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30 Days With Lucifer — Chapter 24

30 Days With Lucifer
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(He Is Mean and Scary )

Written by Authoress Ti Fe.



I placed the food on the dinning table smiling widely. Balsuma helped in the preparation too. He looked so cute doing it.

“Andrey come on.” I said to her and she nodded standing up.

She and Lucas didn’t say a word to each other, she just kept smiling and he kept staring. They are both really shy and that is very beautiful.

Balsuma walked up to the dinning table and sat smiling at me. I smiled back as Andrey sat.

“My Lord I will be on my way now.” Lucas said bowing his head.

Balsuma looked at me and then Andrey and he saw our contenance changed. Most especially that of Andrey, she wasn’t looking Happy.

“Do you have anything doing? You know Dogard will be out there In search of you.” He said and Lucas nodded.

” I have nothing doing My Lord, and I know about Dogard quite well.” He said.

” Why not stay here? You know to be more secured for the mean time.” Balsuma said and Andrey looked at him praying he would say yes.

“Yes my Lord. Thank you My Lord.” He said and I saw happiness in Andrey’s eyes.

Am sure she wanted to jump on him but she was just holding herself.

“Sit.” I said to him and he took his dear close to that of Andrey.

I also sat close to Balsuma and we began to eat. Andrey had her head bowed, and Lucas couldn’t take his eyes off her.

I knew perfectly well that he wanted to say something to her, but he didn’t know how to start, neither did he know how she would feel.

“Your b**bs are beautiful.” I heard Balsuma’s thought in my head.

I gasped and looked at him to see him staring at my chest. It was slightly open the the cloth I wore.

“Stop thinking like that. We are at the dinning room table.” I thought and he rose his gaze up to my face.

“I can’t wait for your birthday.” He thought again staring at me.

” It’s just 15 days away.” I thought.

“I really can’t.” He thought sighing.

“I can’t too.” I thought and he smiled looking at me.

I looked away shyly, and I finally saw Andrey staring at Lucas, who also stared back chewing on his food slowly.

I know entering their heads isn’t proper, but I am so eager to hear them. Though I haven’t heard others people’s thoughts, and maybe that’s because I haven’t tried it.

“Hold me.” Balsuma thought stretching his hand out to me.

I took his hand in mine and shut my eyes drifting into Andrey’s head.

It was kinda hard but I could hear her faintly. Maybe because it is the very first time.

“Can’t he just say something?” I heard her think and I looked at Lucas who looked away shyly.

“If he can speak to me I will surely respond. I don’t even know how to start.” She thought again and I began to feel drowsy.

I stopped and dropped Balsuma’s hand breathing hard.

“It isn’t easy at all. I don’t know why I can hear yours perfectly well.” I thought looking at him.

” That’s because we are connected. You are mine.” He thought and I smiled.

” But if we are using both of our powers it shouldn’t be that hard right?” I asked.

” It may be. We are yet to get the real connection done.” He said and I sighed. I forgot about that so fast.

“Eat up. It’s getting cold.” He said aloud and I nodded.

” Eat yours too.” I said and to my shock I saw he had finished all.

“Did you?” I asked in shock.

“I did already. The power you extracted made me damn hungry.” He thought and I sighed.

” Sorry about that.” I said sadly.

“It’s okay. I will be in the room, I need to lay down.” He said standing up.

” Okay.” I said nodding.

I looked at Lucas wishing he could say something.

“Hi.” He said to her and my heart skipped for joy. Maybe he was scared of Balsuma’s presence.

“Hi.” She replied bowing her head.

“You are so beautiful and it’s driving me crazy.” He said and I myself began to blush.

I looked at her and I saw she was red already.

“I will be in the room.” I said standing up and she nodded smiling.

My presence there won’t let the communication flow. They may be scared of saying things in front of me.

I walked up to the room feeling happy for Andrey, Lucas is actually a nice guy.

I opened the door and I saw Balsuma on the bed with his eyes shut.

“Don’t tell me he slept already.” I thought walking to the other side of the bed.

I climbed up and moved closer to him. He looked so handsome as he laid.

I placed my hand on his chest, smiling as I looked at his face.

I stared at his lips wanting to kiss him badly.

“Do it already.” He said with his eyes still shut. I looked at him giggling and he opened his eyes.

“What Is holding you back?” He asked smiling.

” You look so handsome when your eyes are shut. Didn’t want to disturb.” I said smiling.

” You are not disturbing. Kiss me already.” He said and I looked shyly.

” I can’t.” I said laughing.

“Are you the shy one now? Why is everyone around me so shy?” He asked making me laugh.

” Because you are shy. So everyone around you is.” I said and he rolled me over laying on top of me.

He rested on his hand to make sure his weight wasn’t on me. I stopped laughing and stared into his eyes, my eyes balls moving from one eye to the other.

“You are so beautiful.” He said and I smiled holding one part of his face in my hand.

“I love you.” I whispered and he smiled.

” I love you.” He replied and moved his head to mine placing his lips on mine. I wrapped my hands around his neck deepening the kiss.


Chai lucas sef is raw


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