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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 13

30 Days With Lucifer
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30 Days With Lucifer

(He Is Mean and Scary )

Written by Authoress Ti Fe



Anna felt better after some few minutes and was taken back home by my men. I walked back to the bed and laid on it waiting for Ariana to come in.

The door opened and she came in. Her face was swollen, she really cried but she is strong. She will get over it.

“Balsuma.” She called and I opened my eyes. She stood in front of me with a straight face.

“You know about this all this while. Can you tell me the world I fell from? I know you know it.” She said and I sighed.

“You fell from hell while you were very little.” I said and she scoffed.

“So I am a princess from hell.” She said and I nodded.

She walked to the bed and I sat on it weakly.

“What was this war about?” She asked.

“The fight for the throne.” I explained.

“Can you please give me full details? Who and whom were fighting for the throne.” She askes fondling with her fingers.

“My father and your father.” I said and her eyes widened.

“By the scared book, my father was to rule after your father. But your father wanted you to rule which has never happened in history.”

“My father became so angry and set up a war. This war killed our parents.” I said staring into space.

“Were they siblings?” She asked in a shaky tone.

“No they were not.” I replied.

“Now the throne is empty right? Who is to occupy it?” She asked.

“One of us.” I said and she furrowed her brows.

“One of us?” She asked.

“My brother and I. One of us, the strongest.” I explained.

“So who is the strongest? And why am I even here?” She asked.

“That is where you came in. Your father gave you the dark powers of hell when you were very little. This is the power that can make me qualified to be the king.” 

“He stole it and gave it to you. This is why I came to earth, to recover that power.” I explained further.

“Now I get it, you are going to kill me and then extract the powers just like in my nightmares?” She asked and I nodded.

“So why don’t you just do it now?” She asked in tears.

“You are yet to be 25. You will be 25 by 24 days.” I said.

“She even lied about my date of birth to me.” She said in tears.

“She was just a guardian. She didn’t know you that well.” I stated and she nodded smiling.

“So once I am 25, you will sacrifice me?” She asked and I shook my head.

“Not anymore.” I said looking away.

“Why?” She asked.

“I can’t do it.” I said feeling so hurt that I am so soft with her.

“Why can’t you do it?” She asked facing me.

“I don’t know,I just can’t.” I said and she crawled up to me.

I looked away and she held my face to hers so I could face her. 

“You really don’t Know?” She whispered and I stared at her lips. I shook my head and she smiled.

She moved her face to mine and placed a kiss on my lips. Sparks of power flowed through us again.

But she seemed to get use to it easily.

“So you will just throw away that throne for your brother because you can’t kill me?” She asked and I sighed.

“I have to protect you. He is out there looking for you, once he sees you. He will kill you.” I said and I saw fear on her face.

“Is he that bad?” She asked and I nodded.

“He doesn’t any bit of feeling in him, unlike me.” I said sadly.

“You are a good man Balsuma. You should have that throne, do what it takes.” She said and I shook my head.

“That won’t happen. Killing you is out of it.” I said.

“And what other options are available?” She asked and I remembered what Lucas said.

“I… I..?” I stammered and there came a bang on the door.

The door opened and the angels I tasked walked in.

“He is here, he found her.” They said and I felt so scared for the very first time.

“Go.” I said standing up.

“Who is here?” She asked following me to the window.

“Dogard.” I said looking out to see Anna on the floor next to him dead.

He also had many men with him.

“Anna!” She yelled and he looked up, and immediately he saw her they all raced to the mansion.

“We neeed to move now!” I said to her.

“Anna!” She yelled in tears. I held her hand and we disappeared into tiny air.

To be continue

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