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14 Days With An Idol — Episode 1

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Written By Jennifer Suleiman. (Author Jenny)

Episode 1

( Shin-Woo )

I stood up from the bed lazily and head to the bathroom and looked at the mirror.

Gosh I’m a mess!

My hair is scattered and my mascara is all over my face.

I removed my pajamas, brushed my teeth and took my bath.

I can’t believe I’m going back to Korea.

I’m just so excited.

I can’t wait to see my umma, appa and my younger ones, tho I will miss my grandparent.

Oh! I forgot to introduce my self!

My name is Shin Woo but my friends call me Shina which I had no idea what it means; I left Korea last year to stay with my grandparent in Germany but now I am going back.

“Bye Grandpa”

“Bye Grand ma” I said as I pecked them on their cheeks and dragged my box of cloth to the main road to board a cab and straight to the airport.

( Jihook POV )

“Sir your private jet is ready to leave”

“No am not using my private jet, book me on a normal airplane but in the first class lodge” I said.

“Sir what about your fans, they are really crazy you know” Fred my PA said.

“Dont worry about them, just book me on the next available flight to Korea and don’t tell my parent about this” I replied while Fred kept operating his laptop.

“Ohh sir you are lucky, there is one leaving to Korea in less than an hour” Fred said.

“Alright get ready we leaving in 5 mins” I replied

My parent have been on my neck to come back I dont know why they care now.

My name is Jihook.

I’m a Korean idol.

Do you want to know a secret about me?

Well I hate women, they disgust me so much.

I was wishing it was only men that were in the world it would have been better; not all this women with fake hair, eyes, body ,infact everything about women is fake — one of them ruined my life too and that’s my mother.

“Sir we are here” Fred said.

I quickly put on a big hoodie, a face mask covering my nose and mouth and then a face cap so no one will recognise me, I brought down my laugage and walked to the car.

After all the check, I was led to the first call lodge in the airplace and sat down.

( Shin Woo )

“Ah!” I yelled and everybody looked at me while I quickly shut up.

The man beside me is really weird and have been sleeping and snoring loudly and now he is trying to lay on my body and that’s why I shouted.

I feel pressed already!

Oh! I forget to pee.

I quickly stood up and went to were i can pee in the air plane. I wonder were all this is going to. I came out and walked to a door.

Ok. This is not were I came from but the place looks extremely classy and it smells of money.

I was looking arround when I sighted something.


Bibimbap (mixed rice) on a seperate plate,then Bulgogi (marinated beef barbecue) on another place and then cupcakes.

I didn’t even know my mouth was watery already, I looked around and giggled happily as I saw nobody, I quickly sat down and began digging in… then a thought came in.

“What if this food is poisoned?”

Shh no way, besides poison can’t kill me. I continued eating.

( Jihook POV )

I was hearing small noise, I quickly looked up from were I laid down and sighted a girl.

She doesn’t look like a Flight attendant. I quickly bent on the floor so that she won’t see me.

I only had my mask on but no face cap she might recognise me. I began crawlling close to her.

I brought out my phone and took a video coverage of her.

I can’t believe this no wonder I hate ladies look at the way she’s eating.

She has no idea who even kept the food there.

Jeez! so disgusting!

Why am I even videoing her?

I quickly put my phone in my pocket and looked up to see big blue eyes pirecing into mine. Her face was very close to me and she was in the same position I was but facing me.



We both yelled while she ran out.

Why did I even yell?!

Damn this girl is scary, she ugly too!

Yuck! She don’t have manners.
Jeez! I don’t like her, her eyes are too big and her hair is too long am sure is not natural.


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