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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 6

30 Days With Lucifer
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(He Is Mean and Scary)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe

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[ Location: HELL…]

“I can hear her thoughts when I am close to her.” I told my wisest angel.

“Her powers are beginning to radiate. Very soon you will have your powers in a place, in your body.” He said and I nodded.

“When I am afar I hear it faintly, I guess I have to be close to her till the end of the days.” I said and he nodded.

“Yes my lord. She will help you hear other’s too when she is close to you.” He said and I smiled.

“That isn’t an issue.” I said smiling.

“Lord there is another issue.” He said bowing.

“And that is?” I asked looking extra serious.

“Dogard is back, I heard the rumors that he is coming to claim the throne.” He said and I felt anger raise in me.

“How come! It is not possible, I drained his life out of him!” I yelled as fair began to burn all over my body.

“My Lord, we all know very well that Dogard is not easy to get rid off. He wants this throne no matter what.” He added.

“He will never have it.” I said shutting my eyes as I returned to the Earth.

I sat on my bed staring at the wall In thought. I need my powers as soon as possible, Dogard is not easy to deal with.

I need to be closer to Ariana.

I stamped my feet on the floor and my maids rushed into the room bowing their heads.

“Move Ariana’s things to this room.” I said.

“Yes My Lord.” They answered and rushed out of the room.

I looked at the Tv screen looking at Ariana who was on the bed thinking. What is she thinking?

Gosh it is so annoying, I can’t even read her mind from afar.

The maids got in and they began to pack her stuffs out.

She was yelling at them and I knew very well she was asking questions.

Andrey walked close to her telling her something and I saw her calm down. I wish I could hear what she said right in my head.

She stood still with a straight face watching them pack out her stuffs.

The maids got to my room and began to arrange them in the room. They carried in her wardrobe and arranged her clothes in them too.

Andrey came in carrying a cartoon and I called her making her run to me in haste.

“My Lord.” She said bowing.

“You seem close to Ariana.” I said staring at her with my hands folded at my back.

“No sir.” She said shaking her head rapidly.

“Don’t lie to me.” I growled making her go on her knees in haste, and the rest of the maids went on their knees too bowing.

“I am sorry my Lord. She is just a small girl, so I wanted to put her through.” She said in fear.

“Stand up.” I said and they all sprang up to their feet.

“You will be her personal maid from now on. She seems more comfortable with you around, and she tells you things too right?” I asked.

“Yes My Lord.” She replied.

“I want to know virtually everything about her.” I said and she nodded.

“Go back to work.” I said facing my glassy window.


All my stuffs were out of the room and Andrey came in smiling.

“Come on.” She said holding my hand and pulling me out of the room heading to only where God knows.

We walked past many doors and I began to get tired.

“Is it that far?” I asked tiredly.

“Ariana we will be there soon okay?” She said and I nodded.

“I keep wondering how you walk across these door in few minutes.” I said and i saw her smile.

“You will get used to it soon.” She said.

We finally stopped walking and I saw a very big door in front of me. It was three times bigger than mine.

I began to wonder how the outside of the house will look if the inside is as big as this.

The door opened for us and I walked in.

I looked inside the room and my mouth dropped open in awe. It was gigantic and decorated in beautiful and colorful minerals and gems.

The bed was so so big and the chandelier in the middle made wonder if this was actually a bedroom or another mansion.

“He is damn rich.” I thought.

I could see the bathroom right where I stood. It was transparent and if at all anyone is bathing, the person would be seen clearly.

The maids began to leave one by one and at a point they were no more, even Andrey left. Leaving me with Balsuma who kept staring outside the glass.

I stood still not knowing what next to do. I didn’t want to do anything that would provoke him, so I waited patiently for his orders.

“You will be staying here from now on.” His cold voice finally came.

“Why did I leave my room?” I asked fearfully but calmly.

“Everything has a reason.” He said walking close to me and I began to breath in and out in fear.

He stood right in front of me and I bowed my head.

“What is he planning this time? Why does he kept boring my skin with his glittering eyeballs?” I thought.

“Look at me.” He said and I raised my head up to stare inside his eyes.

“To be sincere he looks so handsome and hot.”

Why should a mean person be this handsome. It isn’t fair.

“Gosh he even has cute pink lips.” I thought staring at his lips and for the very first time I saw him smirk.

“Was he hearing me? Or why would he smirk?” I thought again and he left my presence walking to the bed.


We are progressing.
They are staying in the same room.
He smirked.

More to come.

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