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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 3

30 Days With Lucifer
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( He Is Scary and Mean)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe

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I ran to the room in fear and pain and slumped on the bed crying profusely.

He should just kill me, why does he keep tormenting me with his black magic.

“Maria.” I heard Andrey call behind me.

“Andrey, please tell me why I am here. Please, is it to kill me? Then let him do it, why is he still tormenting me?” I asked sitting up and looking at her.

“I have no answers to your question Maria, and I will tell you not to disobey his orders. It is dangerous for somebody like you.” She said

“Like me?” I asked Looking at her.

“You are different from the others, and that is why you are still living. You are the most beautiful and stubborn among them all.” She said smiling.

“The others?” I asked wanting to know more.

“Many ladies have been in your shoes before and they don’t even last the night or day. But you seem to get his attention, with number one your beauty.” She said making me smile.

“Thank you.” I replied and she nodded.

“If you need anything let me know, I will be outside.” She said and I nodded as she walked out.

I stood up and walked to the mirror thinking about what she said.

“I am the most beautiful?” I asked myself staring at my face and body in the mirror.

Truly I look so beautiful and sexy, but isn’t there any most beautiful girl a rich and cold man like him will get apart from me?” I asked still looking ay myself in the mirror.

Just then I saw an image behind me through the mirror making me flinch.

“Geez! How did you get here?” I asked fearfully looking at him.

His eyes bore my skin and I began to shake in fear.

“I didn’t do anything I swear.” I mumbled bowing my head slightly.

Can’t he just leave me for some minutes? Must he always stare at me like he wants to suck my soul out of me?

I looked up slowly again and I saw his eyes turned red already.

“Please don’t do this.” I said falling to my knees in tears and fear.

I saw him turn back and then look at me again.

“Look up.” His cold voice came sending shivers down my spine.

I shook my head not wanting to.

He could just remove my heart with his angry eyes.

“Get up!” He yelled and I sprang to my feet sweating profusely.

“Let me make this clear. I hate when you try to play smart with me, or you disobey my orders.” He said moving in front of me.

I nodded like a puppy still shivering in fear.

“I hate getting angry.” He said walking close to me.

“Am sorry.” I said moving back slowly.

“Stand still.” He said and I stopped immediately bowing.

He got in front of me and stood stopped. I felt his gaze on me and I prayed silently hoping he won’t burn me alive.

He moved his hand to me raising my head up to look at him.

My hair was looking rough and it felt sticky on my face due to the sweat on my face.

I stared into his eyes fearfully and I could see it glittering.

He stopped staring at my face, and he moved his face down till it stopped right on my b**bs. My heart leap as I began to imagine the worse.

I felt his eyes tearing the shirt I wore. And as she kept staring I felt mt n**ples harden automatically.

He brought his hand closer to me and to my surprise his fingers landed on my ni*ples making me gasp.

He curved out the shape of it through the cloth I wore, and my chest began to raise and fall as he continued.

Does he want sex? Or is he just tormenting me?

“Please don’t do this.” I mumbled bowing my head slowly.

He stopped his crazy act, and when I thought he was done? He went ahead to take the button of the shirt in his hand.

“Please.” I pleaded as he began to strip me.

In no time, the shirt parted ways for him and he moved it from on top of my very erect n*p*les staring at it.

I felt so ashamed and I felt my feet wobble. I couldn’t cease breathing hard, I was so scared.

He placed his hot mouth on my nipples making me moan aloud. I tried moving and that was when I knew he already held me down with those invisible hands.

I couldn’t even move my hands.

“Please stop.” I mumbled as tears rolled down my eyes.

“I can’t lose my virginity to someone like him, no!” I thought and I saw him raise his head abruptly.

He stared at me like he heard what was going on in my head.

“My Lord she is here.” I heard someone say from outside the door and I felt those hands release me.

I quickly reached for my shirt covering myself.

“You have a visitor, dress up.” He said coldly as he walked out.


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