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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 20

30 Days With Lucifer
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(He Is Mean and Scary )

Written by: Authoress TiFe

Chapter 20


Balsuma drove to the mall and parked at the designated area. He switched off the engine and opened his locker to bring out his credit card.

“So you do have one?” I asked smiling.

“Of course I do. I am human here, not a Lord.” He said grinning.

“Let’s move.” I said opening the door and climbing down the car.

I stood waiting for Balsuma to catch up and I felt everyone’s gaze on me. I even some murmuring and giggling. They were at the front of the mall.

I looked at Balsuma and I saw he was boiling in anger.

“Ignore them.” I said holding his hand as we walked into the mall. It looked so big in the inside compared to the outside.

“Woah.” I exclaimed smiling.

“The clothes section is here.” Balsuma said pointing to the corner at my right-hand.

“You are coming with me, so you don’t need to describe.” I said pulling him with me.

“I know for sure. Leaving you alone all by yourself here is nothing but a disaster.” He said making me smile.

We finally got to the cloth section and I was so lost in it’s beauty.

“Wow.” I exclaimed as we moved closer to the clothes.

“All you have to do is picking the one you want.” He said and I nodded.

“I know that, I am not that local.” I said making him laugh. We began to move in the midst of this hanged clothes looking for which of then fits best.

“Good day Ma’am and Sir, how can we be of help?” An attendant accepted giving us her best face expression.

“I need good clothes.” I said throwing up my hand in the air.

She smiled scanning me from head to toe.

“What is she doing?” Balsuma thought making me laugh.

“Checking my size probably.” I replied thinking and he looked at me. I winked at him before looking away.

“Here, please come along.” She said walking away.

“I told you.” I replied proudly as we moved behind her.

“This is where we have your perfect fit.” She said pointing to some beautiful looking hanged clothes.

“Thanks.” I said running my hands on them. To be honest I was confused and I didn’t know which of them to pick.

“I will help you.” Balsuma said picking up three clothes at the same time.

“Are you joking right now? You picked up these clothes without even checking them out.” I said in shock.

“How sure are you I didn’t check them out? Try them on and then we can come back to this.” He said boastfully.

“Okay then.” I said collecting the clothes from him.

“Here is where you can change.” She said leading me to a room.

I looked back and I saw Balsuma following us.

“Don’t tell me you are coming in too.” I said shooting him a deadly look.

“I will stay right here, I need to be close to you.” I said and I understood perfectly well what he said.

I nodded and then walked into the room with the attendant.

“I will help you.” She said reaching for my clothes and began to take it off. I held up the first cloth he picked, it was a gown which I guessed would stop right on my knees. It was looking quite decent, no openings, but of course it looked sexy.

“He has a good taste.” The attendant Said.

“Yes he does. If it was to be, I wouldn’t have picked this.” I said giggling while she just smiled.

I was left in my pantie and bra, ready to try out my new outfit. I wore it and adjusted it well with the help of the attendant. She zipped it up and I stared at myself.

“Here is the mirror.” She said pointing to my back. How come I didn’t see it?

I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked extremely gorgeous.

“Wow.” I said happily.

” He chose right.” She said and I nodded.

“I will show him.” I said walking out of the room to see him sitting on a chair looking around him like he was expecting someone.

“Balsuma.” I called sweetly and he turned his head to look at me. He had a wide smile on his face.

“You look so beautiful.” He said.

“I do?” I asked standing akimbo.

“You do. I told you the clothes will fit well.” He said boastfully.

“Yes, and I don’t need to check out the rest. They will surely fit.” I said and he laughed.

“I am that good that picking up stuffs. I will pick more, three can’t serve right.” He said standing up.

“No it can’t. I will be waiting here.” I said smiling.

“Don’t go anywhere. I will be right there.” He said pointing to where the clothes were displayed.

“Go on.” I said pushing him slightly. He smiled and I nodded sitting on the chair he say earlier.

I looked around the mall again taking in the beauty well this time around. My eyes fell on Balsuma who kept his eyes on me.

“I am fine.” I whispered and he nodded facing the clothes. I smiled and looked away to see an old man staring at me from a corner. He was quite close.

I furrowed my brows looking at him. Does he know me? He doesn’t look an familiar to me.

“Ariana.” He called and I shivered in fear.

“Hi, do you know me?” I asked and he nodded.

“Quite well.” He said coming out of his heading place. He looked old and helpless.

“Where did you know me from? I can’t remember knowing you.” I said and he smiled.

“Of course you can’t. You were still very little.” He said and I stood up in fright.

“Who are you?” I asked and Balsuma began to approach us in anger.

“Back off.” He growled and his hands began to burn with fire. I moved to him in fear and stood behind me. The old man was looked so scared.

“I mean no harm my Lord.” He said bowing and Balsuma calm down a little.

“Who are you?” He asked as his fire died down.

“I can’t tell you that here. It is risky.” He said making me furrow my brows.

“Why?” I asked.

“They could be around.” He said and I began more confused.

“We won’t be needing you. Thanks.” Balsuma said giving the clothes to the attendant who looked extremely scared and confused.

“Okay.” He nodded and was about walking away when I stopped him.

“Wait.” I said and everyone looked at me.

“What are you doing?.” Balsuma whispered.

“He knew me when I was very young. It is possible he knows more about me. Please let’s try him out.” I pleaded as the attendant dropped the packaged clothes on the chair and walked away in haste.

“Ariana.” He called turning to face me.

“Please, trust me. I sense no harm.” I said making him sigh.

“Fine. You go with us, and I don’t want you anywhere close to her.” He said and the old man nodded.

We picked up the clothes and he gave the attendant his credit card. She fearfully took it from him and made the payment.

She returned it and we began to walk out of the mall. Balsuma held me to his side and i kept thinking about the old man.

This is strange!

Hmm and I am scared ni sha


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