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14 Days With An Idol — Episode 3

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By Jennifer Suleiman. (Author Jenny )

Not edited

Episode 3

( Jihook POV )

I stopped by the mall to get some things when i sighted a familar face.

It was the girl i saw in the airplane i still remembered her clearly because of her big blue eyes and long fake hair.
I saw her enter a mall and after sometime she was thrown out by the security.

She really seems to be troublesome i guess and it looked like she’s looking for a job.

I think i will just hire her and show off to my parent.

Ah! but she’s ugly.

Well, it’s not like I have a better option and when I revealed my identity her she fainted.

She must be a huge fan I guess which made me dislike ladies they are just over dramatic.

I entered my car and drove back home.

( Shina POV)

I sat down on the floor trying to take in all that has happened.

I’m still beyond speechless.

I can’t believe i just met my idol, my crush and he wants to pay me to act like his girlfriend — this is mind blowing!

But I noticed something he was trying so hard not to touch I dirty ?

I looked at myself over and over again.

Well since I will be acting like his girlfriend this is an opportunity to make him fall inlove with me actually.

And I’m sure I’m going to be his first since it has never been recorded seen with a lady.

Gosh! And I’m moving in with him.

This is going to be a really long week.

I stood up, carried my files and board a cab home.

When I arrived home, I told my parent about the job but I didn’t tell them I was been employed as a fake girlfriend.

They were happy for me.

Umma helped me in packing my stuffs.

( DAY 1 )

I woked up early took my bath and dressed in my best outfit I brushed my hair down bade my family and went to the address Jihook gave me.

When I arrived at the huge gate I went close to it and it opened on it’s own.

Damn I only see this houses in movies.

‘Maintain Shina” my inner mind said and I went in.

“Welcome ma”

“Wellcome ma” the maids said and took the things I was carrying.

It seems like they were already expecting me and they treated me with so much respect.

They led me into the house and I almost fell down.

The house is magnificent.

It smells of money — good money.

‘Shina remember all your practies’ my inner mind said to me again and I adjust myself and behaved classy even though I’m not.

I walked to the sitting room and met some elderly couples.

“Ahn-nyong-hesayo” I greeted politely and they smiled gracely at me and Jihook dad kissed my both cheeks while his mom embraced me.

“I can’t believe he truly has a girlfriend” they said the same time and I smiled widely

“Can you guys stop?” I heard a voice and it was Jihook’s coming down the stairs looking as handsome as ever.

“You looked so beautiful my dear and your hair it’s so long and beautiful too”

“Is my real hair” I said and she gapsed and touched it.

“Lets go” he said said and i followed him bluntly while his parent kept talking to them selves am sure they like me already.

He led me to a room and am sure it’s his because there was a guitar there and other guys stuff and I was shocked to see my laugages there

“Well, I have a few rules, you must abide with; firstly no body contact – do not touch me no matter what; secondly do as I say and talk when necessary only; and lastly don’t bother about your laugages been here i won’t be sleeping in the same room with you” he said and walked out and I jumped on his king size bed inhaling his perfume.

I wonder why he doesn’t want to touch me.

Well I don’t care how much he dislike ladies or hate touching them, I’m going to make sure everthing feels right to him and show him how amazing some ladies can be.

( Jihook POV)

“She’s beautiful”

“Your hair is long…”

Blah blah blah blah…

Why will my mother say she’s beautiful?

Can’t they see her over size eyes?

Can’t they see long legs ?

Or is it because her hair managed not to be fake and the hair isn’t even pretty at all and they like her already

Well that went well I just have to endure her for 14 days I guess as far as she doesn’t touch me.



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