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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 9

30 Days With Lucifer
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(He Is Mean and Scary )

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe.



I waited in my car for Ariana to come in. This is meeting is actually a meeting with my angels on Earth.

I assigned them to watch everything I need to knwo about, and this time my wisest angel Lucas will be seated.

We need to deal with Dogard, and I can’t let Ariana off my sight. That man is evil.

I was still thinking when I saw Ariana climb down the stairs in front of the house.

She looked so radiant and innocent. She swayed her hips to the car as she walked, she was accompanied by Andrey.

She got to the car and the door opened automatically for her. She sat at the back seat where I was also seated.

“Stay safe my Lord.” Andrey said bowing.

“Move.” I said coldly and the car began to move.

I looked at Ariana and I saw she was staring at me. I drifted into her thoughts and she wasn’t actually thinking about anything.

“Can you at least let me call mother?” She asked bowing her head and fondling with her fingers.

I uttered no word but kept staring at her.

“Just for 10 minutes?” She asked looking at me but I kept mute.

“5 minutes?” She asked again and I didn’t make efforts to talk.

“Balsuma please just 2 minutes.” She said placing her hand on mine and I felt sparks flow from her body to mine.

We both shivered staring at each other blankly.

“Get her the phone.” I said to the men in front of the car with my gaze still fixed on her.

“Thanks.” She said looking away as she took the phone that was stretched to her.

She dialed her mothers number and all i did was stare.

“What is the cause of that spark? I feel more powerful with just her touch.” I thought.

I need Lucas to explain this to me. I need to understand.


I sat on my bed thinking about Ariana. I miss her so much, she is kidnapped and I can’t do anything about it.

“Who the hell is that man?”

“What does he want from Ariana?”

“Ariana is not just any child. She can be in the hands of a stranger.”

When they get to know the power she posses, they will be out there in search for her and will sacrifice her for their own selfish interests.

Her dreams are not just dreams. They mean something.

She would be 25 soon and she can’t be anywhere but here. Once she is 25 and is hidden here, she can’t be used again, and her powers will be used by her.

Now she is in the arms of someone I don’t know , neither can I fight him.

He seems to know something about her. Who is he? I can’t even remember the way back to that mansion.

I was still thinking of all these when a call came into my phone.

I picked it up and waited for the person to pick up.

📲 ”Mother”

📲 “Ariana? How are you? Are you okay?” *tearily*

📲 “I am fine mother.”

📲 “Ariana are you Still at the mansion? Were you told to call me?”

📲 “I asked him to allow me call you.”

📲 “Who is the him?”

📲 “Balsuma.”

She said and my mouth dropped open.

📲 “Lucifer?”

📲 “What? Mother you are mistaken. He isn’t Lucifer, he is Balsuma.”

📲 “Ariana where are you? Get out of there now!” I said in tears.

📲 “Mother what’s going on? He isn’t hurting me, and I am not in the house.”

📲 “Where is he?”

📲 “He is here”

📲 “Give him the phone, I need to talk to him.” I said in great tears.

I couldn’t hear her again and I knew she gave him the phone already.

📲 I am begging you, please let her go. She knows nothing about all these. She is ignorant *tears*

“Please I am begging you Lucifer. Please don’t sacrifice her, she is my only daughter.”

📲 “She isn’t your daughter.”

📲 “What?”

📲 “You know the truth. So you tell her. She is mine.”

📲 “What are you two talking about?” *Ariana*

📲 xPlease don’t tell her anything. I will explain to her myself.” *in tears*

He hung up the call and I dropped my phone in pain crying profusely.

“I am sorry you have to know this way Ariana.” I mumbled in tears.


“Balsuma what was that about?” I asked in a shaky voice.

He looked at me blankly without saying anything.

“Can you explain what you just said. What do you mean by saying she isn’t my mother?” I said in shock and in tears.

“You will get to know soon.” He replied.

“Balsuma I beg of you.” I whispered in tears.

“Stop it.” He said coldly and I nodded as tears rolled down my cheeks.

“Why can’t you just kill me? I am fed up of all this sh*t! Just kill me and let me go!” I yelled hitting him and crying.

“I would advice you to stop.” He said coldly.

“What if I don’t! You would kill me? That is what I want! Do it!” I yelled still hitting him.

Suddenly he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him kissing me.


Anna is not her mother?
Where are they going?


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