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14 Days With An Idol — Episode 7

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Written by Jennifer Suleiman ( Author Jenny.)


Episode 7

( Shina’s POV )

“On the count of three!” they yelled before he could start counting I fell on the floor pretending like someone who has fainted.

I just did that to save Jihook and also save my self from embarrassment besides who know what he will do.

I heard people yellling and felt someone carried me in a bridal style. I inhaled the person’s perfume and i knew it was Jihook.

He kept telling everyone to move back while the made his way to the car. I know reporters have already carried

He dropped me in his car and asked the driver to drive.

“You are really good in pretending I owe you one” he said and I opened one
of my eyes first before opening the other one and sat up properly.

“You really owe me one” I said.

He brought out his phone from his pocket and it was a caller.

“She’s fine” I heard him say and then i knew it was either his mom or dad.

We arrived home and went upstairs without uttering a word to each other.

I met his mom and she hugged me asking if i was really okay.

( Jihook POV )

I was extremely happy when I saw she fainted.

I looked at her face and I knew she was faking it.

She really saved my ass out there but why didn’t she kiss me, I mean who wouldn’t ?

This is the second time she had the opportunity but she
didn’t do it.

That’s really werid. I went to the room I normally sleep.

I will be confirming if those nightmares are still there because I was suprised when I didn’t have any when i slept close to shina.

I lay on my bed and closed my eyes.


“Please don’t kill me” I cried loudly.

“I can’t let you go. You are part of the person who took what I have away from me” the lady replied and I kept shifting to the wall and could no longer move away from her.

“You will pay for your mother sins” she said and raised the knife up and stabbed me twice while I lay there helplessy in my own pool of blood.



I screamed and woke up.

I was already sweaty.
I wiped up the sweat while I breath heavily.

Thank God the room is sound proof else I would have waken everybody up.

The nightmare is still there but why didn’t I have it when with Shina.

Maybe I’d sleep with her tomorrow and confirm.

( Shina’s POV )

I woke up early because I have special plans for Jihook.

I just have to watch him closely for the day since it’s only the both of us that will be staying in the

His parent left early in the morning for a business trip.

After taking my bath, I sat down in the dining and waited for Jihook to come downstairs and he

He sat down and began eating quietly i looked at his face and noticed they were swollen and he looks pale is like he didn’t sleep at all last night.

I quickly picked my phone and texted Jace.

Well jace is a friend of mine and he will be the perfect guy to use.

Well my plan is to make Jihook jealous.

I have already told Jace everything and told the
gate men to let him in anytime he comes.

The door bell rang, I rushed to the door and opened it, and it was Jace.

He walked in and I quickly hugged him.

He tucked my hair behind my ears and pecked my cheeks while I blushed shyly.

I’m sure Jihook could see us because he was already in the sitting room.

I walked back to the sitting room with Jace.

We clasped our hands together.

“Jihook this is Jace” i introduced while Jace streched his hand for a handshake but Jihook totally ignored it looking at Jace with anger in his eyes.

We sat down together while Jace kept playing with my hair and pecking my

I was looking at Jihook and I could see he was
already turning red out of anger.

I quickly put my lips like I was about to kiss
Jace when Jihook quickly grabbed Jace and puched him.

“How dare you come to my house and try to kiss my girlfriend!?” Jihook yelled angrily.

“Now get out before I loose my temper” he yelled and I looked at jace and gave him the ‘‘I’m sorry” look before I could yell at Jihook or ask him why he did that, I heard another door bell.

“Is that one of your boyfriend again?” Jihook asked but I ignored him and opened the door.

I was shocked to see a girl about my age carrying her laugage she dressed like a whore with heavy make up, before I could ask who is she, she
pushed me aside and carried her luggages inside.

Who could she possibly be?

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