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A man’s world episode 25

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Date: 29th, March, 2031.
Time: 7:28pm
Location: Henry’s Mansion.

Cara’s Pov:

“Where were you last night.” These words rings deep into my ear, resounding time after time. My eyes dart around the room nervously, not knowing what to say. Henry hands balls into a fist, waiting for my reply. I gave him none.

“Are you still afraid of me, Cara.” Henry ask a little bit hurt, he gaze at me softly walking towards me.

“No.” I answer honestly, beside I was never afraid of him.

“That’s a lie, if you’re not afraid, why did you ask me to make love to you, only for you to back out. If you’re not afraid of me, then why are you afraid to tell me you spent the night at Cheryl’s.” He raised his voice lightly, and  punch the wall next to me angrily, startling me.

A smile graced my lips, he looks at me confused wondering why in God’s name I’m smiling at him. I smile the more placing a hand on his shoulders affectionately, and wrap my hands around his torso.

“Babe I’m sorry about yesterday, i..i thought I was ready but I was wrong, I wasn’t and with the way you left the room yesterday, I could tell you were really upset with me, and that’s why I had to go to Cheryl’s and clear my head. I’m sorry I did not inform you, please don’t be mad.” I said pouting, his gaze softens a little.

“It’s okay, here come eat breakfast.” He smiles at me and leads me out of the room. Thank you Lord.

Date: 29th, March, 2031
Time: 2:15pm.
Location: Cheryl’s house.

Cara’s Pov:

“Babe!!!!!, Where were you last night.” Cheryl questions, giving me the slightess chance to get in to the house.

“How did you know I wasn’t home last night.” I questioned confuse.

“Seriously, who did you think lied to your husband you were in my house.” She rolls her eyes at my foolishness.

“You did.” I exclaim.

“Of course I did, girl your hubby called my house last night asking after you, and since I didn’t know the situation on ground, I had to lie you were in my place.” Cheryl explains walking into the sitting room.

“Cheryl you’re a life saver.” I cry out in amazement and hugged her from the back.

“Calm down girl and tell me where you spent the  night yesterday.” She says giving me the don’t-you-dare-leave-any-tiny-detail-out look.

“You would wanna bring Macallan Valerio Adami for This.” She stares at me for a while, then sighs and walk away to get the wine.

“Okay, Sam is asleep, the wine is here, so is the wine glass, and you already had your first sip, so start talking.” Cheryl says taking a seat across me, her gaze not leaving mine. I gulp down my wine in an unladylike fashion way and after a little while of silence, I brought my self to narrate everything that’s been going on between Jason, Henry and I.

“Wait stop right there, you almost made love to Jason and you asked Henry to have sex with you. Girl that’s big.” Cheryl eyes bulged out and i roll my eyes at her for the hundrieth time since I started narrating about my confusing love life, she won’t just stop interrupting me.

“Yes!! Now let me continue.” I sigh rubbing my forehead tirelessly.

“Sorrrrry, go on.” She says pouting, I roll my eyes and continued.

“Wow, girl this is serious. You had sex with freaking Jason, double OMG. So tell me how was it.” Cheryl says leaning towards me, her eyes held excitement. Well trust Cheryl to ask such question and I will always end up answering her anyway.

“Wellllll it was kind of amazing, you know out of this world.” Cheryl place her hands on her cheeks in awe.

“You know I really can’t blame you for having sex with Jason, the guy is Hot.” Cheryl gushes.

“Ohh, Cheryl I’m so confused right now, I think I’m falling in love with two  men.” I cry out in utter dismay.

“Well that’s one way to put it. Well I say go for the one your pussy wants.’

“Cheryl!!!” I scream at her, my eyes scolding.

“What!!! I’m only saying the truth, it’s obvious you’re falling for Henry but even at that you can’t bring your self to have sex with him, and now there is Jason, girl you just met this guy about one month and you’re already rolling on the sheets with him, that only means you’re both made for each other.” Now I’m sighing inwardly.

“No that only makes me a prostitute, how can I roll on the sheets with a man I barely know, and I can’t do the same with my husband.”

“Do you know what, why don’t we forget about your husband, Jason, the mission, you know everything and have fun, just us girls like old times.”

“Well with everything going on in my head, I wouldn’t mind having a break from it all.”

“That’s not the attitude I was hoping for, but I will take it. Before I forget, I heard about Steve’s behavior at the last meeting. I’m so sorry Cara about his behavior.” Cheryl apologize sincerely.

“It’s okay besides it’s in the past.” I smile at her.

And that’s how I spent the rest of the day playing video games, baking cookies (I did it alone) a great spa day with Cheryl and of course little baby Sam (who always came in between with his cries, and cuteness).

All in all I had a wonderful fun day without Henry or Jason to plague me in my mind.

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