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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 8

The Prince Maiden
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(He Is Mean and Scary)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe.

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I opened my eyes as i felt the ray of the sun on my face, I shut my eyes again trying to have a clearer vision.

My vision finally got clear and I looked around me to see this same familiar room. I looked at my side and I saw Balsuma beside me sleeping.

I sighed looking at him as I remembered what happened yesterday. He actually caused me to sleep.

I got up from the bed and began to remove my clothes. I need a very hot shower. My eyes were kept on Balsuma and I saw his eyes were still shut.

There is actually no point covering anything since the bathroom is also transparent. All is just so tiring.

I moved to the toilet naked and stood under the shower opening it. I bowed my head as the water flowed down my body.

I closed my eyes and I began to remember all I have been through since I was born. It has not been easy coming up without a father.

I kept rubbing my body when I heard the door open. I looked back and I saw Balsuma walk in naked.

I quickly looked away pretending not to see him. He moved to the second shower and opened it letting the water flow all over his body.

I looked at his face and I saw his eyes were shut as he bowed his head. I moved my gaze down to his broad and built looking chest.

“He is f**king hot.” I thought staring at him still rubbing my own body.

I moved my gaze further to his abs, which were looking as hard as a rock. I felt like tracing my finger down his abs as the water flowed down it.

I followed the flow of the water and my eyes landes on his rod.

Gracious goodness, he looked so huge, Perfectly and beautifully shaped. I was Still examining it when he turned his head abruptly to look at me.

I flinched and quickly looked away in fear. He began to walk close to me and I began to shiver knowing he was staring at my body.

He got to my back and placed his finger on my back tracing it down making me gasp. He traced it down to my a*s slowly and I kept breathing hard.

It landed on my a*s and my breath ceased for some seconds. He began to move his hand on it like he was drawing something with the water that flowed down my a*s.

I looked back sharply staring Into his cold but handsome face. His eyes pierced my skin and I looked down in fear.

“Please don’t do anything to me.” I thought inside of me in fear.

He rose my face up to meet his slowly and moved his mouth to mine. I quickly looked away and he dropped his hand.

He walked back to his shower bowing his head. I sighed in relieve making sure I don’t look at him again.

“Get dressed.” He said walking out of the bathroom and I stared at his backside.

I sighed and also walked out of the bathroom in search for a towel. I walked to my closet naked in search for it.

Luckily for me I found it and tied my unclad body with it.

“Where am I going?” I asked making sure I don’t look at him.

“Somewhere. Get dressed.” He said and I sighed looking at him.

“Balsuma be sweet for once. You have me already. I am going nowhere, so try to be nice. Just a bit.” I said and he stared at me.

I stared back expecting the worse, hands holding me down and he giving me a very hot slap.

“A dinner.” I replied picking an outfit for himself.

I wonder why he isn’t getting dressed by the maids. That’s strange.

He wore his clothes, it was a red suit with black strips on it. He actually really hot in it.

He walked closer to me as I creamed my body.

He stood in front of the mirror close to me checking himself out. His Cologne was breath taking.

How come he smells so nice, without using any perfumes or creams.

“You need to make haste.” He said jolting me out of my thoughts.

I wanted to ask what was the purpose for my presence at the dinner, but I ignored it and stood up to choose a gown.

He was adjusted his tie and I held him making his stop.

I turned him to face me, and all he did was stare into my eyes. I looked at him for some seconds before moving my eyes to his tie.

I adjusted his tie, and then dressed his suit.

“Perfect.” I said walking to my own wardrobe.

“Thanks.” He said walking out of the room and I breathed out loud searching for a perfect gown.

During my search, I saw a very sexy red gown. The top part was made with red net and then the lower part was covered.

I picked it and placed it on my standing in front of the mirror.

“It looks great.” I thought removing the hanger from it.

I tossed off my towel and wore my bra and pantie before putting the gown on.

I wore it and that was when I noticed it was cut up to my thighs.

I moved in front of the mirror examining the dress on me. Then I began to think of a perfect shoe to match.

I sighted a black shinning heals among the shoes that were gotten for me.

It was spectacular.

I took it and wore it, and when I stood I looked taller than before. But all the same, still looked hot and beautiful.

I moved to carry my bag when the door opened and Andrey walked In smiling.

“Andrey!” I called smiling.

“Wow you look radiant.” She said walking closer.

“I missed you.” I said kissing her cheeks.

“I did too. But it seem you actually didn’t need me around.” She said checking out my outfit.

“Lord sent me here to help you in dressing. But now, I see you can cope by yourself.” She added grinning.

“Have you called him by the name before?” I asked and she shook her head.

“No. It is dangerous.” She replied.

“I called him and I wasn’t burnt. He burnt my hand and it healed up Immediately. What do you know about this Andrey?” I asked and she shook her head.

“I know nothing Ariana. Come on now, he is waiting.” She said walking out of the door while I walked behind her.

To be continue….

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