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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 5

30 Days With Lucifer
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( He Is Scary and Mean )

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe.

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— ANNA —

“Let me go!” I yelled as I got into the huge mansion. I kept wondering how people in a big house like this will know a lowlife like me.

“Where am I? Are you deaf??!!” I yelled at the men that held me.

They left me all of a sudden and I saw a man in red robes walk up to me with his hand folded behind his back.

I stared at him feeling like something was actually going on.

“What do you want from me? Did you kidnap my daughter and her dog?” I asked fearfully.

“Mother.” I heard that sweet voice in my ears.

“Ariana.” I called running to her. I opened my hands wide and hugged her so tight as we both fell to the ground weakly.

“Are you okay? Did they hurt you?” I asked running my hands all over her.

“No mother. I am fine, and you?” She asked in tears.
“What do you want from us?” I asked standing up and moving to the man in red.

“Mother don’t go close to him.” She said holding her back.

“Why do you have my daughter! Tell me!” I yelled in anger.

“Take her away.” His cold and hoarse voice came making me shiver.

I looked around and I saw them hold Ariana taking her to only where God knows.

“Please I beg of you let her go.” I said going on my kneels in tears.

“She is the only one I have. Please i beg of you, she is still very young and she can’t be useful for anything you want her, just let her go.” I pleaded in tears.

“How sure are you that she can’t be useful?” He asked.

“She can’t. She has nothing to offer, she is just a girl.” I pleaded.

“She is 24, and will be 25 in the next 29 days. She is no child.” He replied making me look up in shock.

“How do you know?” I asked standing up and narrowing my gaze at him.

“Go back home.” He said walking away.

“Who are you! How did you know that! No one had ever known that even her!” I yelled back In tears.

“She doesn’t know her birthday? What kind of mother are you?” He asked looking back.

“I have my reasons, and she knows her age and the date but not the real birth date, so don’t talk to me like that. I know how to raise my child.” I yelled.

“Good.” He replied walking away.

“But how did you know! Only me knows the real day!” I yelled and I saw some men approach me.

They were the same that brought me to the mansion.

“Let me go! I am not going anywhere without my daughter!” I yelled but they ignored me and held me by the arm taking me out.

“Ariana!” I yelled in tears.


I sat on the bed in tears. What is going on?

Why me? What does he want from me? I need to find out myself.

The door opened and he came in looking exactly the way he has always looked.

“Can’t you just tell me why I am here? If it would die, then let me enjoy the last days of my life with my mother.” I said looking at him with my tear filled eyes.

“You will have to stop asking me questions.” He said.

“Please I beg of you, just let me go!” I yelled hitting my hand on the bed.

“Yelling won’t help issues, it will only worsen it.” He said walking closer to me and my heart leap as I stared at him.

I moved back on the bed till my back hit the wood made with the bed. He sat right in front of me and I bowed my head in fear.

“What is he trying to do? Does he just want to f**k me and leave me?”

“Oh Heavens, don’t let him touch me, I can’t have sex with someone like him.” I thought shutting my eyes tight.

I was expecting his hands on me but when I didn’t feel anything, I opened my eyes and I saw him stare at me.

“Don’t stop.” He said and I furrowed my brows.

“What does he mean? Don’t stop what?” I thought and he stood up abruptly walking to the door.

He walked out and the door shut automatically.

I sighed and laid back on the bed weakly remembering mother And Momo.
The door opened again and I saw Andrey walk in.

“Andrey.” I called happily.

At least she still understands me more than anyone else.
“Your mother came.” She said sitting on the bed.

“Yes, I am glad she is fine.” I said sadly.

“You will be fine Ariana, all you need to do is to be cool with him. Try playing with him, though not that kind of play, the other one.” She said grinning.

“The other one? What are you talking about?” I asked narrowing my eyes.

“You are a very beautiful lady Ariana. He seems attracted to you, you can find out all you want to know by trying to be close to him. Don’t yell at him nor prove stubborn, it won’t help issues.” She said and I nodded in understanding.

“I am so scared of him. What if I try seducing him and he ends of straggling me?” I asked.

“You are not going to seduce him, but try getting close to him. He is very smart, he knows whatever you are planning even before you execute it.” She said and I nodded.

“This man, doesn’t he have a name?”

“He has.” She said smiling and taking a paper and pen in her hand.

She scrambled something on it and showed it to me. I collected it and read.


“Balsuma? I have never heard that in my entire life.” I said.

“Yes, it isn’t a common name. He is the only one that bears that name.” She said standing up.

“Does he own a kingdom or what? Or why is he called a Lord?’ I asked.

” Enough questions for today.” She replied smiling and I nodded.

“Thank you for keeping my company.” I said smiling.

“Its my job Ariana. Bye.” She said walking out of the door leaving me to my own thoughts.

Why couldn’t she call his name? Why did she have to write it down?

To be continue….

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