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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 28

30 Days With Lucifer
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30 Days With Lucifer

(He Is Mean and Scary )

Written by Authoress Ti Fe.



“Andrey pass me the seasoning.” I said to her and she passed it to me. She kept beaming widely as she did.

“What is going on?” I asked furrowing my brows at her.

” Nothing.” She said laughing.

“Don’t lie to me or I would be forced to get into your head.” I said and her eyes widened.

” Don’t do that.” She said.

“So what’s up?” I asked grinning.

“We kissed.” She said shyly.

“Holy crap. Tell me you are lying.” I said in amusement.

” You said I shouldn’t lie to you, so I am trying not to.” She said and I laughed.

” That is wonderful.” I said looking into the living room to see Lucas staring at her.

She kept her head bowed trying to avoid his gaze, thank hell he can’t hear us.

“Tell me more.” I said happily.

“He asked if he could hold my hand and I said yes. He held me and pulled me up from the chair, he said I smelt nice and then I thanked him looking into his eyes for the very first time.”

” The stare got so intense and I stared at his lips. I couldn’t hold it anymore so I planted a soft kiss on his lips.” She narrated.

“You did that, you were the first?” I asked.

” Yes and when I wanted to withdraw, he pulled me back by my waist deepening the kiss.” She said and I couldn’t stop blushing.

“So how did you break off?” I asked happily.

“He moved his hand to my a”s, and then we heard you moving outside so he left me and we pretended like nothing ever happened.” She said laughing.

” Wow this is so sweet. That’s very cute.” I said looking at Lucas who kept his head bowed before Balsuma.

“Thank you.” She replied raising up her head to look at him again.

“He still very fears Balsuma.” I said and she nodded.

“Who won’t fear him? He deserves it. He is the best Lord I have ever met.” She said and I smiled.

” Yes he is. And guess what?” I said and she looked at me.

” What?” She asked.

“I said guess.” I said laughing.

“I am not good at that. Tell me already.” She said and I looked at Balsuma who was busy chatting with Lucas.

“We did it. We had s3x.” I said and her mouth dropped open.

” You did!” She yelled making Balsuma and Lucas look back at us.

We kept mute smiling like we didn’t discuss anything.

Balsuma smiled at me and winked before looking away.

I smiled and looked at Andrey.

“Why did you yell?” I asked within gritted teeth.

” I am sorry. I was so happy, how are you feeling?” She asked holding my tummy.

” Come on Andrey, I can’t get pregnant all of a sudden.” I said opening the microwave.

” I know, but aren’t you feeling any change in your body system?” She asked.

“I felt changes and I am still feeling changes. We even discovered a new power.” I said to her before walking to the dinning table.

I placed the plate on the table and walked back to the Kitchen.

“Which is?” She asked carrying another dish.

” Making ourselves invisible.” I said and she smiled before walking away.

I looked up and I saw Balsuma stand up walking up to me. He came closer and I smiled.

We kissed before looking at each other’s eyes.

“What were you discussing?” He asked and I laughed.

” Ladies talk. Are you done with Lucas?” I asked as he wrapped his hand around my waist.

“I am done with him. He will be leaving soon, to get more information.” He said and my mouth curved into an ” o” shape.

“Andrey will be sad.” I said looking at her as she walked up to us.

“He has to go. We can’t just relax now.” He said and I nodded.

” I understand you.” I said and she got to us with her head bowed.

“Just this remaining.” I said carrying the last dish. I walked out of the kitchen with Balsuma and Andrey behind me.

“My Lord, i will be on my way now.” Lucas said and Andrey looked at him before looking at me.

“Won’t you wait to eat?” She asked sadly.

” I have work to do Andrey, i will be fine.” He said and she looked at Balsuma.

Balsuma looked at me and I sighed sadly. He should at least let him stay and eat.

“Lucas you can stay and eat. Then after you can go.” Balsuma said and I smiled.

” Thank you.” They chorused making me smile.

” Come on before the food gets cold.” I said and we all smiled approaching the table.

We sat, I close to Balsuma, and Lucas close to Andrey. She couldn’t stop blushing.

Their love story just started, things like this aren’t evitable.

I served the meal out into the plates and gave each of them to the rightful owner.

“Thank you.” They said as I sat.

I lifted some pasta to my mouth, and to my surprise as i opened my mouth, fire gushed out.

“Sh*t.” Andrey said fearfully while Balsuma laughed.

“We need to get used to this.” I said and Lucas stared at us.

It is possible he guessed we did it already. Well I loved it and there is nothing to regret.

I shut my mouth and the fire stopped.

“How come I didn’t even feel any hot thing?” I asked myself.

” I felt it.” Balsuma replied in his thoughts.

” So you so the feeling and I do the action?” I thought in confusion.

” Dawned like that to me.” He replied and I sighed.

Being a Princess of hell isn’t as easy as I thought.


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