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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 15

30 Days With Lucifer
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30 Days With Lucifer

(He Is Mean and Scary )

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe

                      CHAPTER 15

                    — BALSUMA —

I gulped down the rest of the alcohol in my hand and placed the cup on the table. I can’t believe I just told her I love her.

I am getting too emotional, and this will spoil things. I was still in thoughts when I saw fire generate from the side of my living room.

I know quite well it was Lucas.

“My Lord.” He said bowing.

“Tell me.” I said looking at him.

“He burnt down the house with your men in it my Lord. He is so desperate, he captured Andrey, and wants to use her to hunt you down.” He said and I breathed out in anger.

“I think it is high time I faced him myself.” I said standing up from where I sat.

“You can’t do that now My Lord. You still have 20 days to go with Ariana. You don’t posses such power yet.” He said bowing.

“Even if I get her pregnant now?” I asked and he nodded.

“You will sleep with her on the 30th day, and then the powers will be all yours, all of the powers, and she will be useless to Dogard.” He said and I sighed.

“Does that mean she will have no more powers in her? Because I don’t want to deprive her of her powers.” I said looking at him.

“Her powers will still be intact my lord. The sex will make you one, power radiates power. Once she is yours and you are one, no matter the sacrifice Dogard makes, he will never receive power from her because she is yours already.” He explained.

“These powers are manifest already.” I said and he nodded.

“Yes they are, and their are more to come. But on that day of her birth, they will radiate like never before. All in her body.” He said.

“And those he know about this these?” I asked and he sighed.

“I don’t know about this my Lord. But you know Dogard knows how to get his information, it is a 99.9% probability he knows this.” He said.

“So he may not actually want to kill her, but sleep with her, get her powers and then rule together.” I said and he nodded.

“Just like you are planning. It is possible he is planning it that way too.” He replied.

“But he doesn’t even love her. Why would he sleep with her?” I asked and he shook his head.

“I don’t know that my Lord. But it is possible he is in for one of these options. We need to be extra careful.” He said and I nodded.

“So I have to keep running from him for 20 days now. I have to make sure she isn’t out of my sight for a second.” I said and he nodded.

“He capturing Andrey won’t change anything. Andrey doesn’t know this place, he will waste her at the end of the day.” He said sadly.

“But he could still find out more about Ariana from her. They were damn close.” I said and he nodded.

“We can’t leave her their. She isn’t suppose to die. Ariana needs someone here to keep her company. Right now she doesn’t want to talk to me because of Anna.” I said sighing and sitting on the couch.

“I will walk on that my Lord. It may be easy to get him since he is yet to hear thoughts and see beyond the physical just like you. A disguise is perfect.” He said and I was pleased with the idea.

“That should work. Go to him as a beautiful lady, live with him as a maid, and get the necessary information.” I said and he nodded.

“Consider it done my Lord.” He said.

“Go.” I said and immediately fire covered him and he disappeared from the living room. I breathed out bowing my head in thoughts.

For the first time I am scared of something, and that is losing Ariana. I won’t let him touch the strand of her hair talk less of sleeping with her or killing her. He doesn’t worth her shadow.

I stood up and walked back to the room to see Ariana asleep on the bare floor. I stared at her for some minutes before walking up to her.

I bent down in front of her staring into her face which was covered with part of her hair. I sighed and carried her up in my hands.

I moved her to the bed and laid her. I was about leaving her when I felt her grip tighten on my hand. 

I looked at her and I saw her eyes were shut tight, she looked disturbed.

“Ariana.” I called staring at her face.

Her eyes came back to normal and I sighed in relieve. Maybe it is one of the signs of the power.

I was about moving away again when I saw great heat emit from her body. I felt it touch my skin. I looked at her and I saw her body turn red.

“Wow I never saw that coming.” I said to myself.

Her eyes opened suddenly and there was fire in it. Her body turned to fire and began to burn the bed. She screamed and moved her hands forward to me.

Fire rushed out of her hand to my chest and all I did was stare at her. The fire had no effect on me.

After some minutes the fire stopped and her body began to come back to normal. Her feet began to wobble as she stood and she began to go down with her eyes closed.

I rushed to her and she fell right in my hand. Her body temperature was normal this time.

I stared at her for some minutes before moving her to the bed again.

I placed her on the bed, and in some seconds she opened her eyes. Her eyes were back to normal.

“Balsuma.” She called hugging me tightly.

“Its alright.” I said brushing her hair.

“I had a terrible dream.” She said and I smiled.

“You wish to share?” I asked and she nodded in fear.

“In that dream, I saw you walked into the room and carried me from the floor to the bed. Then I held me tight, and suddenly my body became so hot and it turned to fire.”

“I pointed my hands to you and fire came out with full force to you. I wanted to stop but I couldn’t, I was so scared.” She narrated fearfully and I smiled again.

“It wasn’t a dream Ariana.” I said and she furrowed her brows.

“What do you mean?” She asked moving back.

“It was real. Look at my clothes.” I said pointing to my clothes which got burnt off with the fire.

“Sh*t!” She yelled in fear.

“Don’t be scared Ariana. Your powers are yet to manifest. This is just part of the start.” I said smiling.

“And you didn’t get burnt?” She asked touching my chest.

“I can’t. I live In fire remember?” I asked and she nodded.

“I forgot.” She said sighing.

“Don’t be scared. It is the real you.” I said and she nodded reluctantly.

“I should be the one scared. I don’t know how the next power will come.” I said smiling.

“Hold on, did you just smile?” She asked and I quickly kept a cold face making her laugh.

I stood up and walked out of the room smiling widely.

To be continue…

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