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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 11

30 Days With Lucifer
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30 Days With Lucifer — Episode 11

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe.



We walked out of the building to the car, the people couldn’t stop bowing as we walked.

Balsuma is really a Lord.

We got to the car and we hopped in , i tried so hard not to look at him or bring up any issues.

But i don’t that will last for long.

“Are we going to the restaurant?” I asked hoping so badly he would reply me.

“We are going home.” He replied not looking at me.

“Why can’t we just drop by a restaurant?” I asked again.

“It’s risky.” He replied making me furrow my brows.

“Risky? In what way?” I asked again.

“That’s enough Ariana. You tell the maids whatsoever you want to eat, and they will make it for you.” He replied and I kept my mouth zipped.

I nodded and looked outside the window fondling with my fingers. I was so tempted to cry but I didn’t.

I was tired of crying. I didn’t have the strength to cry anymore.

The car came to an halt and we came down heading to the mansion.

The men and women of the house already stood at the door waiting for us to come in.

I looked around and I saw Andrey there. I smiled faintly as soon as our eyes met.

She is my favorite.

We got to the door and they made way for us queueing so beautifully and bowing at the same time.

“Wow.” I was the expression that came to my head. I looked at Balsuma and I saw he kept his cold straight face.

I walked into the mansion looking around it properly this time. It looked so so so big! It was so unexplainable!

This is the kind of house I have always wanted, but not in a circumstance like this. A situation whereby I don’t know what may become of me the very next day.

No room to escape, trap with some lord. I just have to accept my fate.

I just wish I am alive to see my 25th birthday. That is if he will spare me till that time.

“He can actually stare you if you act loving and gentle.” My mind preached.

“How will that be possible? He doesn’t look like someone who will be pleased with anything I do.” I thought rolling my eyes.

“Why not give it a trial.” It came again.


I will have to Start from his cold looks then.

We got to “our” room and the maids left the both of us. He walked to his closet removing his shirt.

I walked to him and made him face me. He stared at me like he didn’t understand what I was doing.

I reached for the remaining unbuttoned button and began to button it down.

He kept staring at me but I kept my face to his shirt.

I was done with the buttons and I swept it off his shoulders down his arm.

” Gosh he smells so good.” I thougut trying not to sniff him.

And there was his unclad chest. I stared at his chest tracing my finger down his rigid looking chest. His abs were mouth watering.

“What are you doing?” I heard this voice from somewhere.

I looked up at him and he couldn’t stop staring at me.

“Doing what I think I should do.” I replied loudly and I saw him narrow his gaze.

“What?” He asked.

“Yea. That is what I am doing.” I replied moving my hand to his belt.

He held my hand and I was forced to look up.

“Did you hear me?” He asked.

“Of course.” I replied trying to hard not to freak out.

He left my hand and furrowed his brows staring at me.

I summoned courage and continued unbuckling his belt. It was off in no time and I tossed it to the bes.

I held his trouser and pulled it down his feet trying so hard not to look at his d**k. Thank goodness he had a boxer on.

“Go take a bath.” I said and was about leaving when he held me back.

He moved me to the mirror and made me face the mirror. He reached for my zip and I gasped as he pulled it down.

He moved it down my body and that was it, my gown was off leaving me in just my bra and pantie.

I stared at him from the mirror wondering what he wanted to do.

“The same thing you did.” He replied making me furrow my brows.

“What?” I asked.

“Yea. That is what I am doing.” He replied and I looked at him in suspicion.

“Are you In my head?” I asked as he reached for my bra.

“Just as you are in mine.” He said and tossed the bra off making me shiver.

He reached for my pantie, tracing his hand on my belly down to my waist making me moan unexpectedly.

He reached for it and pulled it down my legs.

“Raise up your legs.” He said and I did. He removed the pantie and dropped it where he placed the bra.

“We are taking the bath together.” He said removing his boxers and moving to the shower.

I stared at him as we walked away.

So we can hear each other’s thought? But how come I can’t hear others?

I ignored my question knowing once I am in good terms with Balsuma all my question would be answered.

I walked to the bathroom and stood at the back of Balsuma under the same shower.


Am beginning to beginning to fall in love
Balsuma and this girl are in love.

Take it or leave it.


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