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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 14

30 Days With Lucifer
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(He Is Mean and Scary)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe


               — ARIANA—

I opened my eyes and I saw myself in Balsuma’s hand in another house.

“What is this place?” I asked him looking around.

“An hide out where only Lucas and I knows. I built it for a time like this. It is at the end of the Earth.” He explained as he released me.

“Wow.” I said looking around the house. 

“Its beautiful.” I added staring out of the window as I remembered Anna.

“Oh no! Anna!” I yelled running to Balsuma.

“Help her BALSUMA! She needs us.” I said in tears.

“Ariana she is gone. I am sorry.” He said and I stared at him like I was in a trance.

“What? Why would he kill her? It is me he wants not her!” I yelled and he pulled me to himself.

“He wants to do something that will make you come to him yourself. But now you have no relative anymore. He will come straight for us.” He explained and I fell to the ground.

“I loved her as my mother. She took care of me before any of you even thought of using me for your powers. If she left me to perish I will never be useful to any of you!” I yelled.

“I am sorry Ariana. I never wished for her death. She is destined to die that way.” He said and more tears rushed down my eyes.

“Its so painful.” I said as he pulled me to rest in his arms.

“You need to be strong.” He said and I jerked him off.

“Strong for what? For you? So you would sacrifice me for your own selfish interests?” I yelled and he shook his head.

“I can’t do that.” He said.

“Then why not let me go!” I yelled again.

“Because he is out there! He will capture you! Torture! And use you!” He yelled making me flinch.

“So what would you do to me? Fine. You won’t torture me but you will sacrifice me!” I yelled.

“That won’t happen!” He yelled back.

“And how should I believe that?!’ I smacked.

“Because I love you!” He yelled and I gasped looking at him.

“What?” I asked in tears.

“I love you.” He said in a low tone.

“If I didn’t, I would have treated you the same way Dogard will treat you. In hatred and envy, because you father stole what should be ours for you.”

“I was boiling In anger when I first captured you, but after few days I saw how sweet you are and I can’t just kill you like that.”

“It wasn’t your fault, and you weren’t even aware. All this I thought of,but that man out there won’t think this way.”

“That is how desperate he is. If I let you go I will lose you to him and I can’t allow that happen. I don’t plan losing you anytime soon.” He said and walked out of the room.

I moved to the floor again in shock.

“He loves me?” I asked looking at the door.

I didn’t know what to think anymore. I laid on the floor as sleep took over almost immediately.

           — DOGARD —

“Search everywhere! I knew my brother would get her first!” I yelled as they captured all his men.

She is mine, her powers are mine! Not his.

I walked around the house and I saw great fear on the men that worked with him, I don’t know how he would chose such cowards to protect his house.

Just so stupid.

He can never rule, he is so dumb to rule. I am the wisest here no one else.

“My Lord. They are nowhere to be found.” One of my angels said.

“What? They are not here? Where are they then?” I said flaring up already.

He couldn’t reply and all he did was bow his head. I looked at his men that were on the floor angrily and walked up to them.

“Where is he?” I asked and they all looked away.

“We know not Sir.” They replied making me so so angry.

“You don’t know where your boss is! How dare you not know where he is!” I yelled cursing hands to carry one of the ladies admits them.

“Where is he! Tell me now, or I burn her to ashes right here right now!” I smacked and they shivered.

“We don’t know, they just disappeared. We are also surprised.” One of them said and in anger I cursed fire to burn the lady I raised up.

“They disappeared right?” I said cursed hands to carry the lady that said that.

“How dare you tell me that?” I asked.

“Because that is what happened.” She said boldly making me furrow my brows in surprise.

“You dare talk back at me?” I smacked.

“The last thing you will do is burn me alive,I have been preparing for this my whole life. One thing I will say to you before you kill me is that you will never have Ariana. She is his, and she will be his forever.”

“She doesn’t deserve some one heartless Like you!” She yelled and I began to strangle her with the hands that carried her.

She struggles with the hands and all I did was stare at her. She triggered my anger and now she has to die.

“My Lord please think this through. She talks like she knows more about her. She will be of help to us alive rather than dead.” One of my angels said.

“I can’t just let her go after the nonsense she said!” I growled.

“We won’t let her go. She will be in our custody and will help us find her.” He said and I saw she was almost close to death.

I dropped her and she fell to the ground coughing so hard.

“Get her into the car.” I said walking out.

“My lord what of these one?” He asked.

“Burn them along with the house. They are of no use.” I said and walked out of the house in anger.

“That girl will pay dearly for talking to me like that. Gosh some nerves!” I yelled hitting the car.

They dragged her to the other car and threw her inside it.

I got into the other car that was prepares specially for me, and after we drove some meteres from the house, the house exploded and I smirked wickedly.

“Am coming for you Balsuma.” I cursed underneath my breath.

To be continue…

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