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A man’s world episode 9

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Date: 01, March, 2031.
Time: 7:20am
Location: Henry’s Mansion, Master Bedroom.

Cara’s Pov:

I woke up to the scent of baked scones. How on Earth is that even possible. I open my eyes and I stare directly at a tray, on top of it lays a nicely baked scones. Next to it, it’s my favorite hot chocolate. What’s going on.

I eyed the tray suspiciously, sitting up. I notice there’s a card beside the tray. I pick it up.
*I’m so sorry for treating you like an animal. Please accept my apology.* Henry.*

I blink my eyes, reading it over and over again. What’s this. I pinch myself severally. I’m I dreaming, could this really be a from Henry, is someone playing a trick on me. Yes it’s definitely a trick.

“I see you haven’t touched your breakfast yet.” I jump in fright on hearing Henry’s voice, when did he come in, how come I didn’t hear a sound, wait a minute why is he holding a bunch of white Lilies.

Henry notice me staring at the flowers and says “These are for you.” He strecthed it forth having a lopsided grin on his face.

I stare at him in horror, disbelieving. This can not be real.
“Come on, don’t look so surprise. Can’t a husband get his beautiful wife, flowers in the morning.” He walks over to the bed and strecthed the flowers to me. I take it from him my hands shaking.

“So am I forgiven.” His eyes trails on the white paper folded not so neatly in my hand.

“But my Lord.”

“Shhhh.” He placed a finger on my lips.

“Don’t call me that, from now on you can address me by my name or maybe pet names, like honey, darling, love, you know.” Did I wake up at the wrong side of bed, am I in another planet.

“But you asked me to always address you as master and Lord, never to address you by your name.”

“Well now I want you to address me by name.” He said simply, kissing me on my forehead. Is he drunk.


“No but.” He growls throwing away the tray in anger, everything lands on the floor. The mug breaks into pieces, my lovely scones scatters on the floor. What a waste.

“No buts. I’m the one who asked you to address me as master and now I want you to address me by my name.” He yells then walks out of the room.

A few minute later a maid walks in and clean up the mess.

Henry walks into my room again, with a tray on his hand. He sets the tray down, sending me an apologetic smile, and mouths the word sorry.

“Eat, Mrs Helen tells me this your favorite.” He says smiling and I nod.

“Okay. Enjoy.” He said delightfully and kiss me on my forehead.

Something is wrong. But I don’t know what is exactly. I sigh inaudible and take the cup with my lovely hot chocolate in it, not wasting much time I take a delighfull sip of my chocolate, whatever doubt I had in me flew out the window, as I bask in the absorbing taste of the hot chocolate.

“Erm, Henry.” I call out unsure. What if this a trap to punish me. He turns to me grinning. “Yes love.” Love. Again someone please tell me if I woke up in another planet.

“Please grant me the permission to visit my parents today.” He draws closer to me. Touch my cheeks affectionately. “From now on you don’t have to take my permission before going anywhere.”

I stare at him, mouth wide open, buttered scones halfway to my mouth. In which planet did I wake up.


“Mum did you just say no.” I look at my mum half disbelieving. A minute ago I showed her the evidence I gather. And my mum still refuse to join my fight for freedom. Even after knowing men didn’t have complete control from the very beginning. She still prefers to be silent and do what her bloody husband orders her to do.

“You heard me Cara. I’ll not fight a lost war with you. Do you think men can easily be deceive. If we get find out, me and you, with any other person playing this stupid game with you will all die.” My mum utters calmly, plugging out more weeds from her garden.

“No Cara, I advise you to stop whatever plan you have in mind, cause it won’t work. You’ll only end up dead.” She continues her speech.

“Well I rather end up dead, than watch this madness go on. I’ve you ever thought of what might become of Stephanie, do you want her to grow up in such a world. Do you even think what might be the fate of the generations to come, your grand daughters, great granddaughters. No, I refuse to be a coward, I rather die trying to free women, than continue leaving as an animal.” I said in between gritted teeth. Ethan tries to comfort me, I step back.

“Mum I always thought you’re the most bravest woman I know, but I’m wrong. You’re coward, and I’m disappointed.”

“Cara!!” Ethan calls.

“No Ethan, let me tell her the truth. Mum if you want to keep on saying Lord, Master, receiving all the lashes and his anger. Then you’re free. But I will not be a part of it, I’ll go out there and makes this world a better place for the future generations to come.”

“Cara calm down.” Ethan says.

“Don’t you bloody tell me to calm down, it’s all because of this damn law, we lost Evan to father, that’s why you can’t even be friends with your own twin brother. And here mum still think is the way of the world. Well fuck the world and fuck men, I’m out of here Ethan.” I yell angrily and left the garden, walking in fast strides that I didn’t even see Evan coming.

“Hey slow down sis. What’s going on with you, you look like you’re ready to commit murder.” Evan says, stopping me on my track, I take a deep breath tying to calm myself down. Soon enough, a wide smile appears on my face.

“Sorry Evan, I’m in a bit of hurry. I didn’t see you coming.”

“And why are you in a hurry.”Evan asks giving me a questioning stare.

“Erm, my husband would soon be back from work, so i need to hurry home before he comes back.” I said coming up with a lie Evan would believe

“Okay then, you’re free to go.” Evan says and steps away allowing me a free passage.

“Sis.” Evan calls out, stopping me in my tracks, might I add again.

“Yes.” I turn back and stare at him.

“Is he treating you well.” Evan ask to my surprise. He has never ask anything concerning my life, mostly he takes pleasure in mocking me.

“Yes.” Something flash in his eyes. Maybe sadness, I can’t tell.

“Okay.” He gave me a tight-lipped smile. I can tell he wants to say something more but he didn’t.

I returned his smile and walks away, with him standing there, still staring at my retreating figure. What just happened.

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