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14 Days With An Idol — Episode 2

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Written by, Jennifer Suleiman (Author Jenny.)

Episode 2

( Shina’s POV )

I can’t believe that guy caught me eating food, but why was he on the floor, except if he wasn’t also planning on eating the food but he was face mask,.


He must be an assassin.

I’m happy I ran out before he could harm me, the plane have finally arrived we came down, took our laugages ahh! finally!

“Unnie unnie” my your sister Jordy yelled and waved me.

“Jordy” I yelled, ran and hugged her.

“Miss you unnie” Jordy said

“I miss you too” I said and kissed her hair and that was when i even noticed people arround


“…Appa” I ran and hugged them both.

“Oh my dear you looked more beautiful” my umma said and pinched my cheeks.

“Thank you Umma” I said happily.

“Alright enough with the huggie huggie, there is a party waiting for us at home” my Appa said.

“So you guys threw a party for me?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yes sweety…” Umma replied “..but it was suppose to be a suprise but your father is a loud mouth” Umma said and I laughed.

Soon we arrived home and everybody welcomed me.

It was really fun.

“Shina baby”


“I missed you so much.” Suzy said.

Well Suzy is my best friend

“I missed you too” I said and hugged her.

“Guess what shina”suzzy said

“Am not good at guessing you know that” I replied.

“Well your favourite idol and your crush is back in town” Suzy said

“You don’t mean it” i said

“I do” suzzy replied and I jumped up happily.

I can’t believe Jihook is back to Korea.

Well, Jihook is the most handsome guy I have ever seen and guess what? He’s my crush.

My mind drifted back to that guy I saw in the aeroplane and I laughed.

Such a dumb guy.

( Jihook POV )

I walked into the house majestically with my parent and everybody waiting to welcome me.

I went straight to my father and greeted him.

I looked at the woman that called herself my mother and ignored her and went upstairs to my room.

It has been redesigned and furnished.

I brought out my phone and check the media, news about me being back into Seoul is everywhere now — life of a star — I brought out my guitar and started playing.

🎶🎵I will follow my dreams
You think they were nightmares
the way they scream, I will make
them believe that someday am
gonna be the next big thing 🎶🎶

I kept singing when the face of that ugly girl came to my mind. I brought out my phone and watched the video.


Girls are so d!sgusting, look at the way she’s eating like a dragon with her big blue eyes.

Soon it was time for dinner.

“So do you have a girlfriend?” my mom asked exictedly.

“Yes” I replied coldy which is a big fat lie. I just want them to stop asking me questions about girls.

“Ohh I am so happy and proud of you son, why don’t you invite her over so at least we can spend some days with her and get to know her” my father said and I chocked on the food I was eating.

I quickly gumped down a glass of water.

“Sure” I said and stood up.

Gosh I’m in deep mess where am I going to get a girlfriend now, I kept thinking and pacing arround in my room.

“Please don’t kill me.” I kept pleading and crying but she was deaf to my pleads as she raised the knife and pireced it in my stomach.

“Argh!” I woke up screaming loudly from the horrible nightmare that kept hunting me.

Well I have been used to it since I was 15 I kept having the same nightmares over and over again on the event that ruined my life and made me hate ladies and I have not been able to sleep anytime I close my eyes I kept on having the same nightmares.

I walked to my drawer picked some pain relief and took it.

( Shina POV )

I woke up the early because am going for a job hunt, I can’t stay at home like this ,i went into the bathroom and looked at the mirror.


My hair again looking scattered and made me looked like a ghost.

I quickly took my bath, dressed properly and took my files.

Today have been really stressful and I have been looking for job but nobody wants to employ me.

I stopped by a mall were I saw vacancy written but it’s late already. Well, there is no harm in trying.

“Hi please am here for the job” I said to a lady working there.

“Go straight and turn left” she said and looked at me awkwardly.

Her business.

I took her instruction and walked until I got to an office. I knocked on the door.

“come in” I heard and walked into the office.

“Good day sir, my name is Shin-Woo and am here for the job” I said politely to the man in his 50 whom I assumed to be the manager.

“Who am I not to give this beautiful lady before me a job?” He said grining and walking up to me while i smiled nervously.

“…But you will have to pay a little price” he said touching my hair.

“Just one night and you get the job” I quickly pushed him off and gave him the hottest slap that am sure will block his ear drum,.

He took his phone and called the security to throw me out and they did.

I walked out of the mall strolling home.

“Hey” I heard a voice call me.

“What do you want” I said blowing my nose into the handkerchief.

“Do you need a job?” he asked and I nodded and looked at his face.
His eyes looks familar but i can’t remember and his wearing a face mask

“Well am going to employ you as my girlfriend”he said bluntly while I starred at him in shock.

“Don’t worry I will pay you any amount you want. Just pretend to be my girl friend for 14days so i can show you to my parent then you can go your way” he said.

“Okay am in” I said.

How hard could pretending to be someone girlfriend be?

“I have to show you something first but promise me you wont scream” he said and led me to the other side of the car park.

OK. This guy is really werid no wonder he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

He pulled the face mask out

“Jihook” I said and blacked out.

I jerked up cuz I felt someone pour some cold water on me.

“Get ready and come to this address tomorrow with your things” he said and flipped the card to me.




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