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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 30

30 Days With Lucifer
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30 Days With Lucifer

(He Is Mean and Scary )

Written by Authoress Ti Fe.



We got to the assumed Mall. The car came to an halt and we climbed down heading inside. It is possible they aren’t here again, that I know.

All I need is a clue to where they are, and how to get them.

We got inside, and the place was busy the same way any mall will be.

“Where do we go from here?” Bryan asked looking around.

” There are many sections here, I need to be sure of the exact one they visited.” I said and he nodded.

The day I visited his mansion, he didn’t use up to five minutes before leaving.

So wherever they are now, they would be in need of food, clothes.

“Let’s start from there.” I said walking to the food section. Bryan followed behind while the rest of the men stood where I asked them to.

I don’t need then following me around now, I may draw much attention than expected and this may alert Balsuma in any way.

We got to the food section and a beautiful lady ran out to meet us grinning widely.

“Good morning Sir, how can I be of help?” She asked smiling beautifully and for the first time I smiled to a lady.

“I am here to ask questions.” I said and she nodded.

” I will tell you everything you need to know about this section. Come on sir.” She said holding my hand in her soft ones.

“Bryan wait here.” I said and he bowed. If I can be gently as nice to her, she would really be of good help.

If she acted like this to Balsuma and Ariana, i am sure they would have told her things that would he quite useful for me to get them.

“I will start from here. This is the food section, and we have diverse kinds of food, each comes with a different cost depending on the quality, quantity and favouritism of the product.” She explained with that seductive smile on and her hand was still on mine.

It’s been long I actually f**ked someone because of Balsuma, I think I need to exercise my body.

I felt the lady fell in love with my looks immediately she set her eyes on me, getting her to f**k me isn’t going to be hard.

“Can I say something?” I asked cutting her long talks.

“Of course. Am sorry I was blabbing already.” She said looking kinda embarrassed.

” No it’s okay. I wanted to ask if you have seen any man with this seductive look, he has this shinning black her with a lady who has this crazy cruve, she looks very beautiful.” I said looking at her.

” Oh no sir. I am sorry sir.” She said looking at me in concern. All the same she still looked very beautiful.

“Another question?” I asked and she nodded smiling.

” Sure sir.” She said with her hands still on mine.

“Can we have a secret place here?” I asked and she bowed her head shyly.

” Yes we do have one. Come.” She said pulling me while I stared at her back as we walked.

Since she haven’t seen him before, it is possible it is at the dressing section.

She opened a door which was quite far from the place people could reach. It had lots cartons, which I presumed to be the goods sold.

I walked in and she shut the door. Immediately I looked back she was at my back already smiling Sweetly.

I crushed my lips on her instantly grabbing her by the waist. She opened up Immediately and we moved backwards till her back hit the wall.

She slid her tongue in and out of my mouth like an expert. It was so fast, and I felt a great hard on.

She pushed me back and reached for my clothes to toss it off.

I stared at her beautiful eyes, it was full of passion and lust. She wanted me badly.

My clothes came off in no time, same as my trousers.

I pulled her to me again kissing her very hard and fast. I loosen the belt she used in holding her trousers and pulled it down revealing her red g-strings.

She supported in getting the trousers off completely and then I made us lay on the floor with me on top of her.

I reached for her already wet p**sy and drove in fast but smoothly making her moan aloud.

“Shhhh.” I said and she smiled covering her mouth with her hand.

I kept riding her and she kept moaning under her palm.

After some times she couldn’t held her mouth anymore, her hands fell apart freely.

“Yeah….. F**k…. Ahhh.” She moaned making me move faster. I loved the sound, it gave me more pleasure.

After the long ride, I felt my balls tighten. I was close to coming. She had already spilled cums mulitiple times on me.

“Am coming.” I said and she pulled me up and took my rod in her mouth.

She began to move her mouth up and down of it and I couldn’t stop groaning.

After few minutes, I came right in her mouth and she swallowed all up, licking me clean.

After this, I breathed out in relieve and reached for my clothes and began to put them on and she did the same.

“What is your name?” She asked still having the seducing smile on. I wanted to have her again.

“Dogard.” I said and she smiled.

“I have never heard that name before, but trust me it sounds hot.” She said and I smiled.

” Thanks.” I said buttoning up my shirt.

” Where do you stay? I want to have more of this with you if you don’t mind.” She said and I felt so happy. I felt the same way.

“The biggest house on the next five to seven streets.” I said.

“You own that big brown house?” She asked in shook.

” Yes I do. How do you know?” I asked.

“I live around there. It is surprising I don’t even see you. I guess you are a very busy man then.” She said buckling her belts.

” You got that right. I am damn busy.” I said and she sighed.

” It’s okay then. I guess I am just lucky today. This may not happen again.” She said.

” I will make sure it happens again. I will look for you.” I said and she blushed.

” Look for me?” She asked and I nodded.

“Yes. I will need to leave now. I am on a mission.” I said and she nodded planting a kiss on my lips.

“Bye Dogard.” She said as I approached the door.

” Bye…..” I said looking at her.

“Cynthia.” She replied and I nodded.

I headed out of the room feeling much better and fufiled. At least if I didn’t see Balsuma here, i ended up fxxking after a very long time.

I sighted Bryan from afar. He looked very restless.

“Bryan.” I called and he looked at me and ran to me.

“My Lord, are you okay?” He asked looking so worried.

“Of course I am, I trashed out some issues back there. Let’s move.” I said walking to the door.


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