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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 1

30 Days With Lucifer
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( He Is Scary and Cold)

Written by, Authoress Ti Fe

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“Mother I am tired of all these nightmares.” I said drinking some water from the bottle in my hands.

“Ariana I know, but there is nothing I can do about that now.” She replied sadly.

“Why does he keep tormenting me? What does he want? He has been after me for 4 good years!” I yelled slamming into the couch.

“Ariana you need to calm down. You will know all soon.” She said sighing.

“What do you mean mother? Do you know anything about this?” I asked suspiciously and she shook her head.

“No Ariana, I don’t.” She said standing up from the couch.

“Mother.” I called.

“Ariana take Momo for a walk.” She said smiling.

Momo is my dog, and I love her so much. We both go for a walk every morning.

“Okay Mother.” I said happily forgetting all about my nightmares.

I love taking a walk around the village with Momo, virtually everyone knows me in the village.

I am the beautiful, sexy, loving and care free lady in the village. I help the old and needy anyway I can. I hate seeing people get hurt.

They all made sure I didn’t feel the absense of my father by showering Mother and I great love and care.

“Momo!” I called bowing down and looking into her small house in the compound but she wasn’t there.

“Momo!” I called again looking around the compound but she was nowhere to be found.

This is strange, she never goes out except I ask her to. And once she hears me call she runs to me wagging her tail.

“Momo!” I called fearfully and this time mother came out.

“Mother I can’t find Momo. She isn’t here?” I said trying so hard not to cry.

“Ariana, it is possible she is in the village or somewhere around the house.” She said sighing.

“Mother this is strange. I have called her three times and she isn’t coming out. Mother I am scared, she is my best friend.” I mumbled as tears dropped down my eyes.

“Ariana come on, go look for her okay? Nothing is wrong with her.” She said and I nodded cleaning my eyes.

I ran out of the compound’s gates and stood outside not knowing the path to go.

“Momo!” I yelled using my palm to curve out my mouth.

I looked at the ground to see if I could trace her paws, and luckily for me I saw her paws in the ground.

“Thank Heavens the ground is wet.” I thought as I began to trace her paws.

The people kept looking at me and wondering why I was looking at the ground but I ignored. All I wanted to see is my best friend Momo.

The paws kept going and going and I kept following and following till I got to a narrow path, and I couldn’t find the marks anymore.

“Momo!” I yelled looking around.

I strained my ears to listen to any sound that she may make and luckily for me I heard her bark lowly.

“Momo!” I called again happily and soon I saw the bushes shaking slowly.

“Momo?” I called and soon she was out running to me. I bent to carry her in my hand happily.

“Momo!” I called carrying her in my hand.

“Why did you wander off?” I said rubbing her fur and when I was about standing up I saw a shinning man’s shoe in front of me.

I raised up my head and I saw a very handsome dude staring at me coldly. He was in a black and red long robe and his hands were at the back of his back.

Momo began to scream in my hands and I stood up holding Momo firmly and walking back slowly.

I saw his face well as I was up. He was so handsome and hot but he had a cold face on.

“What do you want?” I asked wondering why Momo kept screamimg and fidgeting in my arms.

He Began to walk closer and my heart leaped.

“Stay away from me.” I said and turned to run when I saw I was surrounded by men wearing blacks.

“What do you want!” I yelled fearfully.

He looked at one of the men and he began to move close to me.

“Don’t you dare!” I yelled but he didn’t stop.

He got to me and collected Momo from me and walking back.

“Give her to me.” I said running to him but them I felt hands holding me back.

I looked around but I couldn’t find the hands holding me.

“Get her.” The handsome cold man said walking to only where God knows.

“Let me go!!” I yelled and my vision became blurry.

I tried fighting it but i couldn’t. I finally gave up and my eyes closed leaving me unconscious.


To be continue…

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