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14 Days With An Idol — Episode 6

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By Author Jenny

Not edited

Episode 6

( Jihook POV )

I kept pacing about in the room.

This is going to be very bad.

I can’t believe I am about to sleep in the same room with a girl — what if she finds out about my nightmares.

I tried the door several times but still refuse to open Shina had already taken a shower and wore her nightwear.

They were not really transparent but her body structure was great.

Wait. I can’t believe am talking about her body already.

I went to the bathroom too and took my bath.

Shina was still awake but she was lying down at the centre of the bed.

I know she’s up to something.

“Can you move to the other edge?” I asked
and she moved a little.

I picked another duvet and made demacation.

“Shina on no account should you cross this line. stay here and you stay there do not come close or touch me no matter what” I said and she nodded

I lay down and faced the other side thinking of how not to sleep.

It’s been minutes of silence I think shina is already asleep.

Soon I felt her body touch mine and I jumped in fear.

( Shina’s POV )

I pretended I was asleep so I could carry out my next mission.

I rolled to Jihook and used my hands to push the demacation between us then I used my butt to push him.

I could feel him jumping out of the bed. Then he used his hand to push me in my back but I didn’t move. For him to be able to push me he has to place his hand on my back and butt or carry me and I wasnt expecting any from him — suddenly I felt his hand gently on my butt and back and he pushed me.

I heard splash of water in the bathroom and I knew he went to wash his hand he came back and lay down. I rolled again and dropped my leg on his body he removed it.

I have an idea.

I stood up and pretended I was sleep-walking and went to the bathroom and came back.

I went straight and climbed on top of his body.

“Shina stop” he said in a sleepy stone and pushed me off his body.

“Let’s cuddle” I said and dragged him close and wrapped my hands arround him.

His body was so warm, he tried to push me away but I placed a kiss on his lips.

He didn’t reciprocate back neither did he push me off his body. He was tired and rapped his arms around me and I slept off.

[ Day 4 ]

( Jihook POV )


We both shouted together when we noticed we were cuddling together.

“What did you do to me?” I asked her in disbelief because there is no way I will cuddle her.

“What did you do to me also?” she asked back.

“Shina I know this is your doing and you are going to pay for it” I said and took a big pillow to hit her, she ran to the door and I followed her.

She twisted the door knob and the door opened immediately.

Soo she is really behind it.

I continued my pillow chase and followed her immediately.

We ran downstairs and was shock to see my parent already there taking breakfast — they we full of smiles when they say Shina laughing and me chasing her.


I look so stupid right now.

“Morning” I greeted and head back upstairs before they will rub it in my face.


I slept in shina’s arms.


I need to bath and I need extra soap for cleansing.

Wait, did I say I slept ?

I really slept and I didn’t wake up till this morning!

No nightmares for the first time!

This is unbelievable!

Well I know this is not Shina’s handwork maybe the night mares have stopped.

Wait. What if she’s the reason?

Nah. No way, she can’t be the reason.

Well no matter what, I’m not sleeping in that room today even if my nightmares have gone that girl is just a temptation.

It’s already time for party, I dressed in a simple white T-shirt and normal jean.

I had already told shiona so she should be ready by now, I walked down stairs and saw her with my mom.

She was wearing a black short gown with stones on, and her hair was neatly groomed.

She had little make up on — she look good.

Okay she look more than just good… no she still looks ugly with her long legs.

“Jihook” Mother called softly and that was when I noticed I have been staring at her all this while.

“Let’s go” I said and we left.

On reaching the party there were reporters everywhere, I didn’t know it was going to be like this.

I thought it was a normal birthday party.

We both came down.

I felt she was really nervous so I had no option than to hold her hand and walked inside.

We sat down avoiding eye contact, the party began and everthing went smoothly until it was game time and for couples.

The first couple were called upon and they went out excitedly then the next.

“Jihook and Shin-Woo and everybody started clapping. I couldn’t believe my ears. I stood up and went out with shina.

First was a pick and guess the name challange and I kept winning. Shina on the other hand kept cheering me up and I could see she was really having fun.

“The next game is no hand kissing challenge!” the MC announced.

“Yay!” they shouted happily except for Shina and I who looked at each other.

The worst has happened.


T b c

Do you think they will kiss?



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