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30 Days With Lucifer — Prologue

30 Days With Lucifer
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(He Is Scary and Mean)

Solely written by: Authoress Ti Fe

Genre: Romance. Drama. Suspense.



“….May your soul be accepted as an holy sacrifice.” The scary man said moving a knife to my heart as I laid in the middle of the drawn Pyramid.

“No!!!!!!” I yelled jolting from the dream world to reality.

I was so sweaty, scared and I couldn’t stop shivering.

“Ariana.” Mother called pulling me close to her and hugging me again.

“Mother, it happened again.” I mumbled in tears holding her firmly.

“It’s Fine Ariana.” She said brushing my hair as I felt breathing very hard.


That moment when you keep seeing scary things in your dream, and you keep wondering why.

Here is Ariana Liba. A 24 year old lady who grew up in a very small village.

She was told that her father died before she was born, so she solemnly believes it.

All was going fine, not until when she clocked twenty, and began to see this terrible image in her dream tormenting her always.

She was always tied to a table that had the picture of “The Eye Of The Pyramid.” On it.

This nightmare keeps tormenting her till she met Balsuma, a very hot and handsome rich man.

He had everything a woman would love to have, but he was known to be extra cold and wicked.

He meets Ariana on the long run and…..

See what happens next in this fascinating and intriguing story 😁


To be continue..

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