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30 Days With Lucifer — Chapter 23

30 Days With Lucifer
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(He Is Mean and Scary )

Written by Authoress Ti Fe.



I poured coffee into a cup and walked to the living room carrying it in my hand.

“Andrey I am so sorry for this.” I said giving her the coffee as she sat on the floor. She nodded and sipped part of the coffee.

I sat close to Balsuma on the couch, while Lucas sat on the other couch staring at Andrey.

“I missed you.” She said looking at me and smiling.

” I missed you too Andrey.” I replied smiling.

” He killed Momo.” She said sadly and I nodded.

“I am aware Andrey. He will pay for everything he has done.” I said within gritted teeth.

” He would surely pay.” She said angrily.

” Come let’s take your bath.” I said standing up. She wanted to stand but I guess she was too weak to, so she fell to the floor again.

“I will help you.” Balsuma said but I shook my head.

” It’s under control, thanks.” I said smiling at him and he nodded stepping back. I reached for her hand and pulled her to myself.

I held her firmly making sure she didn’t fall as we moved to the room.

We got to the room and I made her sit on the bed. I reached for her clothes and began to toss it off.

“You look cute together. I am happy you are getting along quite well.” She said and i smiled blushing faintly.

“Thanks Andrey.” I replied as I pulled her up to the bathroom.

“How did you locate this place?”She asked.

” I didn’t. Balsuma did, when Dogard came to the mansion. He brought me here.” I said and she smiled.

” Balsuma will never hurt you Ariana.” She said and I nodded.

” I am quite sure of that too. He is crazily in love with me.” I said.

” And you?” She asked.

” I feel the same way.” I replied and she giggled.

” I am happy for you. The next Queen of hell.” She said bowing making me laugh.

” Don’t be so sure. There are many things, powers and people to conquer.” I said sadly.

” You will conquer all. You and My Lord, in togetherness, you will break all odds.” She said and I smiled.

” Thank you so much.” I said helping her into the bath tub which had water in it from the onset.

“The room was so dark.” She said shutting her eyes as she rested her back on the tub.

“Am sorry.” I said sighing.

“It’s okay. I am happy the way it went, at least he didn’t get to you. I made him know he is a loser, he should just give up already.” She said smiling.

” Where did you get such guts? Lucas told us all what you said to him the first day of your stay in the dark room.” I said and she smiled.

” I knew I would die someday, and if i die defending and protecting my Lord and best friend, that is a honorable death.” She said and I smiled holding her hand.

“Am so grateful Lucas Intervened in time. I don’t know how I would feel if anything happens to you.” I said and she smiled.

” He is handsome.” She said and I furrowed my brows.

” Lucas?” I asked and she nodded.

“Of course he is. But not as my Balsuma.” I said boastfully and she laughed.

” The is for sure. But damn he is handsome.” She said.

” I noticed the way you stared at each other. I don’t think you are the only one admiring him. He is also going the same to you.” I said and she laughed again.

” How can you be so sure?” She asked.

“I saw the way he looked at you. Stared at you, held your waist.” I said and she smiled.

” I almost fell and that’s why he held me Ariana.” She said laughing.

” I know that. But believe me he has a soft spot for you.” I said and I saw her blush slightly.


“How did you get her here on Dogard’s watch?” I asked as soon as the ladies left.

” He left.” He said bowing his head.

“Left? To where?” I asked in suspicion.

“A news came in from Tron one of his men that you were sighted at a house close to a river.” He said and my eyes widened.

” Sh*t.” I mumbled.

“He left as soon as possible. At first I didn’t know what to do, should I come to you, or save Andrey. Then it dawned to me I don’t even know the place, and I was sure you would be at alert my Lord. So I decided to rescue Andrey.” He said and I nodded.

” You did well.” I said and he smiled.

“Thank you My Lord.” He said with his head still bowed.

” You like her.” I said and he wanted to look up, then he bowed again.

“My Lord.” He called and I smiled.

“You can’t lie to me and I know you are sure of that.” I said and he nodded.

” I do my Lord. She is so beautiful.” He said and I smiled.

” That was the same way I felt when I set my eyes on Ariana. Now you know how it feels.” I said and he nodded smiling.

” Well I guess she likes you too.” I said and he looked up at me for the very first time. He must really like her.

“She does?” He asked and I saw pure happiness in his eyes.

“Of course. It is quite obvious.” I said and then his eyes widened. I guess he just realized he looked into my eyes.

” I am so sorry my Lord, I lost control. Punish me.” He said going on his kneels.

” I am not doing that. It’s fine, get up.”

” I understand how you feel, when you feeling like this about a girl, for the very first time you act so unbelievable. I acted that way and I am still doing that.” I said and I felt Ariana peck my cheeks.

“I love you.” She said and I bent my face to kiss her.

“I love you too.” I said and she smiled. I looked up and I saw Andrey walk out of the room in one of Ariana’s clothes. It wasn’t looking that bad. It fit perfectly.

I looked at Lucas and I saw him staring at her. It’s actually funny seeing him like this for the very first time. He had never admired a lady as he admires Andrey.

She looked up at him and smiled standing still. She looked more beautiful after washing herself and I knew that alone was driving Lucas crazy already.

“Come on.” Ariana said to her and she walked up to us.

“How do you feel?” I asked as she bowed her head.

” Hungry.” She replied giggling.

“I will take care of that.” Ariana said running to the Kitchen.

” Thank you.” She said fondling with her fingers. I stared at her and then at Lucas, they both bowed their heads nervously and I was so itching to laugh.

“I will help Ariana in the kitchen.” I said giggling. I knew if I didn’t leave, they would just keep acting like babies.

I got the kitchen smiling widely.

“They look cute together.” She said and I laughed.

” They are two shy people.” I said and she looked at me.

” You are also shy.” She said and I narrowed my gaze.

” Me? Shy?” I asked and she nodded.

“I remember vividly the day you smiled and I asked if you actually did smile. You left the room blushing really hard, you couldn’t look into my eyes.” She said and I sighed looking away.

” Well you caught me.” I said trying not to blush again.

” And now you are going it again.” She said pulling me to her.

” Am not shy.” I said making sure we had no eye contact.

“Look into my eyes.” She whispered into my ears.

I looked at her slowly and moved my gaze to her lips.

“Do it already.” She said reaching for my lips.

Chai see love o


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