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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 17

30 Days With Lucifer
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30 Days With Lucifer

(He Is Mean and Scary )

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe.



I was thrown into a very dark room with my legs and hands tied pretty tight. It was hurting but I didn’t let it get me.

He will never get anything for me, nor will he have Ariana to himself. She is Balsuma’s and no one else’s.

The doors were shut and all i did was shut my eyes to take a very quick nap.

I was at the edge of sleeping when the door flung up making me shiver. I opened my eyes and I saw fire in front of me.

I didn’t panic because I knew it was Dogard. I shut my eyes to have a clearer vision of him.

I opened it again and this time he moved his burning hand to his face, making his face visible.

I kept my face straight as I stared at his cold looking face.

“Where are they?” He asked and I smirked.

“If you are keeping me alive because of Balsuma and his wife, then you are wasting your time. Because you won’t get anything from me.”

“I don’t know where they are, so I am useless to you alive as dead.” I said boldly.

I saw his jaw tighten and I felt a little scared. Wasn’t that too much?

“Don’t you ever call her his wife again! She is mine!” He growled and I gained more confidence.

“You know why she can never be yours? Because you are heartless, you have no feelings whatsoever for anyone.”

“You killed the ones she loved, and you expect her to be yours? She can never be because she is with someone who cares and Loves her.”

“One who is ready to sacrifice his whole life for her!” I barked and I saw fire in his eyes.

“Sacrifice his whole life for her and at the end kill her?!” He smacked raising up his hand.

“And how sure are you that he will? I bet he would never do that.” I said and he furrowed his eyes in confusion.

“What do you mean by that?” He asked but I kept my mouth sealed.

“Just kill me already, that is what you do for a living.” I said in a finally tone shutting my eyes.

I felt great heat beside me and I knew he setting the fire for me.

“I wish you best of luck Ariana.” I said losing all hope of living.

“My Lord please don’t do this!” I heard a Lady say making me open my eyes.

“Can’t you see how she talked to me?” He asked in anger staring at me.

“She is useful my Lord. She has things to say. She said things you are yet to understand my Lord. She knows more, please don’t do this.” She pleaded going on her knees and bowing.

I looked at him and I saw his eyes turn back to normal. The fire died down and darkness covered the whole room.

“I guess she is useful after all. Call me Tron.” He said before walking out of the room.

“Are you okay?” I heard the Lady ask.

“I am fine.” I replied coldly, and after some minutes I heard the door open and close.

“Ewwww that was close.” I thought breathing hard.


“Lucas is here.” Balsuma said walking into the room.

“Thank you. Are you not coming?” I asked and he shook his head.

“I have been hearing it for many times. I don’t want to hear it again.’ He said and I nodded.

“Please come along.” I pleaded and I heard him sigh.

“Okay.” He replied and I smiled. I held him by the hand and pulled him to the living room.

I saw a young handsome man sitting on the couch as we got to the living room.

“My Lord.” He said bowing as he saw Balsuma.

We sat on the couch and he stood still with his head bowed.

“Sit Lucas.” I said calmly and he looked at Balsuma, maybe asking for permission.

“Do as she says.” Balsuma said and he nodded before sitting.

“Firstly I want to ask about Andrey, have you gotten any information about her whereabouts? Her health?” I asked sadly.

“I just arrived from Doagrd’s mansion. He almost killed her because she kept calling you My Lord’s. But I stopped him before he could.” He replied and I breathed out loud.

“Balsuma you know this can’t last for long right? Andrey is a tough lady, the next time she provokes him, he may not be too gentle to listen to him.” I said sadly.

“We will do something about that. Lucas you keep using that form to deceive him till you escape with Andrey.” He said.

“Yes My Lord.” He replied.

“And secondly.” I said looking at Balsuma who looked away quickly.

“He said he has to get me pregnant so as to render my powers useless to Dogard. How possible is that?” I asked looking at Lucas.

“It is 100% possible. When you have s*x, you become one. Your powers become his, his powers become yours. Dogard can never use it anymore, since you are already one with him.” He explained and I nodded reluctantly.

“Fine we have sex, but how does that have to do with having a child?” I asked again.

“This is a seal. The child is as a seal to this power, no matter what he does or that black power he generates he can never use your power anymore.” He said and I nodded again.

“But that doesn’t say I won’t die if he kills me right?” I asked.

“We can’t be so sure. I am yet to know the powers you posses, and how you will be when you and My Lord becomes one.” He stated and I looked at Balsuma again.

“I need to think about this.” I said and he nodded.

“You have less than 20 more days to think about this.” He said.

“If we have sex before this day what will happen?” I asked again.

“I don’t know My Lady. But what I am sure of is that it won’t harm. Rather help you get used to the powers before your birthday.” He said.

“Hold on. One more Question. Why does all these things centre on my birthday?” I asked in confusion.

He was about to talk when Balsuma answered.

“That day someone must sit on that throne. Either I or Dogard.” He answered looking at me.

“Thank you for your time Lucas.” I said and he bowed his head.

“I will leave you two to talk.” I said walking to the room in deep thoughts.


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