taste delicious. Seriously, am sorry for what happened just now. But that truth is, never felt any thing for you. Just after your body. Now, i got what i wanted.” He patted my cheek and laughed again.

Others joined him. They mocked me.
I cried the more. I felt ashamed. I felt pained.

I sniffed as I got up shamefully from the ground. I will never forget this day.
The day I got raped in front of everyone.

I limped, trying to get out the place. Laughter echoed again behind me.
I lost it. That dignity I had kept so long.

I walked passed the man that had collected my phone. I didn’t bother to take anything but only my purse.

My dress turned into a rag. I whispered as I walked out of the building.
A cab passed me but I was too weak to call it.

The cab suddenly stopped and it reversed. My eyes became dizzy. I couldn’t see the person coming out of the cab but I know it’s a lady.

“Kira! Oh my God! Who did this to you? Blood!!” The familiar voice asked.
Emily’s voice.

“Emily, ” I called weakly and fell to the ground.
“He will never have peace. Am saying this with tears and pain. He will never ever have peace.
He will regret doing this to me.” That was all I said before I black out.


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