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14 Days With An Idol — Episode 5

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By Author Jenny

Not edited

Episode 5
[ Day 3 ]

( Shina POV )

I didn’t see Jihook yesterday and now I have searched the whole house he isn’t any where.

I feel so bored.

Jihook’s parent too are not at home.

I strolled arround the house until I got to the swimming pool.

It’s so big and beautiful and it’s been long I swam.

I pulled my clothes remaing my pant and bra and I dived in.

The water was cool and it was perfect for my relaxasation.

I swimed from one edge to another.

i held my breath and dipped my head into the water like someone who was drowning.

Well that’s my own method of relaxation.

My relaxation was short-lived when a hand came and grabbed me and I shouted.

( Jihook POV )

I have not seen Miss Big Eyes since yesterday.

I wonder why I’m even avoiding her.

Earlier today I had a gig so I left early and now I’m back carrying a big white teddy bear.

Well it was given to me by one of my fan inviting me and my girlfriend for her party.

I couldn’t decline because my mom have already broadcast to the whole world that I have a girlfriend so miss big eyes and I are suppose to attend the party together.

I stood at the entrance of the house with a teddy bear thinking of how to enter.

Well I’m sure she must be in the sitting room, so I decided to go relax in the pool a bit.

On reaching the pool I saw someone drowning.

It was Shina!

I quickly dropped the teddy bear pulled my shoe and jumped into the pool and grabed her out.

“Jihook” she called out.

“Why were you swimming in such manner? I thought you drowned!” I yelled angrily.

“No, that’s how I relax” she replied.

I looked at her angrily then my eyes went to her boobs.

They were not that small. She quickly used her hands to cover her boobs.

“Ewww, I wasn’t even looking at those” I said which was a total lie.

“So you care about me” She said changing the topic.

“No I don’t” I replied sharply.

“Then why did you save me?”

“…and you also touched me” she added.

“I thought you were dead ,and I wouldn’t want someone to die in my house” I replied her and left the pool while she followed behind and tied a towel arround her chest.

“You bought me a teddy bear?” she asked.

“It’s mine” I said and took the teddy bear from her hand.

This girl is making me talk too much.

I don’t know why am dragging a teddy bear with her but iy dont just want her to think other wise.

I walked into the house changed my clothes and began singing.

( Shina POV )

It was already evening, the maid’s were serving us dinner and Jihook was sitting close to me.

We all ate in silence and within some few minutes, were done.

Jihook’s dad went upstairs while his mom, Jihook and I went to the sitting room to watch movie.

“Jihook can you go to your room please, I need to speak with Shina privately” his mom said and he stood up and left.

“Shina..” she began.

“…really like you for my son and I know he is paying you to act like his girlfriend” Jihook’s mom said and i was shocked

“Oh c’mon don’t be surprised. I know real love when I see one..”

“…I’m a lady and a mother too remember” she added

“I need your help Shina. I have not been a good mother to Jihook in the past. I’m the reason he hates ladies” she said and I kept mute looking at her.

“I need you to make Jihook fall inlove with you and also make him give me a chance as his mother again” she said crying.

“I promise to do my best ma” I replied and hugged her.

“…you can now go to your room” she said and I stood up and left.

I entered the room immediately Jihook saw me he stood up and head to the door.

He tried opening the door but it refused to open.

He tried and but it’s still locked.

“What did you do to the door?” he asked angrily.

“Nothing, you are just to lazy. Wait let me open it”

I went to the door and tried but the door refused to open it seems it was locked from outside.

So I’m going to be sleeping with Jihook today.

( Jihook POV )

I can’t sleep here today — not with Shina.

She must not know my secret. But who must have locked us in.

I’m so done for today.

I and Shina in the same room.

I and Shina in the same bed!

This is terrible.

( Jihook Mom’s POV )

Those two think they are smart.

I know they don’t sleep together, I’m sure she does not know jihook secret and if this relationship has to work she must know his secret.

I know Shina is a smart girl but she still needs some help.

I know the best way is to make them sleep in the same room.

I wish they could just have babies already.

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