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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 2

30 Days With Lucifer
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( He Is Mean and Scary )

Written by; Authoress Ti Fe

0 2.


I opened my eyes slowly due to the ray of the sun that shone on my face. I looked around me when I saw my vision was clearer and I saw I was in an unknown room.

I tried getting up but I couldn’t move my hands. I looked at my hands and I saw it was tied with a white cloth to the bed.

I pulled my hand struggling to release myself but it wasn’t working. I looked at the room again and I saw it looked so beautiful and huge.

“Where am I?” I thought aloud then I remembered what happened yesterday.

“Momo, Mother.” I mumbled.

“Hey! Let me know where the hell am I!” I yelled looking at the huge door.

“Let me go!” I yelled dragging my hand from the bed, and I began to feel pains around my wrist.

I looked at my hand and I saw it was red, and blood was beginning to stain the white cloth.

“Please let me go.” I mumbled weakly as tears dropped down my face.

The door opened suddenly making me raise up my head instantly.

Some people walked in wearing all white, and carrying trays with them.

“Good Morning Ariana.” They said smiling. They were young men and women.

“Who are you? Where am I?” I yelled at them but they ignored me still staring at me.

“Are you all deaf?” I yelled when I saw someone familiar walk in slowly.

“You!” I called when I saw it was the man who ordered them to capture me. He was still in his red and black robe and his hair was sweetly styled.

“What do you want from me?” I asked staring at him while all he did was bore my skin with his gaze.

“Do your jobs.” He said coldly making me shiver and they began to move close to me.

“Please don’t kill me, I beg you, please.” I said as tears rolled down my eyes.

They began to loose my hand from the bed, and while they did I kept staring at the cold man.

“He is handsome, but why is he so wicked?” I thought and I saw him narrow his gaze at me.

I looked away quickly facing those that loosed my hand.

A man took my hand in his and began to clean it with a cotton wool, while the rest of them stood looking at us.

“How did you know I was injured? You were not inside.” I whispered looking at him.

All he did was smile at me and faced what he was doing. I looked back at the man again and he was still staring.

“Okay this is scary! Why am I here? What do you want from me? Where is Momo and Mother!” I yelled looking at him.

The man that took care of my hand was done and a lady stepped forward pulling me up to my feet sweetly.

“If you want to kill me. Why take care of me?” I thought rolling my eyes.

The woman reached for the shirt I wore and began to unbutton it.

“Wait? What are you doing?” I said tossing her hand off.

“You have to take your bath dear.” She said smiling.

“I am not taking my bath here! I want to go home.” I said pushing her away and running to the open door.

I was so close to the door and suddenly the door closed right at my face.

I looked back fearfully and I saw he was still staring at me.

The woman walked to me still smiling, and I began to shiver.

“Who are you?” I whispered.

“Time to bath dear?” She said as she kept unbuttoning my shirt.

“Hold on, I will bath. But I can’t just strip in front of him, and them.” I said pointing at them.

She shook her head and continued to unbutton my shirt, but i tossed her off in anger storming to where the Man in red stood.

“Don’t you have respect for ladies at all? You expect me to go naked in front of you? And your people? Well sorry I can’t! You get out, or I stay like this!” I smacked boldly but inwardly I was so scared.

He stared at me and soon I began to shiver.

“Master please, she is new.” The people behind us pleaded going on their kneels.

“Why are you going on your kneels? Is he God or what? Do your f**king worse!” I yelled gaining more confidence.

He turned to look at the people and they bowed their head fearfully.

“Bring her for dinner.” He said walking out of the room.

I sighed feeling so happy to rebuke his bossy act.

“So you other men will wait?” I asked and they all began to leave except the woman who was unbuttoning my shirt.

“Ma’am please talk to me. You look very nice, what does he want from me?” I asked fearfully as she kept unbuttoning my shirt.

“Ariana, you have to be gentle here okay?” She said smiling

“I can’t be gentle when I don’t know why I am here? What I am here for? And why that man is so weird and scary.” I said and she placing her palm on my mouth making me keep shut.

“Don’t talk bad about him if you still want to live.” She said and my heart skipped.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You will understand everything very soon Maria, you are still very new.” She said and I sighed holding my hair.

“New new new! New to what? I am not new, I am 24!” I yelled and I saw her laugh.

“You are funny.” She said making me furrow my brows.

“How?” I asked as she pulled my skirt down leaving me in my panties.

“Can you at least tell me your name?” I asked looking at her as she slid my pants off too.

“Andrey.” She replied.

“Andrey where is this place? How did you get there?” I asked.

“Your questions are getting too much Ariana.” She said standing up as she picked up my clothes and held my hand carefully.

I trailed behind her naked and she lead me to a door. She opened up and I saw a very big bathroom in front of me.

“Is this heaven or what?” I asked making her laugh.

“Why is she always laughing at my words?” I thought looking at her.


To Be Continue….

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