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About InstaNovella

Hello! We’re InstaNovella. We’re very happy you visited today.

We are a global website set up just for story telling, using all available technology within our reach to make my sure stories are been set and read!

We increase everyday and each second. Goodnews about our latest development is that, registered users, can post right from their timeline! Our newly introduced newsfeed allows you to pick up your favourite story and read it on their timeline without stress! Our new site design is made so that our visitors/readers would be able to pick from their favorite genre! Mouth Watering.


Set up in the Eastern part of Nigeria — Abia State to be precise, we’ve been running for over four months — June 2020.

We have a vision of making sure that stories are set free and read without barrier — unless you don’t have data.


 We started 4 months ago but we already have over a thousand registered Members!


We’re setting stories free. And it’s changing everything.

InstaNovella in Numbers


Over twenty thousand registered Users

Registered users

27 Minutes and 7 Seconds/Session


87% of our users are either Generation Z or Millennial


Stories. They’re not static. They’re living. Breathing. They change and they can change you. At InstaNovella, we’ve seen the power a single story can have.


Awaji-Itimikpang Abadi
Awaji-Itimikpang Abadi

Dandy Jackson Chukwudi
Prince Gbalam